Never Ever Give Up

Don’t be afraid of dreaming high. Don’t be afraid of failure. Don’t be afraid of taking a decision. Because you are a warrior, not a worrier. What keeps you going even after falling from the high peak.

What is that one thing which always provides you, the energy to try again and again? Yes, you got me right! It’s your Burning Desire to get succeed, It’s your Never Ever Give up attitude.

Resist to Change 

Falling, again and again, is not the ultimatum of failure but it makes you stronger from inside as well as from outside. You have a dream and to achieve it you got to work hard for it. Don’t count the days or nights but keep a burning desire which will bring success for you. Sometimes resistance acts as the power to fight back again. To stand up once again for your dreams.

  • Dare to Dream High
  • Dare to Take a Move and action
  • Dare to witness the failures
  • Dare to Fight Back for your Dreams

You will have to stay and stick with your goals and ambitions. No matter what’s the route to your success but don’t forget your destination. Keep a positive attitude towards your goals and targets. Success will come, all glorious things will happen in your life. Just keep faith in yourself and in your dreams.

Fight Back! Again and Again

It doesn’t matter that how many times you have failed or fallen down. But it really matters that how many times did you give a try for your success. Whenever you feel bad or depressed, just do one thing. Silent yourself. Yup! You must keep shut from externally and even from internally. Then after few minutes. Start thinking from the beginning about your way of following the process which won’t work well for you. Ask yourself such questions like…

  • What is the real cause of not able to achieve your dreams or wishes?
  • Who is stopping you? Is it you or your laziness who is not letting you try again and again?
  • What’s needed to improve your working pattern regarding your dream?

Question yourself and get the answer from the deep thinking of your active and wise brain. Once you will figure out these sorts of things, ensure that your bounce back will contribute its role in the long run for motivating you to stay at pace with hard and smart work in your life.

Commit it to yourself that you will achieve success in the field where you are putting your Hard and Smart Work , may be not immediately but absolutely and Definitely

It may take few years, but no problem you must not lose confidence in your work and passion. Time is not a big deal for you, so don’t get demotivated by your short and small failures.

Be Unstoppable

Once you have made your decision to get success, don’t turn away anytime from it. The time is now for proving yourself. Get up! And begin your hard plus smart work with full dedication toward your goal. Count yourself in the Unstoppable people categories. They are people who never fear to fail, the person who is destined to make his/her future as they wish.

Keep the power supply on, and let the energies flow in the right direction

The life is a game. It may sometimes burst you but don’t misunderstand it. Keep your feet on the paddle of the cycle and apply the power to take a move, so that you can reach your final destination. Don’t worry in the mid of the journey just because of the problems.

Chill!! The problem will always come in your life but it’s up to you that how you face it. The way you will treat it in the similar manner you will be treated. If you are failing to do something you wish for, it means that you got again a new chance to show your full potential to the universe. Take everything in an easy way. Don’t be upset because of your failure, as it will bring nothing to you.

So, think like a wise person. Because the wiser will never ever be upset or leave working hard just because they won’t get success on the first turn. Actually, they will keep on trying until they Win.

Take a Risk

Risk takers are courageous people, they don’t think much more about failure or success. They simply take the risk to uplift themselves. You will be surprised to know that all successful people had taken the risk to make something out of nothing.

So, if people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and so on.. can take the risk for their work, then why can’t you?. Actually, you are also a human being and you too have the power to change the world.

But it doesn’t mean anything to take the risk without thinking. It will be worthless. Wait a while and first think and plan well for your success.

 Don’t simply read the History but create a new History

Your understanding is only the real power within you. Take all the benefit of your wise brain. Then take the risk. Whether you value these points or not but to get success and to keep a Never Ever give up attitude. You will have to take few steps which may not be always favorable to you. And all the unconditional steps are called as a risk.

Final Thought

In this game of life, you are a player. And you have been landed on the ground of Earth. Now You will get many obstacles as balls coming in the cricket pitch. You may not be able to Hit six at a single over of balling. But You haven’t yet out. You are still standing on the ground with your bat.

After a while, when you got the understanding of the game and you skilled at it, definitely, no one can stop you to Hit six and to win the battle. Just Focus. And become the player as you wished to be.

What do you do for Bouncing Back again and again? When you get Obstacles in your life! Is it the ” Never Ever Give Up Attitude” or Something else?

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