How to manage Time Effectively

Everyone on this planet has only 24 hours a day. But why many people fail to achieve their goals and targets and on the other hand, only a few people get success.

What is the main reason? Why some people fail and some succeed?

The real answer is a no great secret to anyone. As everyone knows that Time is precious but still …?

You might have completed the above question. Well, If the secret is with you then again a question strikes in mind that what could be the final reason for this.

Common Reasons could be …

  • A person is not being fully aware of Time and its value.
  • A person likes to waste the precious time rather than investing in the right direction.
  • The third reason is that a person doesn’t want to achieve goals and targets in his/her this particular life.

Now it can be understood that the common reasons mentioned above are true. But my question is that – If a person has so many desires to achieve in his/her life than why do they choose to fall into the mentioned above common reasons category?

Now the question is ready here… Let us explore it and find out a solution to it.

Before finding solutions to it we need to think on that Why actually anyone needs time to achieve goals and targets.

  • The Ultimate truth of life is that: Life is very short. On an average, human being lives 100 years – the maximum. And if we focus on days then it will be 100 multiply with 365 which equals to 36500 days.

Don’t get confused in this data as it is not the same for everyone in this whole world. Sorry to say but few people sometimes accidentally leave this earth.

So, here I assume it that everyone on this planet Earth included me can survive till our last breath.

Let’s come to the point that needs more attention. Well, the point you can understand now about the Time.

  • In almost 36500 days a person needs to be about 14-15 years old which would take time to grow and become mature mentally to start thinking about his/her goals and ambitions during the childhood.

But after that, the time comes that in everyone’s life which is very precious for goals and targets to achieve.

Finally, we are at this track, will you do a favor to yourself, if you say yes to yourself then wait a minute and think of your all dreams and goals that you wish to achieve in your life.

Now, relax !!

If you are in your room then take out a blank paper and a pen or pencil or open your notes app in your pc or smartphones to create a new note.

Have you opened it? If yes then let’s procedure the journey…

  • Make two medium size rectangles on your first page. And let it be blank now.
  • For the next page again make four rectangles and try to link all the rectangles by joining a straight line to it.

Most important things you are now going to do.

In the first page rectangles, write down the exact Time or mention the exact date with day/month/year in which you want to achieve your goals and targets.

Come to the second page and write your Goals and Targets with a short descriptive reason for all your goals and Targets.

Are you getting the point ?? If yes then proceed with me and if not then read the above sentences again.

Do you want to know that your Time is exactly linked with your goals and Targets?

  1. You had now made a plan for your future by bonding and connecting your time with your goals and targets.
  2. Your Goals and Targets are clear to you now and including this you know the reasons for it as well.

Either you can save the note in your mobile, pc or you can take out that page from your notebook.

It would be better if you stick that papers to your room where you use to sleep. It will help you to remind your mind your goals and targets easily.

Welcome to the second phase of Time Management for achieving goals and Targets in your Life.

Guess !! what points could be in this phase.

Now you have to understand the power of Time Management because your mind will only follow your written statements when it will see benefits from it.

So, first of all, you must know the advantages of your…

  • Goals and Targets
  • Time Management and its Value

A good suggestion for all this is to Give a self Talk to yourself with the right awareness.

Talk daily with the self and say your mind all the advantages. Do it daily Until you achieve your goals and Targets.

After constantly repeating this it will become your habit to say good and positive about your goals and Targets.

Some of the common positive statements that you can use are…

  1. Time is Life.
  2. Time is Money.
  3. Time is Greatness.
  4. Time is Success.
  5. Time is Everything.

This all short points will make your mind to understand that: Time is the Ultimate Power of Life. And it is much more precious than anything in this whole world. 

So, start saying to yourself that ” I have to invest my Precious Time” and apply the saying.

Within a week, your body and mind will easily accept your saying. And you will suddenly see a change in your way of managing Time.

Now Come to the third phase of Time Management Tips

Don’t move away! We are still left.

Till now we only discussed Time and its management simple tips. Well, this is not the end of the topic you are reading now.

As we covered two main things in the topic: Time Management and Goals Achievement,

so let us now focus on the Goals achievement. Should we begin?

If you want to take a short break then take it but please don’t feel like leaving the article without reading completely. (Just Kidding) …

Anyway, I was trying now to connect the main keywords of this particular post. Until the second phase you had focused on Time and its management and now you must create a willpower to understand a relation between Time management tips and Goals achieving ways.

Without knowing properly how to achieve goals will never bring a success to the track.

As both the terms are co-related so let’s know the best ways how to achieve goals.

Some of the simple ways are…

Stay Focussed at your Work – Don’t distract yourself from the reality which means that don’t focus your mind here and there. Stay stick to your goals. You can only invest your time in your goals and targets when you will be at its focus.

Take a Quick Decision – If you have the capabilities to take a quick decision regarding your do’s and don’t then it simply means that you have the clarity of your targets. In another word, if you know that what is right and what is wrong towards your goals then you will never waste your time.

Don’t delay or procrastinate – If you have got to do something then don’t leave it without completing. Step by step you can reach your next level so never stop in the mid. Make a habit of completing your task. If it is hard then Practice, Practice, and only Practice. Cause it is going to make you perfect.

Read motivational articles, books, etc – It’s really true that life is very short to live and enjoy. So, grab the ideas and pieces of information as much as you can to motivate yourself. Because without a motive in one’s life, a living body is considered as a non-living.

Watch a Motivational video as well – Whatever can contribute and support your mind to be strong, do that. Watch motivational videos from YouTube. Everything will help you to get what you want in your life at a particular period of Time.

Believe is the root cause of Everything – Whatsoever you believe in, be sure that your mind will automatically bring its outcome in front of you. For example, if you believe to achieve your goals and targets in the easiest ways. Then your mind will follow it as a seed helps a tree or plant to form from the formless state.

Trust in the Universe and the process – Once you trust in the way of achieving your goals then no one can stop you to get it at the right time.

I think these tips will be helpful to achieve your all goals and targets in your life. Now the question comes that why these tips are linked with Time Management post.

Well, you must understand it as simple as “No one can clap with a single Hand”. In a similar way, time management is one part and the Achieving goals are the another to get success from this two combinations.


Once again I want to remind you that: Life is too short to live and enjoy. But if you know properly to manage your time then you will not only achieve success but also will live your whole life in complete bliss.

There is no straight-forward rule which will define the exact time management system or bring success in one’s life but it is true that if a person has the will to achieve something in his/her life and know how to invest his/her time then there is a hope to achieve the goals.

Hope brings faith and faith ultimately attracts confidence and again the confidence brings enthusiasm towards goals and targets. With the positive energy, a person can do his/her work properly and the best work done at the right time brings success.

Finally: Time is much more precious than anything in this whole universe for a human being and it’s up to him/her that what he/she chooses to do with his/her time.

There are only two options with Time: Either waste it or invest it 

The choice is yours.

Wise people choose to Invest it, and let me know what is your choice?

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