How to Look Handsome (Boys)

Looking Handsome is just the way to be more impressive. How one’s look directly reflect his/her thoughts. By glancing at a person you can know the internal thinking process of an individual. Handsome does not only tells about one’s look but it tells overall the activity and behavior of individuals. Here, check out the ways to look Handsome.

Confidence is the first key

Yes, your confidence reflects your looks attitude. But what are the factors which generally come under the category of confidence?

Standing Posture Of your Body

[ How one’s stand will definitely give an idea of how he feels about himself/herself.]Always try to stand Straight is the best way to stand.

While Talking maintain the right eye contact

Face people look while talking, it will  boost up your confidence of speaking


It can break a good deal. Try to smile naturally.

Dressing Style

What actually this will do is that you will gain more popularity, if you are well dressed.

Wear Neat and clean Dress

The dress must be neat and clean. People only attracted those who wear the neat and clean dress.No one like to be dirty and mainly no one wants to attract dirt.

Iron the Dress

It is to have a neat and clean dress but if your dress is well ironed than it adds the extra point in your dressing sense.

Shoes tell about your structure format

Wear good quality shoes and clean it.

Wear a Good Hand Watch

Hand watches the best way to look like a professional being. It also enhances one’s look.

Take Care of your Body

This is very important in order to look handsome. Because your body is the soul of your look. So maintain it.


Actually, if your face is completely clean and clear. Than absolutely it is the easiest way to look handsome.

Shape your Hair

Hair plays a significant role in the whole look of an individual. Try to find out which haircut fits you. What are the styles which make your face more attractive?Comb your hair daily.

Skin is Everything

Now you came to know mostly the all basics ideas but the hardest thing is to understand about the skin.Wash your face with any best face Wash to get the clear and clean skin.Avoid Eating unhygienic food. It can lead to pimples in your Face.

Take Shower Daily

If you want to look more beautiful than this is the right way to maintain your health and fitness.Taking shower will help you to feel the freshness. Water will work as an electron for your mind and rest body.

Cut and Clean your Nails

The first look which shows others that whether you take care of your body or not is the nails. Really it gives a perspective on one’s cleanliness attitude.So, always cut your nails and clean it with water.

Eat Healthy to Live Healthily

If you eat healthy food you will look fit and fine.


Get natural brightness in your face and feel relaxed by doing some exercise daily.

Author: Abhigyan Shivam

Founder of Traypost is a new blog's website about Tech, Lifestyle, Business, Health & Fitness and Motivation.

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