How to start a blog in 2018

Ultimate and Easy Guide on How to start a blog in 2018.  Learn SEO tips, Blogging strategies, Monetizing your website, Choosing the best hosting platforms. Including WordPress Full Guide and so much.

This post includes almost all the details, you need to do with blogging.

  • This single post will definitely expand your blogging business. Well! Did you notice what I had written? let me tell it to you once again, I said this single post will expand your blogging business.
  • Don’t get me wrong. What I have written is the reality of blogging. Yes! It should be kept in mind that each and every blogger is a business person. Including this skill, every blogger is a writer, a good researcher, a good explainer, and so on.
  • Anyway, I don’t want you to have a hell like an experience from this post. so I thought to mix up my human talking skill to explain you like your friend. So, First of all, don’t take anything here seriously. We will move from initial steps to the final step.

Here we will be Dealing with the techy stuff in a simple way of explanation. Have a glance at the contents below, which you will be getting in detail and more after it.

  1. Introduction to blogging

  2. Domain Name

  3. Hosting

  4. Plans for website

  5. Registration Process

  6. Setting up WordPress 

  7. Blogging Strategies

  8. SEO Tips 

  9. Monetizing Website

  10. Conclusion

As we are going to deal with these 10 topics, let me inform you something at the very beginning that this post is as long as any pdf but not a form of pdf.

So, you must enjoy reading this by taking few breaks if required.

Introduction to blogging

Let’s start our introduction part with few questions as it will encourage you to get the quick answer to some of the common questions before starting your blogging journey.

  • What is a Blogging?

Ans –  In a simple language, you can understand that the Blogging is a way of writing articles and publishing it on the internet.

  • Who is eligible for blogging?

Ans- Anyone and everyone who ever is interested in writing something about any topics. There are no age limitations.  No qualifications required. You just need to have the potential to write articles on whatever topic you wish for.

  • Can Blogging earn a living? 

Ans- Yes! and absolutely a big YES. You can earn a living through blogging. It’s not a gamble. But there are strategies which will let you earn money through blogging. Everyone can earn a living but be sure that you reach that level of blogging.

These three questions are the basic and common questions asked by any newbie in the blogging. Now, if you are clear about it then Can we start the journey of blogging?
First, you have to think then take a decision and start with me from now. And if you will still do delay in thinking whether to start or not then you will never be able to experience something called as blogging?
Comm’n, Join Me now and I will support you in every step of blogging. If you want any direct help you can contact me Here.  Don’t hesitate due to money, I will help you as my friend in every stage of blogging with absolutely free of cost.

Select the blogging platform to blog

There are so many blogging platforms available nowadays. Even there are two kinds of blogging platforms.  Free and Paid. 

Free Blogging Platforms

 Paid Blogging Platforms

  • (Includes both free & Paid)
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • Ghost
  • Weebly
  • Joomla

All the blogging platforms have some pros and cons. We will look at the most popular one and then will finally decide the best one for blogging, for beginners.


start a blog

This is a free blogging platform which is the part of Google. In this platform, you will be able to do so many things including earning from your blog.

If you want to do a blog without investing money at the initial level then you must use this free blogging platform.

  1. By the way, there are so many blogging platforms but you should choose the best and the popular one. So, for free blogging choose Blogger.
  2. And in paid one, you can go with, and even has the option to upgrade your plans.
  3. So, here you will find a brief detail about and With its pros and cons.
  4. First of all, you must be aware of the difference between and

Difference between and

The major difference between and is that in the hosting of the website. And one more thing about the complexity and simplicity.

start a blog

  • In, you host your website or blog. And you will get a free software to install in your Device to operate the website.
  • is a little bit techy, You will have to learn to code as well.

Screenshot (189)

  • On the other hand, takes care of hosting for you. Actually, in this, you will not have to worry to install any kind of software.
  • You don’t even require to pay for hosting. Until and unless you upgrade it from free version to paid version.
  • And in, you do not need to think about coding because will take care of it for you. It’s much more simple and easy to use.


Pros And Cons of 


  • Its free and easy to use.
  • You will have the full control of your website.
  • You can use all plugins free.
  • You are free to design your website as you wish.
  • You can also download the Google Analytics Tool for free to analyze the data on your website.
  • You can monetize your website easily.


  • There will be hosting charges for your website. It will increase if your website traffic increases. At the initial point, you will not be charged too much.
  • There might be sometimes security issues.
  • You will only be responsible for your website updates and backups.


Pros and Cons of


  • You will not need to worry about coding. Because it’s so easy to use. Simply you have to log in to the website and start writing posts.
  • It has both versions (Free and Paid ).
  • Your website will be completely secured. And you don’t have even think of your website upgrade and backups. As is automatic.


  • In the free version, You have to use WordPress extension in your website. But you can hide it too after using their premium plans.
  • You cannot monetize your website in the free plan. You can only monetize to your website after you use their premium plans.
  • You will not have the full control of your website.
  • Their premium plans are a little expensive for beginners.

Choose the Topic of your Interest

This is the first thing which is done by every new blogger. Niche is it’s another form of words which many bloggers use to talk about.

You have to make a decision quickly over here in choosing the topic. If you are still confused regarding this, then let me help you out by keeping few goods topics in front of you.

  • Technology
  • Lifestyle
  • Business
  • Health & Fitness 
  • Motivational
  • Arts & Culture
  • Entrepreneur
  • News
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Gaming

If you are interested in any one of these topics then make your decision quickly. But it doesn’t mean that you would choose my suggestion only. As my suggested topics are limited but you got to decide for yourself any topic in which you are deeply interested.

The Fact is that Your interest will reflect into your blog, after a long time of blogging

So, you must choose it according to your interest. And by the way, you can only do something great at where you are most interested. Isn’t it so true in life as well?

Another reason to choose a topic of your interest is that it will help you in many ways such as Working Hard, Working smartly, Enjoying your work, and so on.

After choosing your topic of interest in which you want to blog, you have completed the first point. Let’s move forward…

Domain Name

Domain name is the name of your website, for example,, here traypost is the name of this website.

To register your domain name you will need some of the platforms such as GoDaddy, Hostgator. Try with any one of these because these domain name service provider are popular and valid. Start a blog

Before registering any domain name you must keep ideas about it. Actually, you can choose any name whatever you wish for but unfortunately, most of the time we don’t get the domain name that we want for our website, because of its unavailability.

Be unique with your domain name, this is the main thing that you have to keep in mind while purchasing a new domain name. These are the few ways to choose your best domain name…

  • Your domain name should be simple.
  • It should not be too lengthy.
  • It’s always better to have domain name of 6-9 characters.
  • It should be easily readable.
  • Try to choose it short as much as possible.


Search the names in the search bar, check the availability. To inform you earlier that choose the .com, .net,. extensions.

As these two extensions are more relevant and applicable for mainly every type of website.

Details of the domain name extensions

.com – is for commercial websites, such as tech, e-commerce, Blogs, and so on. Most of the websites use this extension and you would see its major role in the google search.

.net– it is used most of the time for networks and also for social sites.

.edu it is used for educational sites.

.gov– It is used for government sites.

There are more extensions available but the ” .com” is a very famous one. so, for your new blog, you can go with it. Mentioned in this image, the difference between the ranges or you can see the price of the extensions.

Start a blog

You can check it out at GoDaddy 

Domain names come with few plans such as for monthly, or yearly. You have to decide which one you want to choose. Once you had completed this step, move to the next one…

Host your website

After purchasing your domain name, you will have to host it. The first question which would strike in your mind that what is Hosting?

Chill! This is not so difficult to grab, but the easiest thing to understand in less than a minute.

Hosting is a service provider platform which allows any individual or a website to post it on the Internet. 

I think you got the point. Whenever any website user wants to view your website, then they would simply search it on search engines. And your website will be easily available to them in their web browser.

start a blog

These are the plans for complete hosting including domain from Bluehost.

But it is required that you must purchase a domain name before hosting it on any hosting platforms such as GoDaddy, Hostgator.

There are some free hosting platforms as well but I would suggest you that don’t go with them because there are lots of risks.

Your website will be partially controlled by them and also you will face the error most of the time.

So, Host it on some paid platforms such as Godday or Hostgator, or the best one is Bluehost. 

These hosting platforms also provide a domain name.  So, for that, you can purchase a whole service including both domain name and host.

Start a blog

These plans are from Godaddy. You must compare the plans from different hosting platforms whichever fits you, purchase it.

You can choose any one from these all plan for your website to be installed on or any other blogging platform such as blogger, etc.

Plans For Website

Which plan you would like to go with? Yes, it is your choice. If you want to start your new blog for free then use Blogger or

On the other hand, if you want to upgrade your website plans then choose the or premium plans.

For plans, here you can have a look at it. As I had discussed the pros and cons of WordPress both websites in above para. So, Now choose it as per your requirements.

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As you are a beginner in this blogging world. So, you may be willing to get rid of coding then simply apply for free version. And later on, upgrade your plans with premium or business plan.

Or you may be thinking about the So, I can say it’s also a good platform for the beginners but you must also enjoy the techy stuff to choose this one.

Well, most of the website is self-hosted and use this one. But you have to be accurate with your self-analysis then make a final decision.

As far WordPress is concerned, I will provide you with each and every detail about it. And how to start your blogs using any of this platforms. Just keep reading, you will come to know everything in detail.

Registration Process

It will not take more time to understand. Before starting I would like to say that if you have made up your mind to go with any of the WordPress plans then you have to keep a little amount money in your pocket. Now apply for the process.

  • For, because of its self-hosted platform. You will have to take care of hosting and buying your domain names. Well, it will not cost you more than 100$ for a single year.
  • Just use Godaddy platform to host your website. And if you are interested in purchasing a domain name from their included plan then it will not be a bad deal. You can proceed.
  • I had mentioned above all the details about it, so check it out.
  • Now come to, You will either choose a free plan or the upgraded one like a premium or business plan.
  • If you are completely new to these terms then go with a free plan first and after having a good understanding of it, shift the plan from free to paid ones. After shifting, you can access all the available featured in it.
  • Again I can make sure, that you will have not to worry about the hosting of your website after choosing the platform. As it is free of cost and you will get full feature after you apply for personal, premium, or business plan.

For registering a new website

  1. You must have a debit card for purchasing a domain name or you can purchase it from the internet banking options.
  2. Make sure you are using your genuine card for activating any of the plans.
  3. Don’t try to change your domain name, even if you got the options. So, choose wisely your new domain name.
  4. Add your e-mail address correctly. Use the active e-mail address because you will be asked to verify your purchasing by the e-mail confirmation.

Setting Up WordPress

In this section, we will discuss the setting procedure of and Both settings are the same but in, everything is little tough because of its complexity.

Let’s first talk about Once you have completed your registration process. Install the free and latest software in your PC. start a blog

After installation, Log into it with your email and password. There are several terms. You must know about all of the features available in it before proceeding.

  • Dashboard: This is the place where you will see lots of things under this section. For example Home, Comment’s, Site Stats, My Blogs, Blogs I Follow, Akismet, Stats.
  • Plans: When you click on plans then you will see that there are various terms under this section. Like Your Themes, Your Domain, Manage Purchase, and lastly the billing history.
  • Posts: In this, you will see your all posts, add a new post, category, Tags, and Copy a new post.
  • Media:  Here your all photos and videos will be shown if you will upload in your website. You can directly access it from Library or can add new photos, videos.
  • Links: Your all links will be easily available in it, even if you want to add new links, you are free to do it here. The last things that you could see your link categories.
  • Pages: This section deals with the pages of your website. You can add new pages from here and also can check your all previous added pages. Finally, you will also get an option to copy your page.
  • Testimonials: Understand simply that Testimonials are the others opinions or review about your website services or products that you provide it for your customers. To add testimonials to your website pages, it’s the route to it. Well. You can apply it for the front page of your website.
  • Portfolio: You can create a new project from the this and also can add many different types of projects, and project tags.
  • Comments: Use it for the comment section, If you want to add comments then it is the place you would be searching for. Read the comments of others as well.
  • Feedback: To ask for feedback, or to create a poll utilize the power of this Feedback option in your WordPress platform.
  • Appearance: Most of the important terms will be available to you in this. As appearance matters a lot for any website. So, check it out for Themes, Customize, Widgets, Menus, Header, Background, AMP, Mobile.
  • Plugins: You will get benefit from this platform as you will have the access to use plugins. Use some of the best plugins to improve your website overall. Yoast is a very popular one in WordPress plugins.
  • Users: The number of people controlling your website is shown in the user section. If you are only the website owner and everything on your website is done by you then it means that you are only the user of your website. You can check the users if you have invited someone else to edit or write on your website.
  • Tools: Check out the available tools in this tools section. And you will see their options to import and export the tools as well. Furthermore, you got to see a delete site option is also available in this section only.
  • Settings: Finally, you will have to know about the settings. Yes, as there are going to be a lot of options in this particular section and you cannot neglect it if you want to know the WordPress completely.

So, what kind of options are available there in the settings options? Let’s get deep into this. The main categories are highlighted below…

  • General: In this, you can see many different options are available for your editing your website structure. use it for editing your website. – Site Title, Tagline, Timezone, Date Format, Time Format, Language. 


  • Writing: Some options are available in it like formatting, Default post category, Default post Format, Default link category, Portfolio projects. 


  • Media: It includes the thumbnail, videos, and podcast. For editing the size of your thumbnail, photos, etc. the best option to click on for changing the background color.


  • Sharing: All the sharing tools are in this option. If you want to share something from social media platform such as Facebook, twitter, etc . then you must prefer this sharing button for direct sharing your posts.


  • Word Ads: To earn money from your blog or website you will have to apply for the WordAds. You can control the display of your Ads from this WordAds option. All the setup information is available in this. 


  • Email post changes: This is for enabling email for high security of your blog or website. You can add here some additional email address as well. And you will get the direct way to mail to other users.

Now let’s move to Dashboard and you should go with each of the terms mentioned here so that you can easily understand it.

  • First of all, log in with your email and password.



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 After you entered your email and password into the login website, you will be transferred to the Dashboard of your website.

There are so many options to make your website good. So, here you read each and everything in detail, almost every term which is highlighted in


You can see here all the main options available in Dashboard…

  • Switch Site: Refer to it f you wish to switch your real site to “” extension site and vice versa.
  • View Site:  Look at your website directly from this option.
  • Plan: It will show the current activated plan of your website. And all its detail in a single page.
  • Site Pages: All your website pages will appear here. And you can add or delete your website pages from this option directly.

Blog  Posts: You can add new posts, edit your posts and can also delete your posts in this.

  • Customize: This is the main option which is very helpful in order to design your website as you wish. because this is the place where you will get many new options to edit your website. Including CSS.
  • People: You can add some people to your site as a guest writer or for any purpose you wish for.
  • Domain: You will not need to look at this always but to check your domain name information. Get access to it. Hosting and verification details are easily available for your website in this section.

And some of the terms are discussed above in the topic. So, glance at there as well.  As is very easy to operate and its features are highly effective.

After getting these all points, you have to understand the blogging strategies. Which plays a crucial role in any of the blogging websites.

Blogging Strategies

Till now, you are done with the terms and features. Here, you will come to know all the most tragedic and popular strategies for blogging in the best way.

Your blogging success will be 70%, the reflective part of your blogging ways that how you blog, and for what you blog. Wait, don’t get confused. I am talking about the methods which will definitely increase your blogging concept.

  • Understand the dual demand
  • Write passionately and exactly
  • Maintain the consistency
  • Outlook with the right design
  • Content is the king 
  • Examine the overall structure of your blog’s website
  • Create your new blog as Brand
  • Marketing is the success key of blogging

1) Understand the dual demand

When there is a need, demand is its need. Actually, in blogging strategies, this is the first step for improving your blogging. Everyone has nowadays started a blog but only a few have the taste of success.

Why this is so? The first reason is the scarcity of writing on demand. Take one example to understand it, If there is no demand for 2G phones in the market in 2018 and then also some of the old companies are just making it, just for selling it.

What do you think, whether that all the 2G phones will be sold at this present time in the modern world! Guess!!

Yes, I don’t say that nothing will be sold but it’s almost sure that not all will be sold as now 4G phones are being sold in the market.

So, Write as per your customers demand. Don’t simply put it because you want it. Always remember that your customer is the king and you must do whatever you can do to make them happy with your writings.

I think from this simple example you would get my point that what actually I mean to say here.

  • First, do a good research on the trending topics.
  • Then start compiling your post headings.
  • And explore each of the headings in a simpler way.

That’s it. You are done.

But one important thing you should keep in your mind while writing a post is that you are not only writing for your customers but you are also writing it for Google Algorithm as well.

As the dual demand means here – the demand of your customers and of Google Algorithm. You have to maintain the balance between these two things.

You will come to know about Google Algorithm, in Later SEO Tips.

2) Write Passionately and exactly

You are a blogger, Right! Well, that’s a good way of saying the truth to the world. But can you analyze one thing from the good blogger to a bad blogger? Don’t get me wrong!!

Wait, and first read then keep your points as per your own wish in the comment section. I said that if you are a blogger by profession and passion. Then it’s such a wonderful thing that you are doing what you wish to? 


The question simply arises here about how passionately you are writing and how exactly you are willing to keep your point in front of your readers.

I think you are very much passionate about writing. Isn’t it? that’s why you chose for blogging. But my friend let me ask you one thing that, does writing is enough for blogging?

Writing is important but if you will write passionately and exactly then you will reach the right level of blogging.

  1. Write with full passion.
  2. Try to fix out the exact points.

One thing is very clear that if you are passionate about writing then be sure that one day your website will definitely achieve the position, you wished for.

And you can only be said as a true blogger when you will put your hard efforts with your passion in your writings.

Finally, you had chosen to blog, then don’t get stuck at any point while writing. Literally saying just enjoy your blogging and live a wonderful life.

Here I want to make sure that, It is concerned with the blogging strategies as well. So, don’t neglect this point as this is also very much important.

3) Maintain the consistency of blogging

No one can remain as to the top-level until and unless maintained the consistency of blogging. Even top bloggers follow this simple strategy always.

  • Write a new post weekly if not daily.
  • Always try to change the topics with some new ingredients.
  • Increase your post links more and more by posting constantly.

There are many benefits to maintain the consistency of blogging. As your blog will have more page views, more new readers and so on.

If you will not maintain the consistency of your blogging then it is hard to say that your blog website will expand. So, work day and night to create a lot of blog posts and publish it.  Because this is only the real reason behind any successful blog.

4) Outlook with the right design

Design matters a lot. But you know one thing that the exact design matters more. And your website design comes with themes you choose.

Right design means that if your website is of photography then you can’t make your homepage as simply showing the texts.brainstorming-campaign-collaborate-6224

Similarly, when your website is about news, you can’t use only the big photos in it…

As you know that …

  • Right design is appreciable from every perspective.
  • Right design will enhance your readers to read more.

So, it is far better if you maintain the complete design of your new website.

 5) Content is the king in Blogging

While blogging you must keep this single thing in your mind that your quality and quantity of the contents matters. And because of this, it is considered as the king in blogging.

  • Increase your writing skills, and learn few of the techniques which will definitely improve the quality of your contents.
  • You are a blogger so the content matters 90% for your blog. And 10% is the rest of its promotion and SEO.

6) Examine the overall structure of your blog’s website

Don’t get confused by the overall structure and design of your website. As I have discussed the design of the website in the above para.

Actually, the overall structure includes design and SEO.

What to examine here?

Examine the faults and correct it immediately. There are so many negligible faults that every newbie blogger has to fix. Like not formatting the contents, not putting the logical photos. and so on.

To do this simply, re-map your blog’s writing structure. And after this find out which structure fits better for your website.

7) Create a new blog website as a brand

When we talk about trust, definitely we move around the branded products. It does not matter if the price of the product is a little expensive. But we still use to purchase such products.

Some of the Reason…

  • It creates trust among the public.
  • It is easily available.
  • It is precisely genuine.

So, now you can understand the benefits of creating your new blog’s website as a new brand. After becoming a new brand,  your website will be more acceptable in Google’s Terms and conditions.

  • Focus on creating it like a stock of new ideas. And make your website as an authorized website. For doing this you will have to maintain consistency of your blogging.

No great thing happens in a day as Rome was not built in a day. For that, you will definitely have to work hard and smart.

8) Marketing is the key to the success of blogging

author-classic-flatlay-938971Wait, I don’t think you are now feeling more comfortable to read on this particular topic. I want to just ask you something.

My question is – Does really marketing matters in the journey of blogging?

What’s your own opinion? I would like to hear it from you. So, comment me as soon as possible regarding this particular topic.

If you would question me the same question, then my frequent answer would be a big “Yes”.

Marketing is very important if you look at your website something as a great and as a new brand. But when and how to do marketing for a blog or website?

This might be your first question to yourself if you are completely new to this blogging world. Chill, your answers are ready dear friends.

  • You should promote your website when your website has more than 50-60 good posts.
  • You should use Social Media to promote it for free and paid one as well.
  • Facebook Advertising and Google Advertisement is the best way to do that.

Why marketing is important? Because if you have created any kind of product and it is best in its quality as well as in price. Then you should go ahead to promote it online on some of the best platforms.

People will come to know about it easily and your website will definitely expand with new readers. More readers are equal to more subscribers.

Follow it and witness the result of it after a while. That’s it for now, move to SEO part of this blog post to know more about the website improvement.

 SEO Tips

SEO is nothing but a Search Engine Optimization method. You must use SEO tips to improve the ranking of your website in Google.advertising-alphabet-business-270637

Q. What actually SEO does and what’s the connection between SEO and a website.

Ans-  SEO helps to get traffic from search Engine to your website, such as Google.

This is very important if you want your website to rank well in the search engine. So, don’t ever think to escape this topic. 

SEO is considered as the queen of the website. So, to know the connection between it read the strategies mentioned below…

1) Loading Speed of the Website

If your website is slow or it takes more than 10 seconds to load than its a risk. Fix this loading problem first of all. 

It includes the SEO part of a website. You may be thinking that why this is important! Well, the answer is that no one will open a website which is very slow while loading.

  • Your website loading speed is directly linked with your hosting platforms, such as Bluehost,, Godaddy, etc.. 
  • Choose your correct hosting platforms. It would be good if you use WordPress hosting. 
  • Analyse and optimize your website Pagespeed Insights. 

If you want to check and analyze your website speed, then visit  Analyze website speed   

It’s completely free and it is a Google Tool. So, you must Use this. If your website loading problem is fixed then you can proceed reading…

2)A website must be Mobile Friendly

You might be thinking that what is mobile friendly! Are you? Well, here is the answer to it. Actually mobile friendly simply means that – a kind of the webpage which is easy to read and open on a mobile device. 

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Search engines also check that whether a website page is mobile friendly or not. If you don’t know if your website is mobile friendly or not, simply take a test of it using Google’s tool. 

  • Simply search “Mobile Friendly Test” in the Google search bar. 
  • And write the exact URL of your website. 
  • Wait a second and Google will analyze it and give you a report of it. 

if your website is Mobile friendly than it means that there is no problem with the font size of the website in Mobile, and so on. 

3) Write like a Thick Contents

Here, Thick contents mean that you must write in deep. Don’t simply write for the sake of posting a new post. But you should take care of your contents.

Content is the king, and SEO is the queen. 

I don’t have any kind of philosophy for thick and thin contents. But to give a brief idea about the SEO. I choose it and jotted it in my SEO part. 

  • If possible write a post which should have at least 1500 words. And maximum as much as you wish. This simple rule will boost your ranking in google. 
  • Most of the new website can easily rank on the first page of the website if its posts are more in detail. 

Even to explain your things in a better way, you have to write more and more. If you are a blogger then writing is the first thing which should matter a lot to you.

4) KeyWord matters a lot

Keywords are the “search queries”. To understand this for SEO is very simple.  Whenever anyone searches for something in a Search engine then only the keywords are first displayed in the search bar. 

It helps people to find the websites. And from the SEO perception, it is valued the most. Yes, if you know this technique then it means you know 40% of the SEO. Screenshot (213)

  • Without keywords, your posts would never rank well in Google.
  • Keywords are the keys to Google crawling and indexing process.

Include keywords in your posts, and make search engines possible to find your website easily. But this can confuse Googlebot and can create a  problem also if you will overuse it in any of your posts. 

So use it wisely!!

I mean here that, don’t write the post, with the full of keywords. It is a wrong process. And Googlebot takes action regarding this kind of website or posts. 

Keywords should be included in your posts but it should be like 5-6 keywords in every 500- 600 words. 

5)Keep URL structure short

Think !! If you can keep a short and easy URL, then why to choose a large and difficult one. It’s always better to use short and simple URL. 

  • Easily readable.
  • Easily recognizable 

And the URL structure of your new posts should also be short and simple. Because most of the time we see that short and simple URL ranks better in Google Search Engine.

Short and simple URL is most of the time are so common. For example “start a blog”.  It’s so simple and so common on the internet.” If you are searching for something related to this particular topic.

6)Add Tags in your posts

Most recommended point that you can read in any SEO tips. But wait, why should you use tags in your post? The answer is because it works as the keywords for your posts.

As you use tags in your social media platforms, in a similar way use it here. The only difference is that you have to be more exact here. 

Ways To use tags properly in WordPress…

  • Open your post in your blogging platform such as WordPress.
  • In,  you will see a post setting, click on that and then open the categories & Tags option.
  • Add the tags in the tag empty box option.
  • While writing a tag, keep in mind that Small tags work better.

Similar way, you can apply tags in your any of the post from your post setting. There are different ways to add tags on different blogging platforms. 

7)Use Featured Image

Exactly the Image says much more than words! So, this is very important to use featured image in your every post. Screenshot (212)

It looks well, and when it comes to reading a post from social media platforms then featured images works perfectly. It creates a more click to that particular post.

  • Either you can use the free stock images for your featured images or you can create your own using the tools like Paint, or canva

Don’t forget to use it, as it helps your website to have a number of images and the more number of images the ranking will be better. 

8)Share your post in social media

SEO will not be complete if you miss or neglect social media platforms to share your contents. Create your account in social media platforms and make a page for your website. Screenshot (179)

And Finally, start sharing the posts. Nowadays social media has become so popular for expanding any kind of business. Most common ones are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. 

  • Add sharing buttons to your website. 
  • Embed your social webpage in your website.
  • Add re-blog option.

More you share, more you will expand your website. And definitely, this is considered as the best alternative to SEO. 

It’s Better to Start early, Don’t delay in using social media platforms for sharing your posts.

9)Add Meta Description

Adding meta description helps your readers to get the overview of your post or a page. As it is very important from the SEO perspective. Screenshot (176)

You can use one or two keywords in the description. In,  to write the description to your post you may either use Yoast plugins or in you can simply write it in the Excerpt option. 

10)Use at least 6-7 Heading in every post

You cannot escape this as well, when I say SEO then it simply means that the post is also a part of it. So, As you follow the different patterns to write your posts. 

But always think that if you will not include at least 6-7 Headings in your posts, then who will be interested in reading. 

So, include Heading as much as you can. Headings splits the single topic in a different section and it helps the readers to read more and more in detail.

11) Add Backlink to your posts

You might be involved in your thought process when your eyes would just glance at this particular sub-heading. Your question might be that “What is Backlink”? 

Actually, the backlinks are the links which are either used or added to your website posts, directly or indirectly. Screenshot (211)

This is considered the real SEO tips, don’t matter it a lot if I had just said that it is the only best SEO tips which should be implemented by every blogger. 

But do you want to know something more about it? The backlinks are very much important from the perspective of SEO Tips. Because the link matters a lot in Google Algorithm.

  • Backlinks can create the authority for your website. 
  • Backlinks help your blog posts to easily found on Google.
  • More the number of genuine Backlinks, more the visibility of your website.

Wait, read more about it. Because this is very much important. 

Q. How many backlinks can you use in a single post?

Ans- Simply the common answer would be that “neither too many nor too less”. But maintain with the necessity of it. 

Q. Can you use any kind of backlinks?

Ans- Absolutely yes, but don’t do this. If the backlinks are not of an authorized or relevant website then don’t use it. Use only those backlinks which are well popular and relevant to your topic.

  • Here, In the above para, I had actually mentioned 11 basic SEO tips. And if you want to know more about SEO Tips.  You can check out my this post. A link is given below…

50 Tips on how to write SEO content for a website

Monetizing Website

Q. What is monetizing of a Website? 

Ans- Monetizing is the way to earn revenue from the website.

To know more about the definition of it, you can visit Here

I want to talk in detail about it because it’s really the best thing to implement for your website. And in only a few steps you can start making money from your website as well.

Before reading more, First, understand the main things…

  • Who is eligible for monetizing website?

Ans- Anyone, who has a good standing website are eligible for monetizing a website.

  • How much one can earn from a website by monetizing?

Ans- There is no limit, it can be from $1 to $100000/ Month. It depends upon website ads clicked, and many other factors.

  • How long it takes to start earning if the website is very new?

Ans- If your website is new, then you would have less number of subscriber or the reader in the initial few months. And it will seriously take almost a few months to earn with your website.

But it doesn’t mean that your ads will not be displayed!! Actually, the ads will be displayed if you will activate monetizing, but the only thing is that it should get clicked to generate the revenue.

  • How can you activate monetization on your website?

Ans- There are so many ways to earn money from your website by monetizing.

Using Affiliate Marketing

It is the best way to earn money from your blog or website.

Affiliate Marketing is the process through which you can add affiliate links to your website page or posts and can earn a commission of the product which will be sold, through the links you share on your website.

There are many affiliate marketing platform such as

But if you want to share a product then it would be a better option to choose Amazon Associate Program. Because now it is the largest online store and you can get almost all kind of products you would like to sell through your website affiliate links.

And if you want to start now, then you can check out this post on How to do Affiliate Marketing with Amazon using your website.

Displaying Ads

Ads of any kind can be used to display on your website page or posts. And if anyone will click on the ads then you will earn money.  

Selling the products

It is also considered as the best way to generate money from your website just by promoting your own created products and selling it through your website. 

To do this in WordPress, follow these simple steps:

  • Log in your WordPress Account.
  • Go to ” Add a New Page”.
  • In the new page click on Add and then click on the: “Payment Button”.
  • Add an Image of your product.
  • Write in the description box of your product.
  • Copy and paste the link of your product.
  • Fix the price of the product.
  • Add PayPal button to receive payment to your PayPal account, just add your PayPal account e-mail id.
  • Click on save button.
  • Its Done Now.

Create any digital product like an e-book, or any software, etc.. and add a payment option to receive money for the products got purchased. 

Providing space for Ads

Another way is to give a space for displaying the Ads on your website page. Many advertisers can ask you or you can ask them to display their Ads on your website. 

And you will be paid for Displaying their Ads for a duration of the Time. 

Using Google Adsense

This is the first option which can be easily available to you for earning money from your website… Visit Google Adsense Google Adsense

Just Sign up for it and after verification, you can display Ads from Google to your website there are many other options in it like Pay Per Click, and so on. 


This post was created for the beginners and now I think that you have completed reading the post as you had reached the conclusion part of this post.

I tried my best to explain almost everything which is required to learn for a newbie blogger. From Introduction to Monetizing.

If anything is left, then please tell me in the comment section. I would like to add that. By the way, now it’s your turn to start a blog.

And if you have any question or doubt regarding this, then you can directly ask me from the comment section. I will definitely help you out.

Actually, my motive for writing this post was to help other newbie bloggers.

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