How to create Facebook Page

Step by step, from high to low, nothing will be left to know more, once you read this Post. A single post can clear out everything. Believe me, you will do it in just less than 5 minutes. 

If You want to take your business to the mob!! OK don’t say it any business, just with honest saying through this post, you will know in detail that how to create a well established Facebook Page.

So, at last, I thought to just describe whatever I am going to post about, Nothing high or low description. If you wish to read and know something about the post then you will. I know that public is very important to me and even public are also very wise in taking any decision of reading post.

lets’ Begin…

1) Visit  

Screenshot (139)

Can you see words written in sky blue color at the bottom of the Facebook page? Its written Create a Page. Got it? If yes then proceed with the next steps. Just click on it, And you will be taken to the next page.

2) Choose any one topic from the given options

Screenshot (140)

Now its time to choose from the given options on this page. You can see there are almost six of them. But its all up to you that for what your Facebook Page will be. 

It may be.

1)Local Business 

2) A company, Organisation or institution

3) Brand or product

4) Artist, Band or Public Figure

5) Entertainment

6) Cause or Community

Now as I told you, that everything depends upon you. Because you know your interest better. Isn’t It? So, After selecting any one from this six option you will proceed to the next step. 

First, select it according to your wish. But to proceed to the next level, I have to show you. So, I am selecting Brand or Product for creating a page on my website.

3) Choose from the category

Screenshot (141)

As you will click on the Brand or Product, you will see the category list. And from the list, you have to choose anyone. There are so many. But I have decided to create a website page so I will choose from here the website option.

After clicking on website option, You will need to write your brand or product name. After mentioning your brand name click on Get Started. Screenshot (142)

Proceed to the next page …

4)Upload a profile and Cover Picture

Screenshot (143)

Here, you must upload a good and genuine profile picture for your page. It can be the logo of your website. Or anything else. Click on upload and after uploading the pic you will be asked to upload a cover Picture. Screenshot (144)

Upload this two picture in less than 40 seconds. 

5)Add Description of your Page

Screenshot (145)

The description is very important for your any Facebook Page. So, try your best to explain the things your page has, under 155 words. 

Save it and proceed ahead. Never leave your description as blank, write whatever it comes to your mind but write with full attention. This is only the keywords for your Facebook Page. 

The description must be easy in words. And use only highlighted words. For example, if your Page is about Health and Fitness then you need to use the keywords such as Mind, Body, Heal, etc.

6) Start Posting 

Screenshot (146)

Now you have created your Facebook Page and you are required to put the contents on your post. Post texts, images, and videos. 

Maintain the consistency of your post. Post daily at least single post. In the beginning, you have done little hard work. No doubt that smart work should also be seen in your work. And Don’t forget to invite your friends to your Facebook Page.

7) Share your website post and Publish it 

Whatever you post on your website just click on the share option and feel free to share it with your fans, and friends. Promotion of your page is required once you are fully prepared. Boost up your page and you can even earn money from it. First, increase your traffic to your page.

Overall You are done. You don’t need more stuff ideas on how to create a Facebook page. This is enough to start. But don’t stop learning new things and keep sharing with the world what you know. 

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