How to Buy Bitcoin

Before starting anything about how to buy bitcoin, definitely, you must know that what is bitcoin. In this post, you will come to know about bitcoin in the simplest way and the best way to buy it. After having some good idea about it, you need to verify it. How will you do that? that’s a Good question! For verification…Just check the reviews and history of bitcoin. The first question which must arise in your head about bitcoin is that “What is Bitcoin” And by the way, your mind is now focused on it.

“Bitcoin is a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generations of units of currency and verify the transfer funds, and it is also a  worldwide payment system.”Now, you got the point that what is Bitcoin and you may be waiting for the information about the process of buying it. So continue reading…

Steps for buying a Bitcoin Online

 It is one of the easiest ways to buy a bitcoin online, Visit the site

1)Purchase your Bitcoin and input your Bitcoin Address in your Bitcoin Wallet

You can buy instantly using your credit card. It is also one of the best online platforms for buying Bitcoin. As you have visited the website mentioned above. You need to enter the number of Bitcoins you want to purchase. 

Now you need to mention your Bitcoin-specific address where your purchased coin will be sent. After all, you will need a Bitcoin Wallet to this all. 

Actually, Bitcoin Wallet is a free Wallet and you can create your Wallet if you haven’t created any one yet. Just download the Bitcoin Wallet for free. And then you need to copy the bitcoin address and paste it in the address field in the Bitcoin Wallet. 

2)Fill up your Billing information

Once you have purchased your bitcoin, you need to input your billing info into Simplex checkout form.  Don’t get confused by knowing about Simplex. Chill !! Its nothing new, as Bitcoin has partnered with Simplex to make easy to buy Bitcoin using a credit card online. It is the Simplest and secured way to buy Bitcoin Core Online with a credit card.

Buy Bitcoin on an Exchange

You want to buy and sell Bitcoins online than there is another effective way to do this, and that is Buying Bitcoin on an Exchange. It is an online Marketplace which offers you to choose your exchange on your country of residence and your desired purchased currency. Here are the steps to buy Bitcoin on an Exchange

1)Choose your Exchange  

You can choose the exchange according to your country of residence and once you have chosen you will need to wait for the approval from the list of Bitcoin Exchange.

Bitcoin will check and give you information about your country residence eligibility. If it is eligible than it will ask you to proceed the next step. 

2)Setup your Account on an Exchange

You will now need to set up an account for Bitcoin Exchange and it will be an easy process but requires so much of identifications in many different ways.

3) Connect your Bank Account with Exchange Account

Connecting your bank account means that you need to add it to your exchange account so that you will be able to pay money through it and will be able to get money deposited in your bank.

4) Now Purchase your Bitcoin

After connecting your bank account to your exchange account, you will be able to buy Bitcoins. So again you need to do the same steps as mentioned at the top of this post. Just choose the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy and enter your Bitcoin address than confirm the purchase.

The last thing which you need to do is to wait for your purchase Bitcoin to get reached to your Bitcoin Wallet. 

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