5 natural remedies for Back pain

Quick Read for Back pain, It happens due to the old age, improper lifting, excess weight, lack of exercise, and so on. It happens generally to many people at least once in life.

But there are many solutions to it. And here you will find the basic remedies which will help you to reduce the back pain instantly.

First, know the Symptoms 

  • Back Muscle pain
  • Stretching body problems
  • Unconditional pain in the spinal cord
  • Feeling uncomfortable while sitting

These are the signs of back pain. Either the upper or lower part of your back.

Remedies for Back Pain

Now read the natural solutions for it and after following the solutions your back pain will absolutely reduce to a great extent.

There are many natural ways and also the other methods to get rid of the pain easily. But if you will follow these natural methods then you will be benefitted naturally.

On the other hand, you can go to a doctor for your back pain if it exceeds the limit of pain. 

1) Sleeping straight


You know that poor sleep position can also result in back pain, Try lying out your body in the natural and straightway while sleeping.

  • And you can also do one more thing is that adjust a pillow between your knees and relax your spine in a neutral position. 

And even when you go for sleep then don’t stretch your body in any form.

  • This is the natural way to reduce your back pain instantly. Whenever you feel the pain just take a rest for minutes in a straight way.

It will give a relief from the pain. But whenever you take rest then sleep on the straight plain floor. The best way is to use a Mat and rest on it for a while.

2) Apply Ice cube


If you have tried this then you may be fully aware of it. And if you haven’t tested this then go with it. You can apply this way…

  • Take 6-7 small ice-cube 
  • Cover it with any cloth 
  • Lay down your body in the opposite direction
  • Now, slowly apply these cube and rub it softly on the back of your body
  • Do it for 6-7 minutes 

That’s it, you are done definitely your back pain will instantly reduce to some extent if not completely.  

3) Do some Exercise


If you simply want to reduce your back pain without taking any kind of medicine than this the best option for you but it would take a little more time to get rid of back pain.

Some of the exercises you can do it yourself without anyone’s help. For example 

  1. Lying on a plain floor straightly, and trying to bend your knees and giving it support with your both the hands by cross catching the knees. 
  2. Standing alongside the wall, and uplifting your legs one by one and keeping your hand forward in the straight position will definitely help you a lot. 

Actually, there are, many exercise for it and you can google it if you want more detail on this. But you must follow and do regularly some of the exercises. 

And the best thing you can do is that, stretch your body on that particular position in which you feel more comfortable. 

4) Use some Herbal remedies as well for Backache


Definitely, you can add this one in the list as well to get rid of back pain. Some of the remedies will help you out naturally to get relief from a backache.

  • Herbal Oil  

  1. Use this Oil for massaging your back. Some of the herbal oils like Eucalyptus oil, almond oil etc.
  2. Simply heat any of the Herbal oil and let it warm up a little bit and then gently massage it over the back pain areas. 
  3. After doing massage with this oil your muscles will be relaxed and relieve the back pain. 
  • Garlic

It is another way to reduce a backache. Just eat one-two cloves of garlic early in the morning in the empty stomach. 

Another thing you can do is to use garlic for massage. For doing this you can make the Garlic oil in your home just by taking the oil like Mustard oil, coconut oil, and heat it by adding 7-8 garlic cloves to it. 

Wait and fry the garlic until it becomes little brownish. Then strain it and let it cool down in the room temperature. And now just use it for massage of your back.

  • Ginger

It is also used in the treatment of back pain. You can make a ginger herbal tea and take it until your back pain won’t get cured. To make a ginger tea follow the steps…

  1. Add one and a half glass of water in your cooking pan or any utensil.
  2. Then add at least 5-6 slices of ginger to it.
  3. Boil it for 10-15 minutes. 
  4. Add half a spoon of honey to it. 
  5. Strain it and leave for a minute to get a little cooled. 
  6. Enjoy the ginger tea and take it 1-2 times a day.

These three of the home remedies will absolutely help a lot to reduce back pain. 

5) Take Warm Shower


Hot water with the temperature somewhere between 97 F to 105 F is considered as the best way to get relieved from the back pain. Whenever you take a hot water shower then you may feel good. 

But one thing which is very important to be mentioned here is that you should not take a warm water shower for more than 5-6 minutes. It will work perfect if taken shower appropriately, for your muscles, body, and overall good for your back pain.

Some of the root benefits of the warm shower are like ..

  • It helps in the circulation of Blood
  • Cleanse the skin.
  • Relieve the joint, muscles, etc pains instantly

Finally I want to say that this website is just providing the information. And if you are feeling more pain and can’t get rid of it just by doing these things mentioned above, then you must consult a doctor.

Author: Abhigyan Shivam

Founder of TrayPost Author at TrayPost

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