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The best and ultimate guide for Website content SEO. Get 50 best tips and strategies in detail on how to write SEO contents for your website in 2018.

In this post, you will get the ideas about the SEO strategies, after applying the tips your website ranking will improve automatically in search engines.

  • As this post is little long and lengthy, as more than 5000+ words.
  • So, take some break while reading, because fresh minds always work better.

Even you will see a traffic coming to your website. And your website posts or pages ranking will be at the top pages of search engines.

Just grab this piece of information and witness a huge change in your posts optimization from right now.

1) Choose accurate Title 

You cannot skip the titles. Yes, if you don’t use titles in your post definitely you are losing something for better to your blog.

It’s highly recommended that use at least few titles in your posts. And yes, don’t simply write down anything for the sake of titles but be clear about your titles.

If you don’t maintain the accuracy while making titles in the post than you are letting go the traffic from your post. Even google bots scan your titles and number of titles as well.

2) Categories your sub-headings

What to say about this, everyone notices this point in any blog post. Isn’t it? Be true !! I am not writing here frankly but I am telling you the reality of any good post.

PLease! please! please! Don’t forget to mention the sub-headings in your post and also don’t delay in categorizing them properly.

A better-categorized sub-heading works well for the presentation of the post in the standard way. So, Don’t miss it. Never ever leave this section empty in your blog posts.

3) Focus on Keywords

Keys are always made to unlock the lock!! Well, here as well the word “key” in the keywords will help you out to use it as a key while searching the words on search engines.Keywords

Use “google keyword research tool” wisely for your website. And check the outcomes after a while. You will be surprised to see that your posts are ranking high in google. Just because you now know that what keywords are best for your posts.

You want traffic to your post? Right! This is a wonderful way to achieve more numbers of traffic to your post. Actually, it will relate to the main words and will find the contents which will be available in search engines from your blog or website.

4) Produce genuine contents

Google doesn’t give values to copied contents. So, you should also not give value to it. Your All contents must be your written manually or typed. 

Don’t Copy from anywhere and paste it in your website. Definitely, it’s an illegal method. By the way here genuine contents mean that you must be genuine through your writings.

If you are writing about a topic related to games then only try to write the articles about games. Don’t change the articles. Be real with your all writings.

5) Maintain the appropriate lengths of words

When we talk about SEO than we always mention the length of posts. Why? Because your length of the post is significant from the viewpoint of SEO of posts.

You might be aware of Google’s ranking terms and conditions. I am not giving you detail about it but the rough idea I can give you.

Minimum Lengths required –  2000+

& Maximum – It’s Up to you

Seriously if you want your website posts should appear first on Google than this is important that your posts must have 2000+ words at least. 

Small length will also work but not as the long lengths posts will. So, whenever you write a post make it at least two thousand words if your intention is to rank your page well in Google. 

6) Write at least three sentences in every sub-heading

Three sentences under every sub-heading are the good representation of your writing skill. As you can see many bloggers maintain writing long but they use to write in different sections.Screenshot (169)

If you will write at least three sentences in every sub-heading than, your readers will definitely enjoy your writings pattern because of its simplicity as well. 

This will not bring you traffic but by following this single step you will find that most of the readers of your blog will appreciate you for your writings.

7) Use fewer ads 

Fewer the number of ads, faster your website in loading. But nowadays WordPress uses another technique to deal with this problems. So, we face less problem with the loading of a page.

But the story does not end. By the way, you must choose fewer ads to display on a single page or a post. Because it will reduce the problem of distracting the visitors from reading your articles.

Use ads but don’t do it too much. Don’t try to stick 5-6 ads on a single page or post, it will create bad a reputation of your website in public’s mind. So, Be careful while putting ads.

8) Fix the pattern of writing

Your writing skill defines your skill in your blog. Whenever you try to start a new post for your blog then you should always keep in mind that what pattern you want to choose for your writing.

It might be of anyway… 

  • Straight writing, like keep on writing without space.
  • Single point writing.
  • Double point writing.
  • An explanatory way of writing.
  • Defining way of writing.

But you must decide at the very early that which one fits you the most. I mean which way you like the most to explain your things. It’s all up to you. 

9) Input Images if required

Images are much more powerful than words. And everyone should use the image in their post. But it must be limited as per requirements. 

If you are writing which need more explanation than any image. so, simply give much more priority to it. And in middle of the post add some of the images as well. 

Posts with Only images are also not worth and only with writing is also not worth. so, balance this both and by the way you are a blogger so you must give little more priority to your writings.

10) Demonstrate your ideas using graph

Well, this adds much more value point to your writing and explaining part in your post. Don’t forget to demonstrate using graph if you are comparing something in your posts.

Use it as per requirements. It depends upon the posts. If you are talking about something related to calculation then apply this and make everything simple in your post.

11) Optimize your page loading 

No one wants to wait for anything at any cost anywhere. This is so true with all of us. So, if your website takes a long time to open then be aware of it that the visitors will change their mood of visiting your website.

Page loading means that how long it takes to load your web pages? If your website loads under 3 seconds then its pretty good but if it’s hanging out like more than 10 seconds than recover your speed of website loading.

This is a part of SEO. So, clear this at the very beginning that your website must load faster. And it should open within 4-5 seconds. 

12) Share Posts on Social Media Platforms

You must use social media platforms, for your blogs and website. Social media helps in spreading of a post all over the world in an easy form. 


Screenshot (170)


There are so many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Connect your website everywhere and then start posting in your blog. 

You will receive so many new traffic from your social media platforms. Use it. It will also help your new website to make it a new brand in the internet world. 

13) Allow Comment Section 

Comments are like feedback. The comment section is the best place where your visitors can directly discuss with you. This will help your blog to be highly ranked in Google.

Comment section


As Google also check these short of things for determining your blog posts. Even you will also feel like you are helping someone with your posts. 

You should also comment and give an answer to your visitors to make a good trust with them. Neglect all negative comments and accept all positive comments. 

14) Link your other posts

Linking means you have another thing to speak. If you are linking other post or other information in your post, then it will help your website to have a more number of page views.

So, interlinks some of the things in your post. Link some website if your post is about that or something related to it. But I would recommend you to link the most your other related posts. 

15) Guest Post Writing is also useful

Guest post is guest writing a post for your website. Allow others to write for your blogs if they have something for your website. 

It will help you in having more number of posts on your blog or website. Which will indirectly increase the number of traffic to your blog or website!

Before dealing with this you must have a deal with your partners or members. You must provide them with your terms and conditions of guest writing.

16) Number of Tags determines your contents

How many numbers of tags do you use for your single post? Again I am asking you, do you really want your website to the rank at the top pages of search engines? If yes then don’t miss this. 

Your contents are full of words, well! good. But if you are not using the appropriate words then guess how Google will easily able to crawl your page or posts. 

So, to help Google, you must use few tags in your writings. Tags are like the keywords. So, it should be also included in your headings and sub-headings.

17) Re-check twice your new post

Everyone makes a mistake. Don’t get confused about it? Tell me, Am I right or not. So, I highly recommend you to re-check your new post at least twice. 

  • Make a habit to re-check your post again and again.
  • Fewer the Errors, more the readers.

It will not only help you out to find the errors but you can correct it as well. Actually, it is good for your writing too. You can improve much more than your earlier writing methods.

18) Maintain the consistency of blogging

Try to make a schedule for your blogging. Not even a single blogger has reached the high level in a single day or a single week.

  • The consistency of blogging is the Success Key of Blogging

But all great and top bloggers had worked hard to reach somewhere at the top. So, if you want the same thing with your blog or website then maintain the consistency of your posting at least weekly if not daily.

Your follower will increase and your ranking in the Google will be much more than the rest if you will bring out your best to it. 

19) Don’t repeat the same contents or titles

In a single post don’t just repeat the same titles. This will create a doubt in your readers. And it is also not considered as a good sign of writing.

While writing you must keep this in your mind always that not to repeat the same titles again. You can use same words in your paragraph or in new sentences but not in titles.

20) Promote your posts using Google AdWords

Google offers a good option to optimize your post using Google AdWords. You can use it after creating an account in Google AdWords. But whenever we talk about promotion then the investment is concerned there.



You may have to pay few dollars to promote your contents. But don’t use this method at the very beginning of your new blog. I mean if your website is new and there are less number of post in it then wait for the right time.

Wait for at least 7-8 months and have some number of the good post then use this method to give a boost to your new website. But it’s not that much recommended at the beginning.

21) Insert quotes and affirmations

A quote for website success may look like this…

“I will Succeed in making my website best, may not be immediately but absolutely and Definitely”. 

Does it sound interesting? 

Add few quotes in your writing, it will encourage your readers to read more. In a similar Manner, Affirmations works as same.

22) Choose the best text colors

Which color you choose to text? Is it black or dark black? Well, for an eye catchy reading black color is most recommended for long paragraphs. 

And Heading and sub-headings colors must be of your choice but always remember that use deep dark colors like dark red, dark blue, etc..

A good creativity is the reflection of all colors. Make the best as much as you can. 

23) Manage the size of Fonts

What should be the size of Fonts? Either of your page texts or images. I can only say one thing that you should move along with default setting if you are so busy with your writings.

You can change it as per your requirements. But default fonts will work awesome. And while editing the new post, try changing the fonts size of some headings or sub-headings.

24) Apply Proofread Writing

Have you noticed in your WordPress visual section that you are getting an option to check your post in the easiest way? If not yet then don’t forget to look it after reading this post. 

Screenshot (173)

Yes! It’s absolutely helpful for every blogger. Actually, it does a proofread and after that, you may have notified of your errors or without errors.

This had helped many bloggers to have quick re-check of the new post. You must also use this for every new post of your blog.

25) Justify each sub-heading 

Justification means explanation with right detail. If you are just putting a sub-heading without justifying it then you are simply missing something.

You got a chance to explain everything with right and complete detail. So, don’t leave any blank space under any sub-headings. 

If you are using sub-headings then it means that you got to write something under it. 

26) Design your page using alignment options

Alignment options allow choosing the best place to text in a page. And you can use this three alignment.

  • Left Alignment- Use it for the left section to write on your page.
  • Right Alignment- Use it for the right section to write on your page.
  • Centre Alignment- Use it for the center section to write on your page.

Your page should be attractive for reading. So, design well. Use all the features available to you in WordPress or in your website setting. 

27) Do a great research before writing

To do a great post, you must do a great research. As you will learn new things while researching the titles you are searching for your new posts. 

You must be always with lots of ideas to share in your website posts. By the way, it is said that a good researcher is a good learner and ultimately a good learner is a good earner.

Make a schedule for it as well. If you are writing something new than spend at least 3 hours in doing some great research. This will help you a lot.

28) Make your contents SEO friendly

As you like to talk, in a similar way try to write your contents. Now, let’s talk about SEO friendly type of contents. 

Understand that the contents which are very easily readable and understandable are readers friendly. Add google friendly contents, and you are done with SEO friendly type of contents. 

Reader’s Friendly + Google’s Friendly contents = SEO friendly contents

Nothing more than it. So, write for your readers and also for google as well. 

Means that pay attention to Google’s rules and regulation which will help your contents to rank at the top-level. Meanwhile be a creative writer, so that readers should also enjoy reading your posts.

29) Premium Theme works well

Don’t you think that premium thing is most of the time genuine? So, whenever you got a chance to choose between free and premium plans. Be wise to understand both.

Screenshot (174)


Then take any of the decision. And free is not always free so, I would say that if you are about to choose themes then go with premium options. 

Premium Themes from WordPress is well-managed by them. There will be no problem of security while using premium themes. Quality will be better and you will also get many extra features on premium themes.

30) Explain using animated images and videos

Videos and animations can explain better than words in few areas. But Think this also deeply, that you are a blogger, not a YouTuber. So, you have to be to the point with it.

Wherever is required, don’t delay to use video or animations in your posts.

Your reader will always be happy to see a video or animation by you in your posts. But you must use video and animations as per the requirements.

31) Be Simple with your writings

Make each and every post as simple as much as you can. Because while writing posts, simplicity matters a lot. If people can understand easily they will surely be back to your new articles.

On the other hand, if you write tough words in your posts then it’s really hard to say that people will or the visitors will enjoy reading.

Remember this while writing your posts that not everyone wants to check out the words meaning while reading something interesting or useful articles.

32) Open Discussion Place

Discussion place like chat for any inquiry. Show some icons through which your visitors can directly interact with you or your members. 

And by doing this you will get a new chance to create more new customers. 

This will help you to boost up your website effectively. Ultimately this is going to contribute to your SEO part of your contents and posts.

33) Block Spam Comments from the post

The comments which are worthless and make no sense to your posts, Simply delete it permanently. 

Spam comments are sometimes in the form of illegal words, unwanted links, which is against the system. Use Akismet to block all spam comments. 

If you are using WordPress, then you must use Akismet tool. It is a WordPress tool which automatically detects spam comments from the website posts and blocks it immediately.

34) Secure your website using https://

You must use https which stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. It provides encrypted communication and the secure identification of a network web server.

Screenshot (175)

Google also like such website which is secured. So, to create a trust among your visitors and Search engines you must use this before your domain name. You have to apply for it.

You can add payment gateways after using this. It has a secure sign of Lock, which indirectly defines that the website is completely secure and genuine. 

35) Host your website 

Your website is only available online when it is being hosted on any server by any platform like WordPress, Go-Daddy, etc. 

After you registered your new domain name, you will have to host it. So, don’t delay it. There are free hosting platforms and paid hosting platforms. 

But I would recommend you to host your new website in the paid hosting platform such as WordPress, Go-Daddy, etc. You can Google it as well for best hosting platforms.

In order to have an online presence of your new website, you have to host it somewhere. And once your website is active, your posts will start receiving traffic. Which is ultimately the basic part of SEO.

36) Get a domain name

You must be wondering that why this domain name tip is included in the Writing SEO section? OK, then let me explore something more here…

Well, I don’t know that at what stage is your website now? And I also don’t know that what kind of exact help you need regarding SEO.

So, I thought that if I will include some basic SEO tips in this Contents SEO part then it will also help you out anyway.

If you have reached this post and you are new to this blogging so I would simply say that buy a domain name first of all. This is the first part of basic SEO section. 

Which might be although not very useful for Basic SEO known individuals! but remember that this is from the basic part of SEO. 

37) Focus on Meta Descriptions

Now, come to the point. Here, I am talking about the Contents SEO strategy. Yes! you must write at least 2-3 lines about your new posts on Meta Description section. 

Screenshot (176)

This is only visible just under the heading or title of your posts. So, be descriptive with your words and write like an attracting magnet.

Describe in very short about your whole post. So that visitors can know what will they read in your new posts before their entry into your website posts.

38) Accelerate Mobile Page (AMP)

This is related with the speed of the website. But when we talk about AMP it is actually made for speeding up the website page, especially for mobiles.

  • Using this AMP for website page can enhance our mobile experiences by improving the metrics like bounce rate.
  • Search Engines also like this AMP because it helps in loading the website page faster.

So, apply this AMP in your website because most of the users are now using mobile for the internet.

Access this from your website settings easily or if you are using WordPress then it’s easily available there. 

39) Make your writing more interesting

As you will deal with your writing, you will face many new things along with it. It’s always recommended to be creative with your writing and also recommended that you should use some ways to be more interesting.

You can use few jokes if your website contains something related to it. But overall I can say that become a member of your writing part, which means that you should write like you are explaining something to someone who is sitting just next to you.

Express naturally and write like one friend speaking to other. It will work better.

40) Publish Immediately, Don’t delay

Don’t do late in publishing your new posts. I mean it will be a good relaxation for you. If you are just writing and editing your post for 4-5 days then you will lose the consistency of your new posts. 

So, once your writing and editing section is completed, click on publish button. Be committed with yourself.

There is actually no direct relation to it with SEO, but If you can analyze that your time is precious to you, then I guess you got the point.

By the way, your time is everything, you cannot waste. You got to invest it somewhere. Ins;t it? So, try investing your time in your new post rather than getting stuck at the final point of your drafts post. 

41) Pre-plan your writings

What you are going to share with the world, you must have been planned for it. Pre-Planning of your writing structure will help your post to get more success easily everywhere.

Make a list and target your goal daily for the next coming days. 

Grab more ideas on pre-planned topics, than write it down on your blog or website. This way of writing will help you to live without taking any tense of your writing new posts.

Be free and enjoy the freedom. If sometimes you will not be able to write a new post than your pre-planned posts will work for you better. As it will save your time.

42) Write with the intentions of helping others 

If you want to grow rapidly than always keep this single thing in your mind that you should write posts to help others.

And once you will set your mind to help others, I am damn sure that your website will improve rapidly.

You can only grow with the growth of others. So, write every post with the intention of helping others. 

All good things will happen to you. 

43) Choose a short and clear URL structure

URL structure plays a crucial role in SEO of the contents. Yes! You must decide first that for what you are writing if you are writing for Google Ranking than keep short and easy URL structure.

But competition will be so high in using short URL’s. So, if your website or blog is completely new than try to make little long to your URL structure so that your posts can easily appear on Google.

Finally, I would like to say that check it out with your own that which one works well for your posts. Is it a long one or a short one. But be cut and clear with your words which you will use for your URL.

Don’t use tough sentences or words which would be hard to be noticed easily.

44) Set up google search console 

Google search Console is a goggles part and a simple tool, which asks us to register for the login. So, What actually Google Search Console do? The answer is – a lot for your website or blog.

Screenshot (177)

You can check all your current status about your website activities in it. Some terms which you would see in it are here…

  • Search Appearance 
  • Structure Data
  • Data Highlighter
  • Html Improvement
  • Search Traffic
  • Google Index
  • Crawling

Every detail about your website in a formatted way will be available to you in Google Search Console. It’s highly recommended that you must use this tool effectively to remain up to date with your website activities.

45) Use Google Analytics 

If you want a detail about your traffic which is coming to your website then you must use this Google tool. Which is absolutely free of cost. Just register your domain name with your email id and password.

Details like the number of people visiting the website, their geographic location’s and also you will get the details of your most searched popular pages in Google or anywhere. 

So, overall I can say that it will help you to understand the reality of your website position on Google’s search engine. You will get so many kinds of little help from this tool.

And once you will know everything about your website performance and your visitors then you can easily able to expand your website with the improvement of your website posts.

46) Verify your website ownership on google

This is the first thing you must do. Just verify your website on Google. You can easily do this using Search Console. You can verify it using a different property.

Screenshot (178)

  • Go to Google Search Console Home Page, click on the property which you want to verify.
  • Then click on the gear icon and choose users and property owners.
  • After this click on manage property owners, and verify with the methods which suit you easy.
  • You can do it with any of the three different methods again. 

Your website posts can only be ranked at the top pages of Google when your website will be completely verified by it. So, again I am saying you must do it at the very beginning.

47) Social Sharing button should be easily accessible

All the social sharing buttons should be easily accessible to your readers so that they can easily share your post on social media platforms. 

Screenshot (179)

This is a good sign of any website which allows their readers to share contents. You will also be benefitted through it as you will get a number of page views.

New visitors will reach to your website through this simple tool. Use it either at the top or sidebar of the post. But it would be far better if it will appear at the bottom of your post.

So, that it will not be any kind of the disturbance to your readers.

48) Keep on learning new things to write 

How will you write a new post? Think! How? Yes, you can do this by simply keeping a routine of learning new things always which might be related to your new posts.

Any blog or website is not about finishing in 3-9 months but if you want to make it a new brand website on Google, then you have to keep on writing weekly if not daily. 

And for that, you must have the right information about your niche. You can only do this by learning every day something new.

49) Finally, Apply these all tips 

You are now at the second last sub-heading of this post. So, I have decided to finally tell you few things which will definitely help you out from today onwards in your website improvement. 

And also to your contents including writing Techniques. You have gone through this whole post and invested your time in it. So, it’s your turn now, to make your website and its posts to rank at the top.

Apply all the tips and see a change in your website and its posts SEO improvements. This is actually the second final step that you have to take and that is to apply the tips in your writing section.

50) Utilize the freedom of Natural writing 

Everyone is unique in this world. And each and every one of us has the talent to do something, in which we are interested. So, here in your posts writing you also have the unique talent to attract readers to your website. 

Use your creativity in your writing. 


Don’t simply put the raw material on your posts but use your unique talent to explore it using your own skills. And enjoy writing naturally in a flow. 

 Once you know the tricks of writing SEO contents,  you got the way to unlock your potentials.

Stay tuned and happy always. Your writing will make you unique and it will bring everything that whatever you wish from your blogging platform and your website.



Finally, you might have completed reading this long SEO post. Now its time to apply the tips which you would like to implement for your website posts.  After applying these tips you just need to leave it for search engines and to your visitors.

Your work is done after applying these tips to your writings. Let Google and your visitors scan your articles and help you out to reach at the top page of Google.

Now, I would like to ask you that, –  Which SEO strategies and methods are working best for you?

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