Life as a wonderful Journey

Short-Intro before Proceeding

Everyone wonders about the life. No one is well-expert to explore their life journey without experiencing and witnessing it. The journey starts with a birth of a child and ends as he/she vanishes from this beautiful planet Earth.

If you wish to explore the pattern of the journey of Life then you can join us. Actually, this post is of a few imaginary situations. So, it’s like a half story with complete understanding.

If you really enjoy reading long, then go ahead with the post or I can say that it is your choice. As this post is a little long as of approximately 2000 words. I informed you this at the very early so that, if you are not interested in. Then please don’t go through this post. Because here you can only feel motivated and well, after reading this post. 

It’s a mystery even I can say that the complexity of mystery is so high that it is hard to understand everything about this journey of life. Can we imagine our life without our understanding? It seems to be next to impossible? Sometimes everything becomes logical and sometimes completely illogical. This short and little descriptive writing can help you to understand the whole journey of a Human Being. 

To know better what this post is meant to explore, You can start now reading honestly to be motivated by this explanation. 

Started: Life Game

Imagine yourself in a game of life. So, mysterious to play and to understand but can be witnessed blissfully. As everyone starts their life by entering into this wonderful platform so-called Earth. Busy is a great word to use here because most of the creators are busy either in their work or in their life respectively.

But we human being forget to notice one thing that the busiest individual are the easiest individual. Actually, these sentences are not as meaningful as it should be but let it be in this para. For the sake of beginning of anything about life, which is a little hard enough to grab.

Are you ready to really go through the wisdom of journey of life? Well, if your answer is yes then I honorably welcome you here to seriously know something out of nothing. Let’s MOVE on.

Time brings: change Everywhere, every time

What can you do without time? Think wisely to get answered nicely by yourself. In other words, I can say Time is Everything. When we are in the journey of our life than can you tell me one thing that what is there with all of us to remain and continue remaining.

Yes! of course, it is Time. Every Journey starts with a particular Time and ends in a period of time. So, Journey without Time is non-existence. In life journey, it sometimes goes up and most of the time it seems to be down but the truth is still unknown that what actually happens whenever so-called bad and good times occur in our life.

No one can neglect the twenty-four hours of a day that all have been gifted naturally. Isn’t it so true? Well, Let us now proceed to the next level in the game of life journey. Enjoy the wonders around you and feel the blessing right now. Because you are now at the right time with the right understanding.

Desires start the Life’s Game 

What makes a person to move from stage one to stage two and so on..? Seriously everyone should question this themselves. What leads us from nothing to at least something in life. Think! You must think about it. If you want to really know what is that one thing which helps us in these all. Then I would like to say Continue Reading…

To be honest with my writings I would like to convey here that there is only one thing and that is Desire which starts everything. Yup! Even our desires are considered as the root cause of everything happening around us. Our desires create a new perspective on our life. Everyone has at least some kind of desire. No one can say that they don’t desire for anything. It’s next to impossible. 

Because if someone says that he/she won’t keep any kind of desire than it means that individual desires for being desireless. Anyway, My purpose for writing is not to say that don’t desire but I can say that everyone has got the freedom to desire and achieve it in their respective life. So, here it’s concluded that keep a burning desire in yourself. I mean the desire should be so powerful and so huge that it can easily be converted from imagination to reality. Choose the biggest one and the best one desire.

Next, comes – “Karma”

You desired something like a well-established structure for your future. Ok well, still here you are absolutely right. No problem but you know one thing that nowadays it’s a similar case like an individual definitely wants to go to heaven but don’t want to die. Ya! this is as same as here with desire and its outcomes. 

Now you are well aware of your desire and in the journey of your life, you have to also work for your desire. Then why don’t most of the people don’t work for their desires? This should be a huge question mark for every individual who so ever desires but won’t do “Karma” for it.

This karma is the part of your journey of life, as no one can escape from it. Each and every one has to do something to survive in this universe. So, If you think that your wisdom is the extremely powerful source which can bring everything whatever you wish for. Then think how will it happen? 

Absolutely you have to work for your desires. You and only you are responsible for everything happening in the journey of your life. Then why the hell, you are waiting or procrastinating to do the work for your desires?? At last, it’s concluded that don’t simply dream but start working for it and then witness its outcomes.

            The journey is for Happiness

If I ask you to think about this particular topic then what would be your opinion? Yes, I am asking you. What is the ultimatum of our life? Would you like to answer me in the comment section? Anyway, it is your interest but before going ahead on this topic you must be aware of the reasons of your living life.

In a single sentence, it can be said that each and every human being is working for happiness. And as it is said in the above para that this is the ultimatum of any human being. But wait and just guess! another thing related to it that You will get everything whatever you desire for but at last, there is a condition that you will never be satisfied with whatever you will achieve in your life. Then tell me, will you desire such a thing in your life which would be without happiness? 

No! it’s not possible. Even devil desires ultimately for happiness. Then never ever doubt this that human being will not desire for happiness. We are here to be happy. And Human being is considered to be the best creation of the supreme power which exists in this whole Universe. So, Never ever compromise with your happiness in the whole journey of your life. 

Living the life 

Next is to live! You are happy but how long it would be without your present existence? Deep Thinking will answer this question to you. If you are happy with the journey of your life then it means that you are living your life peacefully. OK, As the years pass on, the human being is sometimes satisfied and sometimes unsatisfied. It depends on person to person, not to a particular individual.

Now start living the life. You have started your journey without changing the direction in your life. Well, that’s a good news.but my question is that how far you are living. wait! wait! what I mean to say about living is that be in the moment. Don’t try to resist the present. 

If you are living then decide to live your life peacefully. Enjoy each and every moment of your life. No matter what is your path to the journey of your life, it might be straight or round. Let it be. You are simply a victim to the paths which you choose to travel alone.

The End

When any human being lives his/her life peacefully in the journey of life then finally after reaching some level with self-experiences the turn comes for” The End of Life’s Journey”. No one can escape from it, as we are born definitely we will move out, it is better to replace the word die.

The body ends, everything vanishes and the soul reaches the point from where it has come. The journey stops. But the path was taken in the journey of life and the experiences remain unknowingly. The purpose of a being is to live the whole journey of life peacefully and happily. That’s the ultimatum for any human being.

After it, the new journey starts immediately without wasting a second. And this remains like a cycle. So, our life is definitely a journey which starts at a point and completes at the same point. The only one thing is to be noticed here is that How we (Human beings) enjoys the journey of our life respectively. 

 The conclusion of This Post

  •  Believe in the Universe Power.
  • Trust in your journey of life that it will be wonderful.
  • Pay attention to the good things around you.
  • Your Life’s whole journey is alone to travel and experience it with fullest as you have born alone with your own body, mind, and soul. Think Deeply.
  • The journey of a thousand miles seriously begins with a single step towards it.
  • Stay cool, calm and relaxed throughout the whole journey. Which means directly that you must enjoy the rest of your life with the best of it, positively.
  • Don’t change the directions but you can try the all available paths.

Constantly keep on moving and you must be aware of it that there is only one thing in this whole universe which is constant and that is changing.

  • Believe in yourself that you are a wonderful victim for the wonderful journey.
  • Start your every day like you are traveling to a new destination.
  • Always Enjoy it completely. As the ultimatum is Happiness.

Self Help Affirmation’s 

Relate to your life…Each and every sentence with the flow of positivity in you.

  1. Life is Such a Wonderful Phenomenal.
  2. Life is a simple game.
  3. Life is Eternal.
  4. Life is the past, present and the future.
  5. Life is a mystery to be revealed.
  6. Life is my Journey to be traveled alone peacefully.
  7. Life is Gifted to me.
  8. Life is the reality of my witness.
  9. Life is the source of Happiness.
  10. Life is the Ultimate truth of me.



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