Commitment is the way to success

Commitment is the way to success

Without commitment, nothing happens. If you are not committed you are not going to make it. Commitment brings a good discipline in you, which helps you indirectly to achieve the goals and targets in your life.

  • Good Discipline will make you stronger.
  • Good Discipline will make you more focused on your task.

Discipline means working in the right way at the right time for the right work.

Work hard in silence, let your success be your Noise.

– Frank Ocean

Two things to deal with – Reason and Results

What is the reason for your commitment and what will be its outcome? This question must be answered to you.

If you know that why actually you are committing something and what will be its result for you in the future, then it means that you know your way.

Before making a commitment to yourself ask why and What? about the thing, you are going to commit.

Write your reasons. 

After questioning the why and What, you must be prepared for it. Which means that your answers should be ready with you.

Now write down that reasons for your commitment and repeat it by speaking in every two hours in your mind.

By repeating and writing the reasons will clear your all doubts which might be stopping you from achieving your goals and targets.

As you know that Doubt creates a new doubt. So, its always better to clear the first doubt to not deal with the second doubt in the future.

Fully commit to excellent.

You can’t simply commit today and forget the rest tomorrow. You have to fully commit yourself to the excellence. Hereby, excellence means the natural power which exists in this whole universe.

For example, when you choose to say something to the supreme power your heart and soul never lies. And that’s the key here.

When you say the right things to the existence, you actually get the right signal either directly or indirectly from it.

So, you must commit yourself fully to the excellent. When you are fully committed to something then definitely you will see its effect, maybe by now or later.

Set your mind to targets and crush it.

After committing to yourself, about the things you wish to get or achieve, set your mind to the targets. Make a goal and try not to change it.

Then crush on it. Which means forget the rest and just focus on your goals and targets and stick to it until you are done.

You can only set your mind with the right and positive thinking for achieving your goals. And for this, you must have control within you.

You can check out this post as mentioned: How to control Mind

Don’t distract yourself on other stuff which is not going to contribute anything towards your goals. Be focused like a laser beam at your targets.

Awaken the self inside.

Without self-understanding, commitment is not always worthwhile. Your commitment is your own words or a bunch of words.

And if you don’t pay attention to your words then definitely your commitment will not be fruitful. So, you must be always self-awakened.

Self-awakened means that you are aware of your commitments. You are wise to judge what is good and what is bad for you regarding your goals.

If you are committed internally then no one can stop you to achieve or succeed in your life.

So try always to be alert about the stuff that is going inside your head most of the time. And that is the only real things which mean a lot.

Naturally, whatever you speak internally most of the time, You become or do the same Externally. Nothing else other than it.

Stick with the Truth, No matter what.

What is the truth? Well, here, the truth for your commitment is the reality. And the reality is that whenever you try to do something hard and smart, then those things are definitely going to happen.

No matter what! , Maybe right now or later in your life but when you are stick to the truth itself, you guarantee your success by hundred percent.

Commitment is not only the words you take it like the oath but it is in the form of the reality of the future in the present within you.

It takes time, and you must know how to invest time not to waste.

The Bottom Line

A committed person is an empowered Person. A committed person is a Valued Person.

Wishing for something is not enough. if you don’t commit now, it means that you actually don’t want your wishes to get converted into reality.

Commitment won’t ask your interest or it won’t say whether you like the things or not. Because in the way to achieve your goals and ambitions there are always going to be sometimes that you may not be interested in doing.

So, it doesn’t mean to leave the dream as a dream or leave the aim. No! Not at all.

The commitment will take you to the ultimatum –  Success.

If you are committed, then only you will see the outcomes.

Finally, I want to say that your one commitment can change your whole life, once you are stick to it and keep an attitude of  Never Give Up  until you reach your destination. 

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