How to Earn from YouTube

If you are a beginner on YouTube than this post is for you.

Nowadays YouTube has the capability to generate a good regular fluctuated monthly income. It’s fluctuated because the income always changes.

It has replaced the uninterested jobs with an interesting work. Well ! if you wish to Earn money from YouTube but you have some confusion then you must read this post. 

1)  Create a New YouTube Channel

If you are completely new to YouTube then you need to understand this at first. Absolutely you will have to create a new Channel in YouTube. let’s see how will you do it in the easiest ways. 

Actually creating YouTube new channel is completely free. So, if you have any email Id you can start now. So go to in with your email Id. And after that, you will be able to see the dashboard of your YouTube. Click on “Creator Studio”. And then create your own channel. 

If you are having your channel from previously than just click on the option “My Channel”. You will be able to upload new videos and can do many things.

2) Now Upload Contents in your YouTube Channel

Now it’s the right time for you to Upload videos to your YouTube channel. As you have named your channel and want to get traffic on your channel. So, this is the best way to get more traffic to your channel. 

You must be thinking that “what kind of topic should you upload ?” Are you thinking about this? If yes, then you need to know more about it. Ya sure! (Because Knowledge is Power).

First of all, before uploading videos to your YouTube channel, you need to do some research. You read the right words! chill.

Don’t get bored by reading that you will need to do some research. There should be no doubt that if you want your YouTube channel to be something at top-level than you will have to follow some real ways. 

Search the most trending keywords from Google and from YouTube search bar. How will you do that? relax !!

It’s as simple as you search any topic. Be clever and become wise in this all stuff!  And the important thing to be always noticed is that you must maintain consistency. Keep on uploading videos.

3) Edit your videos and make it better 

Somewhere you need to edit your videos. You know something, that what-so-ever looks good would get sold quickly. Definitely, it will. Create a good thumbnail. Make the first impression as good as you can. 

Sound quality matters and after all the quality of your videos matters a lot. So always try to make HD videos, if you can afford it’s far better and if at the initial level you can’t than simply keep on improving.

That’s what the real and genuine way to move ahead. (Adding one more thing is that get the copyright to your videos and your channel)

4)Get More Traffic and increase your Subscriber 

This is the final and the most significant stage where most new you-tubers faced it. Getting traffic is the hardest challenge in the YouTube but if you really desired for so many subscribers to your YouTube Channel than you need to maintain the combination of your smart work plus hard work. Both required together.

But you don’t need to even worry about it because leave the rest to your contents and promotion of your videos.

And this two thing will give you good outcomes. Check Whether you are improving or not? You need to grow more subscriber in order to earn money from YouTube. 

5) Earn Money from Your YouTube Channel

Finally, let us now talk in detail about earning money from YouTube Channel. Everyone can earn money from YouTube, But the very first criteria of YouTube is that every new You Tuber needs to have at least 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours watch time on their YouTube Channel.

So, at the very beginning, it has been declared that you need consistency and keep an improving attitude to earn money from YouTube. 

By the way, if you have more than 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours watch time of your videos than you can monetize. It means that you can start earning.

How will you do that, so simple

1) Just Sign in to your YouTube account,

2) Go to Dashboard,

3)Click on Channel,

then finally, you see an option of Monetization? Click on that.

That’s it, YouTube will display the ads on your videos. And from that ad which will be displayed in your videos, you will earn money from it if someone clicks on ads.

There are many types of ads display on YouTube Videos. The ads depend upon your contents and Views.

At last from this whole topic, you must remember one thing clearly, that you should never ever try to copy others videos.

Be genuine and your all videos should be completely copyrighted.

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