How to control Mind


Either You Control your Mind or your Mind will Control You.

Either You give Order to your Mind or let your mind give you Order.

Control Mind means that you are in peace of Mind. Actually, the mind is either controlled for any purpose or just for living in peace. The purpose could be anything like achieving your goals and to just remain focused at your targets and so on.

Know here, How you can control your own Mind!! 

1) Sit Quite and analyze your thoughts

The truth about the mind is that it’s extremely powerful. It’s only the single thing which gives the power to understand and think deeply and on the other hand Mind is only the tool which sometimes does not let you do anything.

And we call it the untrained Mind

  • Your mind will either make you or break you.
  • The choice is completely yours.

First understand one thing very clearly that its like nonsense to say that anyone wants to control his/her mind. My question to you is that why you want to control your mind, I mean for what??

You may have some problem with your mind like it sometimes distract you from your goal. Isn’t it? Yes, It might. But this is not a problem actually.

Whenever you feel that you are in control of your mind do these things…

  • Sit Down quietly for at least 5-7 minutes. 
  • Let your all kinds of thoughts uplift in your head and at that moment you simply sit down quietly. 
  • Now, analyze your thoughts without being involved in it. I mean here, that just look your all thoughts as a third person observer.
  • Let your thoughts flow easily. And then being a third person, you have to understand it deeply.
  • Now, after a minute, you will feel that you are not your mind but you are something else out of it. 
  • Just keep quite externally as well as internally. 
  • The moment you will understand the flow of your thoughts, it means that you are now controlling your mind. 
  • Practice it weekly if not possible daily. 

After practicing these steps for 5-6 times,  you will find that you are no more in the control of your mind but you will become the master of your mind. 

By following this simple practice you can easily catch your mind’s patterns and behaviors of thinking.

Actually, at that moment, you are not controlling your mind but just trying to understand it deeply. The reality is that mind can never be controlled but can be understood. 

Here controlling mind means that you are trying your best to understand your whole thought process and once a person understands his/her mind’s thought process and activities, the mind is no more dangerous to him/her. 

Remember that The mind is a dangerous Enemy and a Best Friend

It’s you and your choice. If you choose to be friendly with your mind, definitely you will realize that there is no best friend like it in the world. 

But the question is How to be friendly with your own Mind? Well, if you understand your mind thoroughly it means you are friendly to it. 

2) Respect your worthy Mind

To control anything in this universe is the hardest thing to do. But there is always a way to everything. So, here we will be discussing the right way to treat Mind. 

In reality, no one has the power to control completely to anything but one can show his/her wiseness to get work done by something or somebody with just simply giving respect to it. 

One more thing I want to add that, if you even respect your enemy you will be definitely benefited somehow. But you have to know the exact ways to respect and treat.

Well, we should never focus on something called negativity otherwise it would expand. So, try your best to make a friend to everything or to everyone, whatsoever exist in this Universe.

  • Make your mind your best friend.
  • Give yourself Respect. And give more priority to your mind as well. 

You must be not aware of it but your mind is much more powerful than you think of it. Well, this not a case here but I would like to say that you should learn the ways to respect your mind. 

Your mind is the only thing which always helps you, Isn’t it right? Understand that your mind is Worthy as well. 

Now come to the point that what will happen, if you will start respecting your mind.

  • First of all,- you will feel more relaxed in all situations. 
  • Second,-  You will become wiser. 
  • Third, – Your thinking power will expand.

And there are so many benefits of respecting your mind. And the first way to show or give respect to your own mind is to Understand that your Mind is Worthy.

3) Learn to Train your Mind

When you see your mind as a tool to use, then what is the first question comes in your Head? Everyone is learning for earning but only a few are giving time to train their own Mind. 

  • As in the above sub-topics you have understood that You are not Mind but you are only You separated from your own Mind. 
  • So, it is mentioned previously that you must Observe your own mind. 

Before observing your own mind, you must focus on its training. How do you like to teach your own Mind? 

Yes, Ask a question with yourself that how you are going to train your own mind so that your mind should listen to you without any questions. 


Well, if you think that you can teach your mind the ways that how to be operated then you can simply enjoy your life without any problem related to distraction or stress. 

  1. Training your own mind means that teaching your mind to listen to you. 
  2. The mind is a great servant if you know how to treat it or on the other hand, Mind is a great boss if you let it do whatever it wished for.

But to train your mind in the way you want it,  you will have to learn first something of it. First, know the right way and then start giving your lessons to your own mind.

Before starting to train your mind, Get the right idea about Conscious, Sub-Conscious and unconscious Mind.

And the simplest way to train your mind is to create a good Habit for your mind. For example, if you don’t want to get distracted from your work and at that moment your mind is attracting at something else which ultimately creating a distraction in your work.

Then simply, create a habit for your mind to not get distracted. You can do it by speaking to your own mind that: Hey!! Mind, wait.. Where are you focussing on! Now the time is for work, so stay connected here until and unless the work won’t get finished. 

For the right training, you must speak the right words and thoughts to your Mind. And then see a difference between an untrained and trained Mind.

Coding and decoding is the perfect way to explain the trained and untrained Facts of Mind. So, better to code your mind in a right way with the right codes. 

Here the Codes means  –  words and the thoughts.

4) Give Greed to your own mind 

Sometimes take out your time and just try to analyze your own mind activities. You will definitely see a bad habit of it. Yes!! The mind is a greedy boss or a servant. that’s the truth. 

The mind is greedy in the sense for its happiness, enjoyment and so on. A mind doesn’t want to work hard. The mind doesn’t want to be in peace from internally. It always wants a reason for doing something which ultimately wastes the precious time. 

So, we are trying to catch it, in one word it can be said that Mind is a Monkey.

Until and unless you won’t train it.

But if You want to know that how the mind is greedy? Well. The answer is here,: Mind shows its greediness from its vulgar activities. The activities like wanting more even after having too much, disturbing the self, getting distracted and so on. 

Don’t get me wrong, actually, this is not always true but there are many examples through which you can understand that How the mind is wiser and even greedy too.

We are here, to deal with the solution of it… So, the best and the easiest solution that you can apply with your own mind is that by giving it some kind of greed or showing it some fantasy.  

  • Give greed for not getting distracted when you want to just focus on your works.
  • Explain the advantages of your present work to your own mind. 
  • Create an interest for it.
  • Show some of the fantasy to get work done easily without any kind of disturbance or distractions. 

These are the real ways to give greed in an informal way to your own mind. So, that your mind could listen to you.

5) Meditate Daily

What is a meditation? And what is the link between mind control and meditation? These two primary question is reasonable here to be explained. 

Well, you know that meditation is the process through which any human mind can attain peace. So, it is also recommended to do meditate daily.

In the beginning, it will be difficult but later on, as you will force to sit and continue doing meditation then the day will not be far when your mind will automatically ask the body to sit quietly for meditation. 

  • Meditation is directly connected with Mind. So, do it for peace of mind. 
  • Meditation can help you to observe your thoughts clearly.

Once you will be able to observe your thoughts clearly then you can also control your flow of thoughts easily.

6) Use your intelligence 

You and your mind are not the same. So, you must use your intelligence to control your own mind. Actually, the human mind tends to be so cunning and to give it an order is the toughest work. 

But when you will use your intelligence then your mind will be your servant. What intelligence means here? 

  • Intelligence means here, that your thinking ability with the right facts and information is available to you. For an instance, your mind wants to play with you…

like sometimes your mind wants you to go inside the river without having the practical idea of swimming. Then this is just your mind intentions for its pleasurable moments in the water. Nothing else. 

But in reality, you know that you are not a good swimmer so you don’t want to jump into the ocean or a huge river as it is a danger for you.

Now, what saves you from not taking a wrong decision? The answer is that it is your intelligence, which comes between you and your mind. It has some of the experiences or the ideas. 

So, on this basis, you are saved from the danger. Isn’t it? 

 Well, this was only possible due to your intelligence power. Is it Right!! 

After having the idea and intelligence power, you saved yourself from a dangerous situation. In a similar way, you must use your intelligence to control your mind. 

Your intelligence has no connection with the untrained mind. But intellectual or the intelligence is the root cause of Trained Mind. 


Now you can easily control your mind. But there is nothing like controlling your mind in this universe. I had made this topic to just spread the right understanding regarding the control of Mind. 

So, summarizing here all the steps once again..

  1. Sit Quite and Analyze your Mind thinking pattern and thoughts.
  2. Respect the Worthy Mind and its Power. As it is a gift to all human being, so never ever underestimate its power.
  3. Trained minds are far better than untrained ones. So, focus on its training not on controlling.
  4. Present huge benefits for your mind before asking anything from its thought power. 
  5. Observe your thoughts using meditation techniques.
  6. Let your intelligence be the superior to your mind games. 

Once you will practice these all steps then you will never feel anything like to control your mind. You will just enjoy the pleasurable moment in every second of your life.

Finally, if you think that this particular article has helped you, so don’t forget to like, share and comment on it. 

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