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Everything you must know about affiliate marketing with Amazon. Here, you will learn how to get the code of the products and display ads on your website. Even I have discussed the whole process to earn money from Amazon affiliate Associate.

What really makes money for any website is the most precious secrets which are even not known to many of the bloggers yet. Anyway, In this whole post, I am going to give you the exact information with step by step to earn money from your website using Amazon affiliate marketing program.

First of all, I want to introduce to you that what actually the affiliate marketing is?

In simple language, you can understand that the affiliate marketing is an arrangement or a process through which the companies are providing their ads to the bloggers or website builder to promote their products.

There are so many affiliate programs which are available on the internet but the most common one is the Amazon Associate. As its one of the biggest online marketplace. So, here in this particular post, I am going to give you the complete instruction on Amazon affiliate marketing and all the process through which you can do it for your website.

First You need to have your own Website

Well, you might be aware of it that you need a website to affiliate the products from affiliate marketing programs. So, if you have your website and it is ready for all then proceed with this affiliate marketing.

And by way the if you don’t have your own website then you need to first create your website and host it and then only you will be able to earn money. Here I assumed that you have your website which is established.

Make some post and get traffic

If you have your website and you are having numbers of traffic on your website then it’s absolutely a time saver. But if you are new and just started your website very recently then I would like to recommend you to first make some post on your website and get some traffic on it and then only continue with this.

You must have the minimum number of 500 visitors monthly to your website, to seriously earn something from your blog or your website. Understand here why it is more important to have traffic before linking your products with your affiliate programs. It is necessary to get purchased the product from the number of visitors to your website.

Now think, if you won’t have at least 500 visitors monthly then how will your website or blog earn a commission from the products which you are going to promote. So, at the very first you will have to work for your traffic. Once you are having the traffic, you just need to sign up for affiliate programs such as Amazon associates which are the most trusted marketplace nowadays.

Create an account on

If you are very new to this all then wait for a moment to grab the ideas of creating an account on Amazon. Well, here I assumed you that you have an account on Amazon, as most of you may also buy some product from Amazon and you might have your account over their if it is then this is going to be more easy for you.

Connect your Account with Amazon Associates.

After creating an account on Amazon. visit here:  Amazon Affiliate Programscreenshot-161.png

You can sign in with your e-mail address and password. This is how exactly the sign in page looks like. Once you have entered your correct email and password you will be directed to the next page.

And one thing which must be cleared here that for joining amazon associate program is completely free. So, proceed on.

You will have to deal with three steps while creating an Amazon associate account.

  • Account Information

In this, you will be asked to put the information about your account, Payee Name, and your current location address.

  • Website And Mobile App List

In this, you will need to give the URL of your website or the blog and even the app. Be sure that you are providing them with the right pieces of information. Actually, these website or blog URL will promote their product links. So, be accurate with it.

  • Profile

In this section, you have to create a new Amazon store Id, which is so simple as it can be the name of your blog or website. And in this section, you will have to also provide the description of your website. Fill up the rest options of categories.

After these all, you will have the access to start using this with associate central. Login and proceed. Once you will open your amazon associate account it will look like this.

Screenshot (163)

As you can see here in the picture that there are the search bar and the status display. In the search bar, you are free to search for any product which you want to link or in another word to promote it on your website.

And the status is about the earning that how much your website has earned through selling the product which you have promoted. Even the number of the clicks are also visible on the Status Display.

Choose Correct Locations

While you will sign up for Amazon Associate, you will be asked for the location or in another word the place to sell the products from Amazon. There are different types of links for different countries. So, here you have to understand that from which country your visitors are coming to your website.

As your visitors will only buy the product which you will show it on your website. Isn’t it? Then you need to focus on a particular country for your affiliate marketing. Don’t think so much about it. But in the beginning, you must sign up using the country from where your visitors are reaching your website.

But after realizing that your visitors are not from a particular country but from many countries like USA, Japan, India and so on. Then you must sign up for all the countries.

You will only be paid commission through the right country locations, which sell the products. Understand it in more detail that if your visitors are from the USA and you have signed up the Amazon Associate for some other country like Japan, then whenever your visitors will come to your website and will buy any product from your link then you will not get the commission. 

For that, you will have to sign up for different countries.

so here carefully choose the location.

Search for any Product

As stated earlier about the search bar, you need to use it now. Simply search the products for which you want to do any kind of review or you may wish to link the product to your website pages or posts. For example, you are writing a post about health and fitness than in this search bar you must search for some products which must be related to your posts.

There are so many options available to do a search for you in an easy way. And even the suggestions are always provided from the Amazon. If you don’t want to search the products by yourself which might be related to your post then simply choose the recommendation option.

Everything will be recommended to you according to your post and website. You can also use the native ads, Actually, the native ads are so effective as its look is more appreciable than simply showing the links on the post of your website.

Native ads are highly responsive, flexible placement options are available. They are newly introduced in Amazon which works perfectly in PC and Mobile.

Get the link

After selecting your product, you will have to click on: Get Link. Once you get the link, just copy it with ctrl+c or you will get an option to copy it from the Amazon just by clicking on the highlight button.

Edit the format

There are three types of format which are available for your overall display of the product which you choose.

  • Text and Image

In this, you will get the link to copy it and paste it in your website. What is the main thing here is that you can display the product’s text as well as the image on your website by choosing this option!

  • Only Text

Here, you will be able to get the link which will only allow displaying the text of the products.

  • Image Only

Same way, in this you will get the link to the only image of the product to display it on your website.

Paste the link in your website

The last thing which you will have to do is to paste the products links on your website. You can paste it in the HTML Editing of your website.

Now, if you are pasting your link in your website page or post it all depends up to you. Where ever you want to place the product on your post or your website page, you are free to do.

The most effective place for affiliate links is in the footer or at the top of the page or post. But if you are using the text and image banner ads then you must definitely place it in the sidebar of your website post or page.

How you will earn money from it

Well to start these all things your mind must be thinking about the money or the income that will be generated from these products. First of all, it must be cleared that you will only be paid the percentage of commission. The highest commission that Amazon gives in some categories of a product is 10%.

You will receive your payment through your bank account. For that, you have to provide your right bank details whatever is required to receive the payment from amazon associates. Even PAN Number or Income Tax Id Number is also required before receiving any amount of payment from amazon associate affiliate program.

Once you are done with this setup, you will earn a passive income from this Amazon Affiliate Associate program. 

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  1. Everyone is trying to earn from affiliate marketing with their own keywords. But it will be fruitful once done rightly. I just liked the points you have mentioned. txt, image and etc..Coupon Affiliate Program is good to make money from content.

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