Interesting facts about the human brain

1) Weight only 3 lbs.
2) Fattest Organ in the Body.
3) Capacity to generate Powers.
4) Neurons Present.
5) Can survive for a few minutes without oxygen.
6) The brain gets 20% of oxygen and blood.
7) Blood Vessels are 1000,000 miles in length.
8) Sometimes the brain is unable to filter and remove old memories.
9) The brain is on an average 73% to 75% water.
10) The average brain generates 50,000 thoughts per day.

Interesting Facts about Human Brain

1) Weighs only three pounds.

The adult human brain just weighs about 3 pounds. And it is about 2% of the total body weight. An average human brain is 140 mm wide and 167 mm long.

2) Fattest Organ in the Body.

Human Brain is the fattest organ in the body as the 60 % of the dry weight is fat. 

3) Capacity to generate Powers.

The average power consumption of a Human Brain (typically adult)  is 100 Watts and the Brain consumes 20% of this making the power of the brain about 20 W.

4) Neurons Present.

An average number of neurons present in the Human Brain is 100 billion.

5) Can survive for a few minutes without oxygen.

Human Brain can also survive for about 2-3 minutes without the intake of oxygen. But an average Human can’t itself survive. 

6) The brain gets 20% of oxygen and blood.

It uses around 20% of the blood and oxygen of the body and 75 % of water. 

7) Blood Vessels are 100,000 miles in length.

The function of the brain control is dependent upon the sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients through a dense network of Blood Vessels of adult that are closer to 100,000 miles in length.

8) Sometimes the brain is unable to filter and remove old memories.

It’s not an easy task for the brain to absorb or delete the old memories in middle age.

9) The brain is on an average 73% to 75% water.

It only takes 2% of dehydration to affect the attention and your memory.

10) The average brain generates 50,000 thoughts per day.

It is interesting that mostly every brain generates (50- 70) thousands of thoughts per day but usually we use less than 20,000 new thoughts per day.

11) In general men’s brain are 10% bigger than women.

Study finds some significant difference between a men and women brain. But still not 100% sure about it size difference. Along with this study also shows that women’s brains are used more efficiently.

12) Human brain capacity is virtually unlimited.

You might have some gigabytes of memory storage in your iPod or a USB flash drive but you will be surprised to know that the study has found that the Human brain memory storage is something about 2.5 petabytes or a million gigabytes.

Even the storage space is expanding exponentially.

13) Human has the largest brain to the body size.

No other species/organism has such an intelligent and largest brain which would be relatable to the human body size. There are animals with larger brains but not intelligent. But the dolphin has the intelligent brain.

14) Whenever you learn something new then new brain connections are also created.

New thoughts create another new thought because all thoughts are inter-connected and in this way new brain connection is created.

15) According to the scientist, our brain treats the rejection as a physical pain.

This is not a good sign but it is true that our brain is very sensitive and so it easily understands the feelings deeply.

16) All the emotions are already present in the brain at the human birth.

At the time of human birth, emotions like happy, sad, etc. are present in the brain and only evolve at the time of its moments. Which means that emotions are also thoughts and it creates the feeling.

17) Brain Hormones are responsible for triggering feelings. 

Some hormones like Serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, etc often affects emotions and feelings. 

18) Laughing requires activity in five different areas of the brain.

According to the study, It’s not an easy task to laugh because laughing also requires several activities in five distinct areas of the Human Brain.

19) Some of the studies depict that the Human brain is usually more active while dreaming than when it is awakened.

The whole brain is active during the dreams. Even the brain is more focused and active at particular things during the sleep. 

It has been observed that many people brains are more active during the dream than the awaken mode. 

20) The brain is not arranged at birth permanently.

This is the common thing that the Human brain is not at all arranged at the birth time but it is trained in the way when a child grows. 

As you know that poor memory is considered as the Untrained Mind. And good memory is the outcome of a trained Mind. 

21) Human Brain is Greedy. 

The brain is really greedy. It always wants more, not the money but the information/thoughts. That’s the basic reason for people’s curiosity of knowing something whether positive/negative. 

So, we say that the mind needs to be controlled. As it always acts as a monkey. It goes from here to there in the tiniest part of a second.

22) The brain has different circuits.

Reading aloud uses some different circuits than reading silently. For example, A circuit like neural circuit – it is a population of neurons which is interconnected by the synapses to carry out a specific kind of function when activated.

23) Awaken Human Brain can power a small bulb.

This is true that the human brain itself produces enough electricity to power a small bulb. Because of the 100 billion microscopic brain cells, which are called a neuron and can produce some kind of electrical signal to power a small light bulb.

24) The brain has more cells type than any other tissue in our body.

There are many tissues in the human body but only the brain contains the most number of different cells type.

25) Every Brain activity is as unique as fingerprints.

The study says that our brain activities are unique as our fingerprints and are never the same as other. No two different individual brain activity can be exactly the same because no two different individuals fingerprint never match.

26) You actually do use your most of your brain, most of the time.

As it has been misunderstood that average brain uses only the 10 percent of it. But according to the recent study’s it has been found that every brain uses its almost full ideas/energy for anything.

27) The Brain itself can’t feel pain.

There are no pain receptors in the brain itself. But the coverings around the brain, bones, and scalp all have the pain receptors.

 Now, the surgery can be done on the brain and technically the brain does not feel the pain itself.

The brain is the tool that we use to detect pain. 

28) In your brain, headaches are not only caused by the negative thinking/stress.

The reasons for Headaches are caused by a chemical reaction which is combined with the muscles and nerves of the neck and Head.

29) The human brain gets older as we get older. And this usually happens after the middle age of a person.

Normally the human brain is the part of the body so when the body gets older than the Human brain also get older. But the thoughts are always the same as it is. 

30) Chocolate increases the brain waves.

It has been found in the study that, the smell of the chocolate increases the theta brain waves that trigger relaxation.

31) Long-term constantly uses of mobile phones is also not good for the brain.

It’s really not good to use mobile phones for the long times because of the radiation and it is also linked to the risk of tumors. 

32) Half Surgical won’t affect too much to the brain memory.

Now the surgical removal of the Human Brain is possible with the little or no effect on personality and memory.

33) Physical Exercise is important for the brain.

As the physical exercise is important for the body so it is also very much important for the brain to be mentally fit. 

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