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Traypost.com was created and founded by Abhigyan Shivam. It is live on the internet since April 2018, and still on its way. 

Traypost is a digital media website

about Tech, Business, Lifestyle, Health & Fitness, Blogging Tips, Science, Motivation and Facts.

 Traypost works to increase and improve the quality of Human Life by providing its writing services through the Internet.

As we follow a simple policy and that is of Honesty. So, we maintain the level of our blog’s. It is completely a new blog’s website which is improving its quality and quantity day by day.

Right information with a valid point of perspective. We also deal with the How to’s .. And WordPress solutions. 


Boy Behind Traypost.com !! 

You have just clicked on the “About Page” of this blog website. so, you are honorably welcome to know the genuine and short reason behind this website…

    Short Intro

Abhigyan Shivam
Abhigyan Shivam


Name: Abhigyan Shivam

Location: India

(Blogger & Writer)




I don’t think anybody should be interested in knowing more about me, so I m trying my best to compress this  ” About Page “ small and short. This would be enough to know about the detail of the boy who is behind traypost.com. But the story is still left …

When I was in class 8, Once I was introduced to the term blog from Google. It took me more than 10-15 working days to really know about the blog or website. But I managed to learn and tried my few experiments with Blogger.com during those days.

Now we are on its way to improve day by day…

Furthermore, you have shown a great interest in glancing at this “About Page” from the top to the bottom of it, which would have no use for you. But you really desired to know something about us in detail. We appreciate your reading.

 Thank You for your visit

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