10 Real Ways To be Healthy


10 Points on: Health & Fitness

Ten points with complete explanations about Health and Fitness. It will definitely change the way you take care of your health regarding your body and mind. I am going to give you the secrets of Healthy Life. Use this in daily life to seriously amaze your lifestyle. 

This single post will help you out to gain the most productive knowledge of Health and Fitness, Here I am going to deal with from Morning Routine to the Night schedule for fitness. Everything you must know if you want your life to be completely balanced and maintained. 

Physically, Mentally and Emotionally Fit. As a human being, it’s your duty to keep your mind, body, and soul completely balanced with great enthusiasm. Isn’t it? Well, let’s proceed…

To Get Back in Shape  

If you think that you are not fit or by the way your body is a little bit more thin or fat. Then let me introduce you something at the very beginning that you are Fit. Yup! Don’t try to bother so much about your body because it is not in control to you until and unless you got the inspiration to control it. Isn’t it? 

This is true for some people only, not with everyone. As most of us have the common shape of the body, but the question arises here that: Does our body is really in shape. You may be thinking by reading this that what actually it means to be in shape. In the easiest way that I can make you understand that what it is to get back in shape! The answer that you want to know is here…

The shape is common but the word balanced is a little bit hard to hear. Because for a human being the word balanced also creates sometimes a great question mark on itself. Your body must be balanced that’s it, so simple. Isn’t it true? If your body is not balanced you are going nowhere. Because your body and mind is the king of you. 

So, maintain the level of your body. Be Fit. And to remain fit you must know something in more detail. The ways that how to get back in shape, if your body is not at this moment. Now continue reading for Solution about it and much more to know about healthy living.

1) Discipline your Mindset

This is the first thing that you have to do, ya! Discipline is important for any new thing you are going to start. Think it of yourself. If you want to lose your fat or gain your muscles, anything then first asks yourself a question that what really is important during the days when your body will either loose or gain the fats to get back in shape. Be motivated by your self-understanding. 

To be in a regular routine of your diet or your exercise the discipline will help you a lot. So, before starting anything else, first prepare your mindset and be ready with your plans to implement the ideas for your healthy Life.

2) Sleep For 7 Hours per Night

If you are not taking a good sleep it means that you are not well overall. Do you know one thing that there so many kinds of people who just keep on sleeping the whole day and on the other hand there is also some kind of human being who is so crazy about their work that they forget to sleep! What a tragedy it is? 

Both ways are not appropriate with the human body. So, one must sleep for 7 Hours per Night. This is the scientifically calculated hours. I mean many great psychologists had searched this and considered it as the most effective for any human body and its mind. You must take care of your body as your body takes care of you. Isn’t it right? So, Sleep Well to feel well.

During the sleep, your body is recovering the most when any kind of damage happens throughout the whole day to it. If you sleep more than your body growth will be better. But you must take a quality sleep, not just for the sake of time-consuming. Rather than it sleeps for at least six-seven hours per single night but it must be complete sleep. 

3) Nutrition is the King of Healthy Life

Our whole body is made up of Protein, Carbohydrates, Water and so on. So, you must think that how much it is significant to keep your body and mind fit. When I say about nutrition than you must understand that I am not talking here only about diet but discussing the overall about the intake of food. 

As you wake up early in the morning and after freshening up yourself. You immediately want some energy. Isn’t it? And you may also start searching for food. Exactly! This happens with most of us. But what to eat is most important. 

You want your body to be fit and fine then there is an only single way which will help you a lot. And it is to eat something like fruits in the early morning. And the best fruit can be banana or apple. Once your body has got some energy from the fruit that you ate in the morning then you will have to think what fits or suits better for your body to eat afterwhile.

Remember one thing very carefully that your mind and stomach should never tolerate just because of lack of energy or in other word hunger. Never ever do a great fast. Try to eat something after every 3 hours. At the beginning of the day eat something heavy food which would keep your whole body full of energies. And as I stated earlier that maintain the eating procedure little and little in every three hours.

If you eat regularly with appropriate energy than your mind and stomach will never feel awkward. And you will be able to work effectively. You know one thing that eating so much is also a problem and eating nothing is also a great problem, so, you must try hard to balance your daily eating routine. And be wise to take the foods which will definitely help you out to be a healthy person.

  • Minimize your Junk Foods.
  • Minimize your Sugar Intake as well.

4 )Exercises will upgrade your Health Level

As you all may be well aware of the term Exercise. Because it’s so common that it is known to each and every one of us. But sometimes it has been observed that many people simply know that what exercise is but they don’t implement it in their life. Do you want to know what would be the reason for this?

The reason behind it is so simple as they are not completely aware of the benefits of exercise or they would feel boring to make a routine for exercise. Anyway whatever be the reason, doesn’t’ matter so much so let’s talk about it little more.

Benefits of Exercise: You will soon start feeling better, stronger, and gradually your body will be healed. I mean there is an infinite number of benefits but its hard to just write all the benefits in a single post, so do some exercise daily. Exercise will surely boost your fitness level with complete bliss. 

5 )Do Meditation for peace of Mind

Do you want that your mind should be under your control, not you under it controls? Hey, Tell me Now! Are you serious about it? wait, first of all, let me introduce you the full benefits of doing meditation. Don’t move anywhere, just continue reading this…

In a simple way, you can understand that Meditation is the easiest way to control your Mind and even your body at some level. You will be in complete Harmony whenever you do meditation. Seriously you can do it now… OK let me tell you the easiest single method to really implement it right now and see the result by yourself. 

I am damn sure about one thing regarding Meditation that it will genuinely help you to live your life stress-free, even it keeps your mind calm.

Simple Ways To Do Meditation

  • First of all, lose your body slowly which means here to come down naturally. 

  • Sit Down on the ground or on the floor with any kind of carpet or any Yoga doing Mat.

  • Sit Straight and your backbone should be completely at the angle of ninety degrees with your legs. 

  • Close your Eyes and Stop Thinking stuff.

  • Now, Start taking the breath. so, first inhale the fresh air and try to maintain it for as much as you can. Don’t overdo it then simply Exhale slowly as much as you can. 

  • Forget the rest, Just live in the present by living the moment with your breathing process.

  • During the inhaling and exhaling process, think of the fresh oxygen that you are inhaling and exhaling and you can chant anything positively of two words or small sentences like – Peace is in me.

  • In the beginning, do it for 5-8 minutes and then you can exceed the time duration when you will start feeling comfortable with it. The maximum you can do it twice a day for 15 minutes.

  • Don’t simply do it for experimenting with this thing, but you must feel the peace of your Mind. Yes, you will get a wonderful feeling after doing this. You will enjoy your whole day with complete bliss. Which will after all contribute to your healthy life.

6) Walking and Clapping is the game changer

Hey! Do you know that what walking and clapping will do for you? OK if you are free now, so do it now. Ya, walking you can do later if you are in your room now. But clapping you can do it now at this moment. I will tell you the benefits of clapping and if you will implement it now, definitely I believe that I would not be required after it, to inform you of the significance of clapping. 

  • Open up your both the hands.
  • Stretch it a little bit apart.
  • And speak this – one, two, three the clapping is free. 
  • Clapp. Hurray! you must enjoy the process, Isn’t it?
  • Repeat it more than 10 times a day anywhere or anytime but before taking your meal.

Clapping will help you to live a stress-free life. You will feel that your body is activated at its highest level. It can help you to cure the low Blood Pressure Problem immediately to some extent. But you must know properly how to clap to be benefited from it. So, you must clap from down to up. And clap it roundly. 

When you will clap in this way than your blood circulation will be more activated towards your heart and if in your body there is any cholesterol then ensure it that this clapping method will help you to reduce the cholesterol level. 

Walking is one of the best exercise one can do with less effort.

As I have stated earlier that walking is really a game changer for everyone. But if one is not aware of the benefits of walking then it’s usually seen that the being would not enjoy walking. So, before proceeding the topic first of all I would like to talk about the benefits of walking daily.

  • There should be no doubt in this that walking is one of the easiest exercises and a great cardio exercise which really helps in reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Walking also helps in controlling the high blood pressure.
  • It helps in reducing the depression and stress from your mind immediately.
  • It helps you to boost your immunity,  which allows your body to fight against the disease.
  • And the most important thing which cannot be skipped in this is that walking is considered as one of the best alternative methods to lose weight easily without any hard effort.

The best time for walking is in early in the morning and sometime it can be in the evening too. If you are too busy in the morning. Seriously telling you if you have not yet gone for a walk early in the morning then give a single chance to yourself for being healthy for the rest of your life. 

You will definitely enjoy walking and you can also do jogging as well. At first, if you are having trouble in going to a walk in the morning, then do one thing take your iPods and listen to your favorite music while walking. This will create a good habit and it is sure that you will start enjoying going for a walk at least for 20-30 minutes. Move around the park or near your open space areas. That’s it. Your body and mind be will be healed quickly and genuinely. 

 7) Listen to the silent Music

As you know that our mind and body are interlinked with our thoughts in our head. And the thoughts can be of anything, so if you are listening to good music then it will show its effect on your body and mind. And on the other hand, if you are listening to something nonsense of stuff music then also it effects on our body and mind.

Everything is related to each other, so here in the health and fitness tips, I am just saying that if you enjoy good and pleasant music then you will heal your body as well as your mind. Hear any music whichever you like the most listen to it for 10 minutes and then relax your mind.

Music is a great healer, it helps in keeping you all day positive. So to stay positive listen to some positive flow of music. You will feel the enjoyment of a clean and complete universe. Actually what I mean to write here is that you can enjoy the music of your choice which would help you to keep your mind cool and calm. Try it yourself to witness the bliss of music. The sound of Nature can be the best alternative for your mind.

8)Maintain Cleanliness

Your healthy life is as much true as your body and mind are clean. Yes! The cleanliness that you maintain shows your health status. World judge us by our neat and cleanliness and our body and mind also want to be always clean.

What cleanliness means to you? Is it just wearing clean clothes or living in a clean room. Actually, these things matters but when it comes to human health then we have to maintain our body. In order to stay fit and fine, our body needs maintenance regularly.

So, always take a good bath, cut your nails regularly, brush your teeth, wash your hands before eating and after eating. And whatever you do in your daily routine life. Follow a good cleanliness routine. Clean your surrounding areas. This is what about the body but your mind also requires to be clean. Don’t bother here If I have written the word clean for the mind but understand it in deep what I mean to clarify here…

The mind is everything, our thoughts are like codes. So, if you are not mentally fit then it is not possible to say that you are healthy. Always try to be positive and never ever think anything which would create a problem inside your head. As you know that Health is directly related to the cleanliness of your body and mind. So be Clean from outside as well as from inside.

9) Drink Lemon Water

Lemon is one of the citrus fruit. It also helps in reducing the weight, if you want to lose weight by using this lemon water then I would like to recommend you to drink lemon juice with little warm glass of water early in the morning in empty stomach, which will bring amazing outcomes in your weight loss. You must drink daily the lemon water to keep your food fresh and also to be always active.

Here are the benefits of drinking lemon juice…

  • It helps in maintaining the digestive system. 
  • It will help you to reduce the skin problems immediately within a month, skin problems like acne, dark spots etc. are easily solved with this method.
  • Even drinking lemon juice with little warm water will reduce the joint pains.
  • As it is having the rich amount of Vitamin C, it helps in protecting the immune system from deficiencies. 

As you are now completely aware of some of the benefits of drinking lemon juice so don’t wait more days to start something good for your healthy life. 

10) Water is Life

No one can underestimate the power of water. Because without it we human being, as well as most of the living being, are nothing. No one can stay alive without water. This is as true as it is in reality. so, if you feel thirsty then its a sign that you work well with your mind and body. But it doesn’t mean that only working people need water. 

Water is an ultimatum for all human beings. So, it’s much more important than anything else in the world for all of us. Isn’t it? Can I ask you a question? Here my question is that how much glass of water you take or drink daily. Actually, your answer would not match with others but the standard level of drinking water is depicted through the number of a glass of water one’s drank in a day. 

An 8-9 glass of water a day is a great deal to be healthy during the whole journey of life. Try to drink as much glass of water as recommended above. Drink clean and pure water. And it should not be too cold and not even to warm. Before seriously applying this new tips in your daily routine, you must know some of the benefits of drinking water.

  • Drinking water helps in reducing the headache.
  • Water also helps in removing out the toxins from the body.
  • It helps in providing your mind to keep a positive mood always.
  • Water helps in improving skin complexion too.

As there are lots of benefits by drinking pure and clean water. Even our mind is 90% water and the rest of the body cells also consumes 70% of water overall.

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