How to Lose Weight Fast


Are you suffering from weight gain? Well, If this is a case with you then read this post and lose your weight in the fastest way.

Do you want to lose your weight? Are you serious about it? If your answer is yes then don’t miss this post.

Mentioned here the real and the best ways to lose weight fastly. Start early to lose weight early. Hurry Up !!

Now, Let’s move to the ways... Read it One by one and apply instantly to get the result. 

Control the habit of Eating a lot 


Eating is not causing any kind of weight gain but the truth is that if you won’t control your eating a lot habit than it will definitely cause a lot to you in the future.

  • Try to maintain a balance in your eating schedule.
  • Don’t just intake too much food. Wait and analyze the proper need of your body.

Focus on balance neither in too much nor in too less. If you think that your body has gained weight in an about a week then start exploring at the right moment about your eating food.

  • Check it what you are eating and most importantly how much you are eating.

If you control your eating a lot habit and manage to balance the eating food than you will absolutely never suffer from something called gained weight.

Do Exercise 

Everyone will suggest you to do exercise for losing the weight. And they are right. If you have still not experienced the power of doing exercise than try at least once for yourself.


  • Doing some of the exercises will automatically balance your body weights.
  • Some of the exercises like push-ups, Sit-Ups, Bent over rows, Battle Ropes, etc.

What will happen when you will do these exercise as mentioned above?

Ans- Your body will cut off the extra weight that you had gained earlier.

The most significant advice can be given is to do exercise daily. Don’t miss even a single day. It’s almost 100% true that you will lose your extra gained weight in almost 15 days.

First, do the exercise and then you can witness the result from it.

Drink Water before a meal

You must drink water before 20 minutes of taking your meal. The benefits will as

  • Your stomach will be full after drinking water. And you can save yourself from eating too


Water helps in rehydrating the whole body, so if your body will be hydrated then you will feel energized. With that energy, you can do some extra work like jogging and this will ultimately lose your extra gained weight.

Drinking water can also help you in reducing the calories in compares to other beverages. And water will also help in lowering of weight gained.

In a single day, you must drink 8 glass of water. Which is about 2 liters per day.

Try to do fasting 

In a simple way Doing fast means that to not eat for a period of time. The time duration must be of between 6- 8 hours.


  • Don’t eat anything during a very short period of time. You can drink water or can have coffee but avoid eating during your fasting hours.
  • Do fast monthly, it’s not considered as the best way to lose your extra weight but can be done wisely. Whenever you will feel very much hungry than just eat and stop fasting.

As you can lose your weight using this particular technique but you must take care of your health as well. Which means that if you can do fast then only do or leave it if it is difficult for you.

There is also a kind of risk to lose calories including extra weight. So, if you want to do fasting than do it for only 6-7 hours, not more than it.

And also intake some kind of liquid like juice or water during your fasting hours.

Join a Gym

Joining a gym will drastically change your lifestyle. So many people join a gym because of reasons like to lose weight, or for body-building and so on.

But your purpose of joining a gym must be to lose your extra weight.

athletes-endurance-energy-685534 (1)

  • Find a gym near your house area.
  • Join the gym for weight loss and make new friends there.
  • Enjoy your all exercise in the gym.

After a few days, you can witness your weight loss. Your body will become fit and you will also live a stress-free life. Have fun with your friends in the gym during the workout time.

Go for a Morning and evening walk

A thirty minutes morning brisk walk can help you to reduce your extra fat stuck in your body. If you have time then go for an evening walk as well, it is almost proved that to lose weight,  walking is very effective.


  • By just walking 30 minutes a day you can absolutely lose about 150 calories a day.
  • And if you want to lose a pound in a week then you will have to eliminate almost 500 calories a day.

This is one of the best ways for weight loss. Don’t neglect it. Start early and check your results after a week. You will be surprised by this single strategy.

Daily eat at least some fruits 

Eating a fruit daily and reducing the intake of other foods will absolutely support in the weight loss process.

Fruits are mostly contained full of vitamins, mineral and also fibers. So, it’s a well dense nutrient which is a good way to be healthy as well.


Some of the best fruits which will burn your fats are…

  • Blueberries
  • Coconut
  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Lemon with water.
  • Water-melon

The best time to eat is early in the morning. As in empty stomach, these kinds of fruits will also provide you with energy.

Add this to your eating schedule and you will be amazed by it after a long time. You will become much more fit and balanced from internally and externally.

Reduce the intake of Protein and Non-Veg

As high protein and non-veg will not help you to reduce your weight. So, start from today to eat less or leave eating until you get back into the right shape.

Here, it comes the sacrifice and you will have to be enough strict regarding this.


  • Stop eating non-veg.
  • Reduce the amount of protein intake.

Just by doing these two things you must make sure to reduce your extra weight. You may be aware of it but your desire will not permit easily. Therefore you must not even talk about eating which would contain protein or any kind of non-veg.

Stop taking Sugar and Starch

Intake of Sugar and starch ultimately increases the amount of fat in your body. Eat and drink those items which would contain a very little amount of sugar or starch or almost no sugar.


Some food items that you can eat without adding any extra sugar. Examples like…

  • Peanut
  • Toasted Salad
  • Air pop Popcorn
  • In fruit Apple and orange is well good.

You must follow a routine of a healthy diet in which you should avoid or eliminate the food which would contain or need extra sugar.

Mainly starches are found to have carbohydrates in it. So, you must also avoid eating food like rice, slices of bread, potato, etc.

Have the will to change your lifestyle

Nothing starts without a will. Don’t underestimate its power. In reality, it has no direct connection with weight loss but it plays a huge role while losing weight.

  • You will need focus on your right schedule.
  • You will need a positive attitude towards your new goal of losing weight.

And the power from you will only be implemented when you will have the will to take the action toward it.

Changing the lifestyle simply means to get out from the comfort zone to live a balanced and healthy life.

Final words are that you must have the will to lose weight in a particular period of time.  Your will-power can encourage you to take the right actions regarding the weight loss.

Read more about weight loss 

More you will read and apply the ideas, the more easily you will be able to lose your weight. You can read a book, article, or also watch a video on it.

Your motto should be to reduce your weight and whatever and whoever helps you in this just get deep into it.


As you know that ideas are the only thing which makes a human being intelligent and wise. So, to keep your own body and mind at peace you must go through some of the books, magazine, articles related to it.

Make a habit of gaining new knowledge daily. Put this into your practice and routine. You may be wondering that what is the relation between reading and a weight loss.

The exact answer that you can understand that, you are actually now reading this particular post to lose weight.

Now you can think about or analyze the power of reading.

Dance in your own style 

Dance can be considered as one of the forms of exercise. Literally saying, you can also lose or reduce the 70% to 85% of your extra gained weight just by practicing a dance.

  • You don’t need to join a dance class to lose weight but you must move your body in the way so that you can feel relax and by doing this your fat should be eliminated.

Just move your body in your own style, there is a great probability of losing the fat through this method. It’s very common and very interesting to do so.

If your body doesn’t tend to move in the first time then you must do it slowly.

It’s almost free and you should also listen to some music while dancing as it will make an interest in you to dance more.

Take a proper Sleep 

Proper sleep can also help you to lose weight naturally. According to the study it has been found that when people don’t get enough sleep then the level of a hunger hormone called ghrelin increases.


  • A person burns about 63 calories in one hour of proper sleep.
  • Sleep for 7 hours or more a night is considered as a sufficient sleep. Without sleep, a person will face so many problems. So, sleep well.

On the other hand, don’t sleep too much. Which means that you should avoid sleeping for a whole day.

Sleeping also affects the increase and decrease of a person fats. Therefore take care of it as well. Always remember that little sleep also hampers your metabolism and indirectly contribute to the weight gain.

Riding a bicycle 

This is one of the easiest way to lose weight. Definitely, you will be able to lose your gained weight effortlessly and fastly.

  • First of all, Make a daily cycling goal.
  • And start to enjoy the ride.


You will always be fit and fine if you choose to ride a cycle daily.

  • On an average, if you can cycle for half an hour for 4-5 days per week then you can expect to burn about 1,300 calories. If you weigh 120 pounds and cycle at 12 miles per hour.

You can only experience this when you will make a routine for cycling and start paddling to your route.

Make a routine for your weight loss

Do you have any routine to lose weight? If not yet then make it quickly. As a routine helps you to remind the right work to do.

  • Make a reality-based routine and stick to it until you put it into practice.
  • Plan your all strategies in a single chart paper or anywhere you wish to.

Try to improve and check your progress status as well. Routine will help you a lot. Yes! You will get into the habit when you will make a new time-table routine.


Your routine should cover your…

  • Eating plan and schedule.
  • Exercising plans.
  • Do’s and don’t.

There will be a Sign of J growth in your weight loss which means a low to high growth. You will also be able to learn so many things as you will be focused on your goals and targets.

Follow the Routine 

After creating a weight loss routine, you will have to follow it strictly and wisely. No matter how long your routine is but if you don’t follow it then it’s a wastage of time.


To be able to follow your routine, you must use your willpower.

Your potential should be easily noticed by you so that you won’t hesitate to follow your new weight loss routine.

Balance your Mind and Body with right thoughts

Without thought the mind is empty. And you are only responsible for your all kinds of thought.

  • Engage your mind with the full of right thoughts.
  • All your words must be positive.analysis-blackboard-board-355952

If you will keep a positive attitude towards your work then you will get a positive result, on the other hand, if you deal with negative then the outcome will be also negative.

So, always keep in your mind that your positive attitude is very important.

One thing which is more significant to understand regarding the weight loss. As you will only be able to lose your weight if you work physically with having a positive mental attitude towards it.

Do some kind of Yoga

Yoga is not only the way to peace of mind but it helps in the physical and mental thoughts as well. There is a very significant part of it in the physical cures.


  • Regular practice of yoga can indirectly help in weight loss.
  • For example, you choose to do yoga for peace of mind and you that there is the best way to sit or you can say a standard way to sit and do yoga.
  • In sitting with good poses will ultimately help you in the physical appearance of your whole body.

But it needs a lot of practice and patience. This is the natural process for complete body and mental well-being and will take little time.


Once you follow all the strategies mentioned in this post then there is a 99.9% chance to recover your body and get back into the right shape as soon as possible.

Don’t miss any of them and apply it on a regular basis for a better result. Keep these three things in your mind to remind your task to lose weight fastly.

  1. Always recheck your progress 
  2. Be committed to yourself to lose your weight 
  3. Maintain the Consistency and make ways your Habit 

All the ways are easy to implement so you should not hesitate to follow.

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