How to make money from website

Read everything in Detail to implement it easily for your website. Now !!

Most common ways to generate money from your website. 1)Affiliate Marketing, 2) Sell your own product, 3) Pay per click… Read more in detail.

There is no shortcut to earning money online very easily but some places are still there which are waiting to pay you enough just for your blog and for your website. Here is the list through which you can make money from your blog or your website. 

Before starting anything I want to give you a clear idea about the process of your earning money from your blog or website. You are not paid for your writings, Actually no one. Then what we are paid for? Ya, this is a good question. Every individual who owns his/her blog or website is only paid for the advertisements. 

Now, how this process works? Actually, whenever anybody clicks on the ads displayed on your website, you are paid for it. It’s enough to understand this process, let us now explore the ways to generate money from blog or website.  I am trying to explain you the best ways of making money from your blog or website. 

Stay Tune Up!! 

1. Affiliate Marketing or affiliate links

This is considered as one of the best ways of making money from your blog or website. 

Affiliate marketing is whole about affiliating. Yes, you need to attach or connect any products to your blog or website pages. You can just do it easily by finding the best products which suit your blog or website. Then promote that product on your website. 

And whenever any of your subscriber or reader will click on that and purchase the product, you will be paid for it. Affiliate links are displayed on your website. As from where your visitors can reach to the products.

You may earn money from the commission of the product which will be purchased by your readers.  You may get 30% as low and 70% maximum value of the products. This all depends on your products. Some of a good way of getting products to promote is.

1)Click Bank 


and you can google it. Because the commission’s rates always change with time. 

2.Pay per Click Advertising

Most common advertisement in the internet world to earn money is from google ad-senseIn this, you need to display the ads of Google on your website. Moreover, it is one of the easiest ways of earning. The process is very simple, you can sign up for google Ad-sense and once your account is verified with it, you will be able to display ads on your website. 

You will be paid by per click. It means that whenever any visitor to your website will just only click on ads displayed on your website, you will get paid for it. You may get $0.50 to $5.00 per click. It’s all depends on your website and the ads which are displayed.

3. Sell your own digital Products

Yes, it’s a good news for every blogger or a website owner that they are now capable to sell their own products on their website and can earn a lot.

It is not that much easy as the above methods were, because you need to create your own eBooks and you need to design it correctly. Everything you have to do on your own, even you are free to price your product. 

But problems strike when it comes to collect payments from the buyer. If anybody wants to buy your digital products like your eBooks than the buyer need to pay for it and you need to receive your payment.

But the payment gateway is not actually fixed from early, so you have to create your payment gateway, you may do it even in an easy way through using PayPal. Create an account in PayPal and follow their procedure. You will be easily done.

4. You can Sell Ad Space

This one is also good for generating money. But before thinking about making money, you will need to understand it properly. Here, you can sell your ad space to any good companies. 

What this means to say that “sell ad space to companies?” By the way, it is very effective way to earn more money from your website. You just need to sell the space for an ad, which will be displayed on your website. You can sell the sidebar space for ads to the companies. Banner ads are good for it. 

Companies will ask you to give some space to them for their ads displaying on your website and they will pay you on the basis of monthly income for their ads. You simply need to sell some side spaces of your website for a month or what so ever be the time period. It’s all up to you and the company. Get paid for it. 



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