5 Tips on : Healthy Morning Routine

Find here some of the best Healthy morning habits for keeping your mind and body completely cool, calm and fit. So, without wasting your time check out what is inside the post.

1) Drink 2 glass of Water 

Yup! This sounds literally common to every one of us but it’s basically the most significant thing to get up early in the morning and drink water.

What !! what did you said just now? — this might be your question !! 

To drink water and even that in the early morning, with an empty stomach,

Oh no!! What the hell, is it?  

Definitely, these type of words might be striking in your head.. Your mind may ask you the very first question that way to drink water ?? What’s the matter !! 

Chill out…

Know here, what’s the advantages or simply the benefits of drinking water in empty stomach and that in the early morning ???

the answer is here……

At least 2 glass of water. Let say tomorrow you are waking up early in the morning and the day before it, you had decided to maintain your healthy life. So, this is one of the most effective habits for you.

Maybe you must be thinking that why should you drink at least 2 glass of water early in the morning, when you wake up ..  Isn’t it?

So the very reasonable reason which will help you to make a habit of drinking water is that: It will improve your digestion.

And the second reason is that water helps to re-hydrate your Body.

So, Now don’t think much more about it, but rather than just getting stuck in your thinking!  act on it. 

Here are the ways, which will help you out to make a new good habit.

  • First of all Know genuinely, that what’s the advantages of drinking water, early in the morning when you will wake up
  • Make an instant right decision for instant action
  • Then follow your decision, 
  • And check the outcomes

And gradually you will get into the habit of drinking water daily early in the morning.

In Addition: Wash your mouth with clean and fresh water twice or thrice.

2) Green Tea is an alternative

If you wish to feel well when you just wake up and you want to be full of energies inside you, then it’s a better choice to make a green tea, and take it before your breakfast.

Green Tea will always keep your mind and body relaxed and active.

3) Enjoy the fresh air

When you just wake up early in the morning, then you must open your room’s window to get fresh air. The feeling of the moment will be really valuable for your body and your mind. Get the fresh oxygen and breathe like a yogi. 

Morning air is far better than a day or evening one.. completely Pollution free. And always remember one thing that artificial things can never overlap the natural things and nature. 

I think, You also like this — Go Green and live naturally.

If you think this way, then comment me in the comment section about your own opinion regarding this !!

(I am waiting to know from you..)

4) Listen to your best music or tune

It’s not that much satisfactory saying, because everyone won’t enjoy tune or music early in the morning but I am talking about the free music or pleasant tunes. 

You can set it as your alarm tone or in your music system, that’s all up to you. This will help you to make a little shift in your mood. If you feel fine then it’s not required but if you are feeling something which is engulfing your mind than listen something pleasant that would change your mood. 

And it will help your mind to be completely tension free.

5) Work Physically

If you don’t like doing any kind of exercise early in the morning or you have no time for it, so in this case, you can work physically and stay fit.

Here the physical works are like making your bed and cleaning your room, and so on. This way you will do some physical work and you will also save your time.

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