How to Improve your Memory

“There is no such thing as a poor memory but only an untrained one” — Harry Lorayne.   When it comes to memory it differentiates the human being from one another, as no one in this whole universe has the same memory power. Everybody posses a different Mind and so the memory power. 

But there is one basic factor which now a scientist has proved that the memory actually has the infinite capacity. It can completely change by the change of your thoughts irrespective of age. 

In everyone’s life, memory plays a great role. As it gives us the power to store information. The memory is a storehouse of everything for a human being. Here, Get the best tips to improve your Memory Power

1) Eat Healthy Foods

This is the significant factor that everyone should know it. Ya, I am talking about eating healthy food. What of kind thing you wanna need to add to your daily diet are here ..Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Blueberries, Walnuts, etc. 

Now the question comes that way to eat healthy in order to increase your memory power. Not a bad question !! To be honest I must say that whatever we eat is what reflect in our mind. This is proven scientifically. 

2) Sleep Well

This is also proved that every human being needs to take a good sleep of 6 hours a day. In order to do work with full energy level, you need to take rest with appropriate time. Memory will work in its highly effective form if you take rest. 

And these things are not only for words saying but you may have some experienced this all. Whenever you do not take a good sleep, you would not be able to perform well anything. So, at last, it is concluded that sleep well. 

3) Focus 

Pay attention if you are working simultaneously, don’t get distracted just pay attention whatever you read to xerox it in your memory. Xeroxing is so simple. Memory is very sharp and it can store anything. Just you need to focus on a particular thing like a lesser light. 

Be concentrated on whatever your sense feel. Watch something and grab it, Listen to something and repeat it, Learn from everything. Be focused and everything will work itself.And the most important thing is to “Be the present-minded Person”

4) Connect From one to Another

Link one thoughts to another and doing this without any kind of break of hesitation. You might be asked to present a wonderful speech in front of the public and you forgot something at some point than what will you do at that time? 

Don’t take tense at that time, you just need to link your thoughts from one to another and see the results. The memory only works on some basic strategy, When you say that you want to remember the speech and forget it then what would be the problem, just analyze it deeply. your thoughts lack connectivity with another thought.

Connectivity of thoughts is a good sign of good memory. If you can connect things than its very helpful. Try for anything!!

5) Live Stress-Free 

Living a stress-free life is just living in a heaven. You can only learn and grab anything new when you are completely happy from inner. It is said that the being who is able to live his/her life without any tension will live his best of it. 

And whenever you are stressed, your mind will not work in proper way. So try to be always stress-free human being. 

Enjoy the life and it will be reflected in your memory and your mind. Be positive and live happily. That’s what the best way to know something more in detail and once you have got an interest in some topic, you won’t need any memory tips. 

6) Laughing is a good sign of good understanding

Laughing is considered as the best medicine, Isn’t it? Ya of course it is!! But it would be frankly saying that everyone laughs. Laughing helps in reducing your stress and tensions. So laugh, as it will keep your mind cool and calm. 

Attaining the best drop point is a great understanding of your memory. Remember one thing that you can learn anything new, until and unless your mind accepts it. These all steps are necessary to maintain the right balance of your mind and memory.

7) Visualization works outstanding

This works without saying!! Your visualization power will decide your memory stability. Means your recalling process of the things you try to memorize. It’s also one of the effective ways to member easily anything. 

Let’s take an instance, you want to remember 20 new words in 1 or 2  minutes. What would be the best way to do that? Seriously you know it well. 

You would imagine and visualize the words and make up an action in your words. The image is highly sensitive to the human mind. So, Try Visualization. It will boost up your learning list in a very easy way.

8) Use three R’s 

Read —- First Read anything properly. Read more than 2 times. 

Repeat —- Try to repeat whatever you read. Repeat it at least for 3 times.

Recall—- Than recall it whenever you required the stored information from your memory.



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