How to get more subscriber on your blog

Want more traffic? Find here some tips for attracting visitors to your website. And increase your blog followers.

To be true and genuine in my experience, There is no shortcut which would boost your followers’ number instantly. But it doesn’t mean that there is no way or strategies.

  • There is a formula and it is required to be implemented.
  • Formula or strategy is so simple and you may be well aware of it. The formula is SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is an alternative for attracting visitors to your blog or website.

Other than SEO, there are a few common ways which will seriously boost or you can increase the number of followers.

First thing first – know the reality

If you are new to this blogging journey then you will have to keep patience with yourself. As you know that the hardest thing for any new blogger or website owner is to get new readers and followers.

Well, if you know the strategies then you will easily pass through this process. “Every big thing was once small”. So, with time everything changes.

Because change is the only single thing in this whole universe which is actually constant. So, first of all, read the strategies mentioned in this post and one by one apply it to your website or blog.

Then also you will have to keep patience for the changes to reach from initial to final as there is never an overnight success in any field.

Now read the ways…

Use all the features of your blogging platform

Let’s talk about the most common blogging platform and that is of WordPress. If you are absolutely new then, first of all, read and know the main terms of it.

  • For example, you must know the benefits and usage of WordPress setting Terms like Categories, Tags, Featured Image, Post Format and so on.

After having the exact idea you can use it correctly. Well, you may question me now that: How this is related with – attracting more follower to a website.

The answer is so short and to the point. As your posts or pages will be created or updated by you and the posts that you will create will have the direct impact on the readers.

Now, your readers will read your post and if they will found it good and informative then be sure that they would want to visit your website or blog again.

And you know this pretty well that your follow button works well for these things.

So, you must see an interconnection between your posts and readers choice. If you have understood this point than do a favor to your website or blog, that whenever you write a new post and publish, then take care of its internal structure.

Create an outstanding content

In the field of blogging, you must be aware of the content marketing which plays a crucial role in the growth of a blog or website.

  • Remember always that your content is king and SEO is queen.
  • Try to write a post which would have minimum 1000 words and a maximum of 4000 words.

The rule is so simple like don’t write too less or don’t overdo it. Balance the number of words.

All readers around the world will only follow any blogger when he/she will give something through his/her writing skill or knowledge.

So, First be a giver than become a  Receiver. Don’t write for your self-motive or self-purpose of earning or blah-blah. I don’t say that don’t earn money from your blog but before anything else, you must take care of your readers.

Maintain the consistency of your writing and publishing

Today there is a lot of competition in the information world or you can say blogging world. You know that there are so many authoritative websites which takes away the traffic from the search engines.

But it doesn’t mean that blogger like me and you who are very new to this blogging will not able to sustain in this blogging field.

Do you want to know the truth?

The truth is that every blogger has the capability and capacity to create and have a wonderful website or blog with getting a huge number of followers or subscribers respectively.

Yes! we accept (new bloggers) a point that most of the time authorized websites takes away the traffic from the search engine, Which is the best way for new bloggers to get a new reader or follower organically with new and small websites or blogs.

And one more reality is not far away to us that all the authorized websites have worked very hard during their starting days.

As you know: “Rome was not built in a day”.

So, here what can a new blogger or website owner do?

The solution is so simple and easy. All the new bloggers must maintain the consistency of writing and publishing.

  • One or two good posts a week will be easy and works perfectly at the initial stage of blogging to have a good number of followers.

Working smart including working hard will bring an outstanding output in blogging.

Use the best social media tools for promoting your website or posts

Now after almost 4 months of blogging, I realize that blogging is a kind of indirect business. Well, don’t get angry when I say blogging as a business.

First of all, know the points that What I mean to say about blogging as an indirect business.

As all the blogging platforms provide an option of social media sharing. Some common social media like Facebook, Twitter and so on are free to share the posts directly from the blogging platform like WordPress.

But still, we need money for either boosting up the pages or campaigning for the website from some best social media platforms.

And you know one thing that activating a campaign or boosting a page or posts in this way is really tough to reach the audience. ( Because of money) 

So, I use to say that blogging is also a kind of business.

After even doing research and writing – day and night, a new blogger needs some extra money to promote their contents in social media platform.

This doesn’t sound fair for a new and unauthorized website or blog.

Well, this is not a problem for any blogger.

I am not discussing here any kind of problem but just said the truth. This is none of any blogger’s business to talk on or debate on whether a social media should allow free campaign or not.

I am not even blaming anyone or any social media platform cause I am no one to do this such stuff. Well, they are worth and social media are working with their rules and regulations.

Final points that I need to make here for attracting new readers and a new follower is that…

Use all the social media platforms for your blogging website –  For example, Facebook is one of the platforms where you can get so many new readers and followers.

Make a ton of post then apply for the campaign – Don’t try to promote your new blog or website until and unless you have written more than 50- 60 good posts. To get a good result from your new website Facebook Page campaign, you must have something in huge quantity with the best quality.

Whatever works better for your new website or blog, implementing those things will be worthwhile.

Target your Readers

Please Don’t get me wrong if I say target your readers. Hereby targeting your readers I simply mean that – to know your readers reading interest.

If you know what your readers want than it would be so easy for you to make a post or contents according to their interest.

In blogging First comes readers than the blogger. This works same as in any business. That’s why I use to relate a blogging as an indirect business.

  • Ask your readers about their problems related to the niche you are blogging at.
  • Provide the right information in a simple way and in the fastest way.

Once you will be able to meet your reader’s requirements then they will definitely want to hear or read more from your blog.

But this is not as simple as I had written. For this, you will have to work hard and also smart – to pass the process.

Your intention should be to help your readers. And just keep patience and faith in yourself, everything will work perfect and exact.

You may be wondering about my words: “Pass the process”.

From this, I simply mean that once you create your blog authority then you will never have to worry about these things. As you will get so many new readers and followers automatically once you will create an authorized website.

The saying is not false, ” Positive attracts Positive”. If you understand that once you have more new readers than you will always have new readers and followers again and again.

As: “More readers with a blog or website attracts more readers“. This is true, you can experience this during your blogging journey.

Don’t forget to Optimize your Site

Optimization is not only the part of SEO but the reality is that without optimization everything seems to be worthless.

Wait, take an example of a Low-speed website and High-Speed Website. Now, which website would you prefer to visit regularly?

I think everyone will choose the High-Speed website cause no one wants to waste time in the loading of a website. Isn’t this so true in reality?

Yes, it is.

So, you must optimize your website loading speed by using some SEO techniques or through any plugins.

This simple way will not only increase the number of readers but will also enhance the number of followers.

If there is any kind of optimization problem in your website then fix it now. Because without its correctness attracting and trying to get a regular reader is next to impossible.

Don’t neglect this but pay more attention to it than anything else.


These tips will only work when you will apply it on your website. If you just read and escape away then nothing is going to work. So, apply these tips one by one and see a change in your website follower numbers.

And one more thing you must clear that don’t rely only on these things but write a lot of good posts.

Getting so many followers or readers organically is just like bowing a fruit seed under the ground and taking care of it, until and unless it starts giving fruits to you.

As you know This will take time. In a similar way, your new website will take time to get organically new readers and followers from the search engines. 

But on the other hand, there is an alternative to it like buying a fruit from the market to enjoy the taste and this relates here with these all tips and ways mentioned in this post for getting more number of followers instantly with spending time on reading ways. 

But the truth is that it takes time to expand naturally. So, you must also keep on writing. The day will come when your website will create its authority. And you will never feel like getting new followers or readers in a hard way. 

If you have any new suggestion than let me know? And by the way what ways do you use to get more followers or readers for your website?

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