Qualities of a good leader

 A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. 

– John C. Maxwell,

Read in this post the 21 good qualities of a leader which separates a simple leader from a good leader. Know here everything in a detailed and easy way to adopt a good leadership quality.

Start Now reading from number one to number twenty-one qualities of a good and great leader. And make a good change in your leadership quality now.

1) Courage: There should be no doubt that all the leaders are courageous. And this is the first step to be a good leader. If a person is courageous to lead the rest of his subsidiary and also can uplift the talks of others then he/she is considered as a good leader in any field like in a game, business,etc.. 

For example, you are the person who is able to talk about the benefits of your team members. And this is done by you just because you have the courage to do or say something for the sake of goodness. And being courageous is the first symbol of a leader. 

  • If you think you lack courage, then you must have faith in yourself. And the courage will be gained automatically.
  • Courage is the thing which should be developed or gained by the self-motivation. 

Even the courage is a root cause of confidence. So, you must be a courageous person if you see yourself as a good leader. 

2) Imaginary & Realistic: Whoever has the vision for the future is considered as a business leader. This is not a fact but a truth. All good leaders are visionary but when it comes to something related to business then a visionary is always said to be a leader. 

Why business! because every leader has the vision for the future but a business leader will be more accurate for a kind of imaginative or realistic thinking. A visionary take a decision on the basis of the overall structure or planning. 

What can be next?- is a common question among the leader who is absolutely a visionary. And this quality of a leader is also contributed under a good leadership. 

  • For example Steve Jobs, he was a wonderful leader and also was a wonderful visionary. 

But it does not mean that a good leader is only visionary but in addition to it they are also a realistic person. They know that what is their present condition and what can be done later on for their work. 

And if you want yourself to be counted on a good leader then you must also be a visionary as well as realistic because a good leader has to look in all perspective. In a business like – profit, loss, growth, success, products etc. 

3) A big Thinker: Apart from being courageous and a visionary, good leader is a big thinker which means that they always think high.  They do not fear to take huge challenges in their life. 

Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big Success.

– David Joseph Schwartz

All great leaders are unlimited with their thinking power. A good leader knows the power of thinking big. And they definitely follow their sayings. Thinking ahead of time is not a common thinking. A wise can only think big and make a difference in his/her life with their own thinking power. 

And in reality, each and every being is a wise and just needed one more step to be aware of it for a good leader. 

4) Helper: Every person who leads ahead and known as a good leader in a community/society or anywhere else just because of their single human nature. And that is being a Helper. You cannot find a good leader who is not helpful to others.

It’s really hard to judge any leader who is helpful to everyone. No one judge a leader who is friendly with everyone among his/her members. 

Actually, leaders are only made to help others. As a leader can show the right way to his/her followers. 

If you help others by any means/way then you are a good leader as well. Because a person can’t be a leader until and unless he/she help others in any way or forms. 

5) The creditor for the good: A good leader always gives credit to others for the good things and takes all blame for the wrongs. This is because a leader is a leader. 

A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of his credit. 

– Arnold H. Glasow

Some example like God Jesus. He was also a good and a great leader. So, every leader must follow a good leader and must learn how to give credit to others for their good works. 

Good leaders always give credit to the person who is working hard and smart to do something good. As a good leader knows that giving credit and value to the right person will boost up their confidence in them.

6) By Human Nature Humble and Honest: This is a symbol of a good leader. Every leader is not always humble or honest but only a good leader is always humble and honest. 

If any leader who lacks these two qualities in himself/herself then there is no chance of being a good leader. Because this is a big trait which is found among the good leaders only. 

All good leader treats everyone with equalities. And always remain humble and honest with his/her followers. 

Every good leader follows the policy of Honesty.

7) Learner: One who is a leader knows that he/she is a leader of a team just because he/she is a good learner. 

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

– Margaret Fuller

A good learner does not only learn through books, internet, or from a teacher but he/she learns from everyone and from everything. 

A good leader is always a good reader. In this information age, a wise and a learner can also be a good leader. Every leader values their mind and its unlimited power. And one who gives value to his/her mind also values his/her thoughts and words. 

A good leader also learns from his/her mistakes and own experiences including this they also learn a lot from their members/subsidiary/followers. 

8) Smart Communicator: A leader can be a communicator but only a good leader can be a smart communicator. Well, what does it mean?

The art of communication is the language of leaderships.

– James Humes

A smart communicator knows pretty well what to speak next and how long to speak. All good leaders masters this particular art very well. Communication is a skill which separates a good leader from a simple leader. 

A good communicator can keep his/her words properly in front of the team members or the crowd. In a leadership quality, communication skill is must to be learned. 

9) Quick Decision Maker: All good leaders are decisive, which means that they are able to take a decision quickly and effectively. Even it is said that a person who does not takes time to make decisions, knows his planning well. 

It can be easily found in good leaders that they are always taking a decision effectively because they know pretty well about their decisions completely. All its pros and cons are known to them. 

10) Self Aware: Awareness is light, this is so true and self-awareness is that light or enlightenment which glows always through the whole journey of life. 

And every good leader is self-aware. They are aware of their strengths and weakness. They know that how to keep on moving in life even facing the failures. 

11) Optimistic: This quality is not required to develop. Because if the best qualities are there in a leader then it can’t be missed. Every good leader is optimistic. 

They are always hopeful and confident about the future. Good leaders never blame for anything. They simply learn from their mistakes and always curious to correct the mistakes in the future. 

You can bet your knowledge as far as this quality is concerned. But what is to bet? 

The bet is that you cannot find a good leader who lacks this quality. Never Ever. And by chance, if you found someone then there is a no chance of him/her to be a good leader. 

Elon Musk is a great example, as he is always hopeful and confident about his future and his all planning. 

12) Inspire others: Our leaders to whom we all follow is itself an inspiration for us. Isn’t it? Everyone has their own leader irrespective of the fields where they are involved in. All types of good leaders are to be respected.

Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them.

–  John C. Maxwell

A good leader inspires his subsidiary with his works and with his talks. They always try to solve the problems of others. 

A good leader always says to his/her followers that they can also do and also make the impossible to possible. 

13) Maintain the level of Clarity: Clarity means here clearness about the things and goals/targets. All good leaders are always clear about their doings. 

They are pretty mature in their respective fields. The reason for their clarity is their self-experiences. They know about their future planning and its implementations along with its outcomes. 

A sign of a good leader is that they are always wise regarding the choices they take. From their decision-making methods of pointing out the things in a clear and easy way to the final results. And this always boosts their confidence. 

14) Innovative: As you know that innovation is also a key to success. So, a good leader is most of the time are aware of this term so-called innovation. You can find that all good leaders are most of the time busy with their works. 

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a Follower.

–  Steve Jobs

They constantly use to think about their ideas. And that’s the reason that they are always busy. This kind of leaders is mostly seen in the Tech world or Business.  A good leader is always curious about new things. 

They enjoy their works and always keep on improving and upgrading themselves even in this busiest era. 

15) Correct Risk Taker: As Mark Zuckerberg said that: “The biggest risk is not taking any risk”. And he is absolutely right. Most of the time we are afraid to take the risk but a good leader does not worry about taking a risk. 

No doubt that they are optimistic and also a correct risk taker. You might be thinking that what is a correct risk taker? As a risk is always a risk! 

  • Well, correct simply means that a risk taker is definitely aware of his/her risk. When there is awareness then there is a good chance of winning. 

So, a good leader also knows when to take a risk and when not to. For example, if you are a leader and want to swim but don’t know anything practically about it. But still, you wish and want to take a kind of risk. 

  • So, in this, there is a chance of losing your life with your single wrong risk. Before taking any kind of risk, every leader must know it well whether you are aware of the risk or not. 

That’s a reason why a good leader is always a correct risk taker. They all will know all things before they take the risk. Even in business, they will only invest when they are completely satisfied with their own decision of taking any kind of risk.

16) Authoritative: A good leader is always trusted as accurate and true with their all stuff. And this is the reason that many people follow them. 

You must create a trust among your team members to be a good leader. And trust can only be created with your true and accurate nature of being nice. 

Believe or not but this quality overlaps the rest qualities sometimes. Trust is a big thing. So, if you are a leader then you must create a good trust among your subsidiaries. 

Being authoritative is itself a big and wonderful thing. Every leader must be authoritative. 

17) Celebrate Progress: Why do people celebrate? I mean for what? You may say that for their happiness or their success and so on. And guess now that why a good leader celebrates their progress.

The answer is here – because they want their followers/members/subsidiary to be happy. It is a big difference between a good leader and simply a leader. 

A good leader knows pretty well about their subsidiary/members and so they always take care of them. They are Celebrating because of the progress their team members did which is a good thing because it motivates everyone including the leader as well, to keep on improving. 

18) Empathy: Every good leader is empathetic. Yes, this is true. They know that every being is a human being and everyone has a feeling. So they always try to understand the feelings of others.

For instance, if there is a good leader who is the head of his/her company will always support his/her co-workers. If someone who is new to his/her company and by mistake they did some mistake then a good leader will not fire them on the basis of their mistake.

But a good leader will say, its ok and take care of the things next time. Not only this, but they will also help his/her co-worker to understand the problem. And fix it with a good solution. 

Empathy simply means that having the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. 

19) A good leader is approachable: You will find this simple trait in a good leader but not in a boss. A good leader is not a boss. Because they are friendly with each member and easily approachable to every category of members. 

They are good enough for everyone either in a company or cooperative organizations and so on. They are easily accessible to every member for their help/support either online or offline. 

20) Proactive: All good leaders are proactive. They don’t blame their subsidiary or co-worker if they create by mistake any kind of situation which is not sometimes good. 

A good leader always controls the situation nicely, no matter whether the situation is worst or anything else. 

They take the responsibilities of their life and actions rather than just watching how the things happen.

21) They delegate the tasks fully: You might have heard the word delegation. Which is very common among the management leadership. But it is also a quality of a good leader who is good at delegating their tasks completely. 

All good leader knows pretty well about delegations. And they also implement this in their day-to-day organizations. 

They know how to give a work to his/her co-worker. And this is due to that all the works are usually not handled by the leader itself. So, a good leader knows better how to delegates the small task to his/her subsidiary or member of a community and keeps his working on the huge/difficult tasks. 


Actually, everyone is a leader but not each of them is a good leader. These were some of the qualities of a good leader which separates a leader from a good leader. 

So, all leader must adopt these good qualities in them to be a good leader. Because a reading is only helpful when it is implemented in one’s life otherwise a reading is considered as only a reading not learning.  The summary is mentioned below.

A good leader is always courageous and visionary. They are also a big thinker and always ready to Help others. By nature, they are humble and follows the policy of honesty.

They are a good learner and are wise to keep their words in front of others with their good communication skill and so they are also a Good Communicator.

Along with these all good qualities they are a Decision maker and also a self-aware person. As they are always hopeful and confident so they are said to an optimistic person.

As they are a good leader so are always innovative and maintained the level of their clarity even in the mess situation/conditions.

One of the good quality is that they are a trustworthy person and considered authoritative. Their followers/Subsidiary/members always get an inspiration from them.

A good leader celebrates the progress along with his/her team members or subsidiary. Even all the good leaders have these common traits or you can say qualities in them. Such quality like – Empathy and Approachable.

They know well to delegate the task and also they are proactive.

As leadership is an influence of personal power not about positional power which creates an advance progress in communities.

So, good leaders must have the common purpose in a community/corporate organizations. And all leaders must work with a transparent agenda and should have integrity within.

That’s it. These qualities are enough for anyone to be a good leader.

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