Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof IPX7

Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof IPX7,

Wireless Earbuds Sport,

Richer Bass HiFi Stereo In-Ear Earphones w/Mic,

Case, 7-9 Hrs Playback Noise Cancelling Headsets (Comfy & Fast Pairing) 

Price: $ 19.97



Bluetooth Standard: V4.1

Wireless Profile: Headset, Handsfree, A2DP, AVRCP

Operating Range: 10m (33ft)

Standby Time: 220hrs

Charging Time: 1.5hrs

Talk /Playing Time: 7hrs

Charging Voltage: DC 5V

Battery Capacity: 100mAh/3.7V

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Ideas which will boost 100% to your business

The way you look at the core of new businesses startups is awesome and to be honest with my writing I can say that you will enjoy reading this business management post. And you will learn new ideas which will help you and your business to grow rapidly. 

Life as a wonderful Journey

Short-Intro before Proceeding

Everyone wonders about the life. No one is well-expert to explore their life journey without experiencing and witnessing it. The journey starts with a birth of a child and ends as he/she vanishes from this beautiful planet Earth.

10 Real Ways To be Healthy

10 Points on: Health & Fitness

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6 Points on : How To Build Your New Business

Summarizing the most fundamental concepts of business and startup in only six brief points. And the basic reasons behind the failure of any new business or startups.

If you work according to these six fundamental principles, then your business will grow rapidly and will sustain for the long-term with maximum profit.

1) Work For Customer

Focus on your solution that your customer required from your business. And understand the need of your customer with full intention to help them in the best way.

Business is all about sharing something at a market level. It means that whenever you start any new business or any startups you simply share the things which you possess and receive something in return. Isn’t it?

Now come to the point that, who is important in your business? Ask this question with yourself. You or your customers. Definitely, the answer would be – ” Both” You and your customer as well. But who is more important? Now the answer would be – Your Customer.

But why your customer is important in your business. Simply because they will only buy your things or take your service which you will provide. So, if your customer is significant for your business then, can you do one more thing to enhance your business in the more flexible way.

“Just treat your customer as a King” I mean you just need to understand the requirements that your customer needs. And you need to even value it so that they can satisfy with your product or your service which you provide.

You must take care of your customer regarding their …

  • Profit
  • Growth
  • Revenue
  • Turn Over
  • Cash Flow
  • Discount

After planning and implementing the right strategy, you will able see a huge difference in your business.

Always think that how your business can help your customer. Even sometimes any customer complains about your product then don’t get frustrated about it but rather than taking any kind of tension, be happy.

As “Complain is considered as a Gift”, you just need to catch it. And improve your business instantly.

2) The positive flow of Cash is Required

A cheque in hand means nothing, by the way, profit is important but cash is also important.

In your business, cash is very important. It’s better if you are earning a profit from your business but if your customer delays to pay for your service or your product then it means that you are not an exact business person.

The flow of cash, or in another word constant transaction of money is very important. Don’t delay to get paid back from your customer, Either take in advance or take at the point when you provide your service or product.

Know the reason behind this, that why I am asking you to maintain the cash flow in your business. By the way, if sometimes your customer delay to pay you and it happens in huge range then your business will stop growing. Because it will lack money.

In any business money plays a crucial role, If you won’t earn a profit at the beginning of your new startups or business then its normal but never compromise with your loss in it. If you are losing money constantly then there is a no chance of growth of your new business or startup.

3) Don’t Neglect the Margin Point

If you are thinking that you will acquire the market, and sell your product at the cheapest price then let me inform you something about the margin. First of all, try to understand the margin point of your business, don’t simply start giving a huge discount at the beginning of your business startup.

If you do such act, then it means that you are not prepared fully for your new startup or new business. And I am writing something here for you if you just don’t bother about the margin point of your new business .” If you don’t know that how your business will earn a profit than you are just gambling with it” So, never compromise with the margin.

Recommendation – Prepare at the very beginning of all – your business budget, and wait for the momentum of your new startup or new business.

And if you won’t prepare at the first then you will suffer to repair it for the rest of time.

4) Build a High-Performance Team

If you are working alone at the beginning of your new startup, because of some financial or any reason, is not considered as bad but once your new business or startup is raised to the high level then you can’t just handle it all alone. You will need to build a high intelligence team.

While you hire a new employee for your business you need to keep in mind these things.

An employee must have…

  • High Will, to work in your business or in your new startup
  • High Skill, to improve your business
  • High Potential, to constantly bring the best outputs

Manpower plays a crucial role in the growth of any business or startup. So, pay attention to these all during your new startup or new business. And one more thing adding here, Let your employee work independently. Don’t give any kind of pressure. Just suggest them on the improvement of business.

5) Improve together with Your Customer

Don’t just enhance your business which is not based on customer satisfaction. As I have stated earlier that your customer is your everything for the sake of your growth. So, maintain the regularity between them.

If you are getting a more new customer than it’s a good news but you must also take care of your previous customer who has joined your business or startup. Always keep in mind that customer retention is much more important than getting a new customer.

So, if your business is improving then your all old and new customer must also satisfy with your work. Don’t forget to give them offers. It’s the best point to keep your customer for long-term altogether. You can understand why the Amazon company is so big today. Just because they know how to keep happy to their all customers. Even by doing this it will generate you recurring revenue also.

6) Never Delay in releasing your product

Last comers are less rewarded. Yup! This is seriously true for your new business. If you are making any new product and you delay to release it in the market than what will happen, do you know? Oh my God !! You will lose the chance to sell it at a huge level.

You will lose your customer, as they will run away to your competitor. And by the way, if these things even happen in your new business then it’s hard to say that your business will improve.

Is it confusing you, chill! It simply means that you must not do late to upgrade your market product and never ever delay to make it available for the market. If you do such mistake then you will only be left blank handed.

Then you will only shout for your product to get it sold.  you will have to suffer !! OK let me tell what will be the exact problem.

You will have to give.

  • Discount to get your product sold
  • Deal with the margin
  • create any kind of stuff scheme

So, if you don’t want these things should be the barrier to your business then never ever delay to release and dispatch your product. Follow Time Management strictly.

Change your thoughts, change your Life

If you master this principle, you will able to manifest your Life with your thoughts.

You are your thoughts. Nothing Else !! 

What this life is made of? Does your answer is this–made of the materialistic world. Is it your answer !! Well said, but you need to focus more on it to explore it with the right consciousness.

In other words, our so-called real world is our thoughts. So, here just be ready to change your thoughts to change your circumstances. 

Think Positively

What do you think about this when the most of the people asked you to be positive. I mean, they might aspect the positive energy from you, and tell me one thing what’s your opinion regarding this!

Anyway !! 

Let’s take an example, you are working somewhere, it might be your company. And your boss asks you to do something great or new thing for the company so that the company where you are working can improve. in this case, what would you think??

Seriously Tell me … Don’t just run away from this point of view, Here you got to know something in deep.. if you just wanna proceed reading.

Definitely, you will have to be always positive minded human being to keep on growing and improving in any field. Isn’t it? By the way, if you just thought of something in the above-mentioned case, anything against the company, then what could be the final outcome of it? It’s almost sure that the outcome will be negative.

And if you are Constantly thinking something positive and you are taking the actions on the basis of your thinking. Than absolutely your result will be positive. 

From this small example, you can understand how the positive and negative thoughts effects in our day-to-day life.

With just a single example, your mind would create a situation where you will stick that.

  • What to do and what not to do? 
  • How to think positive always?
  • Whether it works or not? 

Don’t worry its normal, these kinds of question are normal. Now come to the point that who is stopping you to think positive. Who the hell is that ??? Is it you yourself? Might be. Understand one thing carefully here, dear ladies and gentleman that ” You are yourself the biggest Enemy and You are yourself the best Friend” 

And the time is Now >> To change and become the witness of your change.

The things you can perform to change your thinking are mentioned here,

  1. When you Wake up, shout quietly –” I am a good and a  genuine person”, All things work in my opinion. 
  2. Read some good affirmations or quote
  3. Apply it instantly and see the output
  4. Constantly make a habit to be positive by thinking positively

Believe is the root Cause of Everything

You want to change. Isn’t it. But you are not able to implement the methods or in other words, you are not really able to do what you wish for. Kindly speaking, your Believe system is the root cause of your thoughts. Until and unless you won’t correct it, the result will never be fruitful.

Believing is one thing and to keep it like any addiction is another thing. You are witnessing each and every action of your life but you are stuck at somewhere !! You need to just change your belief system if it is against your reality.

Change it now… Your belief is the reason that you are somewhere in the best position of your life or you are somewhere in the worst position. It’s not you, but it’s your belief system in you, which is “Making You and Breaking You “

There are so many different kinds of person in this world and each and every one of them had some belief in themselves.

Some have a positive belief system which is good enough to make them something great and in other hands, some had the belief of negativity, which engulfs their whole journey of life.

You can see the difference here in the positive and negative belief system…

Now, you can do these things to change it enormously.

  • Create a great belief in you, which would help you to level up
  • Keep a good and positive belief regarding your actions
  • Your higher thinking will lead to the higher belief system in you 

Re-Programme Yourself

Your Mind is like CPU and works more effectively than any CPU.  What do you think does it need to be re-programmed or refreshed in case if it is hanged?.

Isn’t it necessary? Yes, it is. 

So, In order to change your thoughts to change your life, you have to re-programme your own mind. What here re-programming of mind means? This may be your question. So, let me answer you this in brief…

Actually, you are not you, but it’s your mind, as your mind understands the meaning of the words written over here. So, physically you are reading this post but it’s your mind which helps you to understand the things. 

If your mindset is set by default than it seems to be well but if your thoughts are not positive and your direction of thinking is negative then you need to refresh it. Chill I am telling you to do a refreshment of your thinking pattern but I am simply asking you to change the way you look the world, or in another language – Change your perspective.

To do this…

  • Examine your weak Point, to delete your negative beliefs.
  • Recollect the information from your thoughts, to ensure that your thinking is valid or not.
  • Replace the negative one by positive one.
  • If it is worse than make it good, Means here that change the worst to Best.
  • Stop making your mind complicated, Maintain the simplicity of your thoughts.
  • Regular positivity will lead to the refreshment or re-programmed of your mind in the good direction.

Thoughts are like Codes

As you know that your mind is your application or tool through which you implement everything in your life. It may be related to anything like success, money, peace, soon.

You know it better, that your mind is your tool and the codes are its thoughts inside it. Isn’t it? Well, if you have got this point, then can we move forward? If yes then stay tuned.

Now, it’s all up to you that how will you code your mind. It might be in a positive way or in a negative way, it’s your choice. But most of the intelligent people use to code it using the positive vision. And the mind works in the same direction as the code is coded. 

Here, “code is coded means indirectly that Thoughts are loaded”

Don’t be in doubt just by reading this all stuff !! You simply need to implement this now and see a change in you. First of all, simplify the design of your thoughts pattern. I mean don’t just live in any kind of confusion. Make each and everything clear. When the things are clear that its visibility is much better. 

Once you are clear with your ideas, take some decisions and stick with your decisions. This can be done in less than one minute. Do it immediately. Now sit quietly and glance at your codes– “Thoughts”. And make the changes as you wish to witness it. 

At last, I want to say that whatever you think, you act in the same way. And the truth of this is that your action is completely related to your outcomes. So, Think Wisely and Positively.