Motivational : Shift From Zero To One

Are You Ready ??? So, What you are waiting for !! Read here the secrets of Success and stay motivated.

what do you think about your lifestyle, I mean How you are going? Are you enjoying your life and living a life of your choice. Don’t bother it just because I asked you this question, but you need to re-think. 

Do you think that you are not getting what you wish for or desire for? Are you? if it is then you need to just go through this post… This will try to help you out. 

1) Stay Motivated internally

If you are a self-motivated and free minded person than I can say that no one can defeat you in any field, that you are in. Don’t bother about the rest because you are the best. By writing this lines I don’t say that always keep an arrogant attitude. I simply mean to clarify that you must keep a positive attitude towards yourself. 

So that you can bring out your best from inside you. Maybe you haven’t yet found the real you. The most powerful person!! 

And if you have a desire to grow out, then it is the first thing that you will have to maintain it in your whole life journey.

And that is to Stay Motivated. 

Remember one thing that — If you are self-motivated from inside not from just outside the world than you are a great player of your life game. 

And by the way, to stay motivated you will need some external motivation too. But once you grab the external one just turn it into your internal motivation. 

  • Motivation works as Energy for you, and it requires energy as well. It is a like a connection between food and your stomach. When you feel hungry you need some food to get energized again, in a similar manner when you are unmotivated than you need some motivational thoughts in your head to stay motivated. 

2) Invest in Yourself

If you are a person who really invests in himself/herself than it directly means that you value yourself. And in other words, if you are not valuing yourself than its only you, who is stopping you to improve. 

Anyway, workout for yourself Here is some of the lists which will help you to basically understand where you need to invest in yourself.

  • Give yourself Time, because time is everything 
  • Read good books, so that your level of understanding will increase
  • Take care of your desires, Always remember it
  • Live in yourself
  • And finally, Understand that you are a worthy person
  • Never ever Give Up, if you are having trouble in getting what you wish for then you may change the direction or ways of your putting efforts, but never quit

3) Change your Mindset

If you think that you are lacking something in you then it’s the right time to improve. Most of the successful people are successful just because they had shifted their mindset from failure to success. And that’s the reason they are respected as a successful being.

So, if you really wish to change your mindset than the significant tip that I can give you is to: Educate Yourself 

Don’t get confused, I am not asking you to get a degree, but I am formally trying to say that Learn new things daily. And by keeping a learning attitude in yourself you will be the hero of yourself and even the controller of your life.

Never ever compromise with your learning. Always say to yourself that you are a great learner. In fact, to add something to it, I want to tell you something more about learning. 

It’s here..; Learning is Earning,  Just remove the word: L, from learning and see how it becomes “Earning”.

Isn’t it ???

Anyway, my motive was to give a brief idea about Investing in self. Now let us turn to another Sub-Topic

4) Don’t Waste – Time and Yourself

If you have made a decision to do your work and achieve what you want then don’t waste your time. Yes! You read the right point. Now wait for a moment and think just about some of the successful people. You can take the example of Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and so on. 

Pick up from your favorite list … And analyze the basic common thing in you and in them. You will see a major common thing that is in you and in them and you can say it’s for everyone. What’s that? 

It’s Time … Yup! 

Each and every one of us has the same time to live in and to work. That is 24 hours a day. 

So, if the time is given same to each of us than what’s the reality or what is the secret that some people succeed and some are still in their way.

Question yourself >>

I am drawing brief tips on how to manage your time to get best from it. 

  1. Be focused on your Work
  2. Maintain the consistency of your work
  3. Keep on improving
  4. Be realistic 
  5. And also calculate your outcomes with the time you have invested
  6. Believe in accuracy and work for perfection
  7. Trust in the self and follow your passion

These are the fundamentals secrets for working in any field. If you apply these, definitely you will be happy with your outcomes.  

Here, “Don’t waste your time”, means that don’t get distracted from your goal that you have made to achieve in a specific period of time.

Be wise to really learn the new things and apply it instantly.

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