How to start a startup

How to start a Startup


Innovation is the key to success to any entrepreneur

Each and everyone has the potential to start something new and live a life of complete bliss.

Just the right ideas and its right implementation are required at the beginning and rest the self-experience teaches.

1) Ideas for execution


Ideas are the startups first part. If you have an idea to make something or do something new then it will be defined as a new startup after its right implementation. As you know that necessity is the mother of invention.

So, If there is a need for something more than living then it has to come up.

But you might be thinking that what kind of idea is needed for a startup? The answer to this question is so simple.

  • The idea of anything new. Whatever strikes your mind.

And whenever you see or read about any new startup then you must be thinking that what is that single thing which leads to a startup of any new brand company?

You have an idea and you think that you can do something out of it. Then I am asking you for whom and for what you are waiting?

Let’s take an example of the startup such as Snapchat, to explore more in detail. As it is a multimedia messaging app and used globally.

You can take an example like Facebook, Twitter, etc. All these platforms exist today because it has been started by its owners. And without an idea, it is seriously next to impossible to start a new thing. So,…

  • First, have a great idea to make or develop something new
  • Then analyze the reality of your new idea
  • Start working toward your new idea
  • Follow the right execution process

If you have an idea and you believe in its execution part then definitely I would like to say that Start Now. As the time is actually limited to all human beings.

Start early so that if your ideas won’t work ( I wish that your ideas must work perfect and exact as you want it in the first run)  at the first run then you will have the time to start again and correct the mistakes.

In reality, almost no best startups are had succeeded in one Go. All the startups that we see and know had once a hard time in their early days.

2) Team Work


When your new startup will show a good standing growth rate then you must work with your team. But the question comes that who would work for your new startup.

Understand it in-depth that if your new startup growth is not improving then, first of all, you have to change some of the strategies to get at the top.

And in between these all, you must hire a few people to work with you in your new startup. In the beginning, your near and dear friend will help you regarding your startup or your any of the family member can contribute their times in your new startup if you will ask them to join your new startup plan.

If something is done together then it will be a more easy task to complete. And you will even have the fun with your friend, so-called Team member.

3) Creating a product 


The product is very much important, you can either to choose to provide any kind of service. Here, the most significant thing is the quality of your product.

Yes! whenever we talk about any new product then everyone judges it through its quality. The best thing you can do is to provide the best product as much as you can.

Even if your product won’t work out well at the first game then keep on improving it and the day will come when your product will be equivalent to perfect.

As you know that quantity also matters a lot but first quality. Improve the quality and increase the number of your products or service that you will market it.

In an informal way, Startups mean that you must have something new with you to provide either service or products to the world.

Let’s talk about the two best and biggest earlier startup.

  • Apple
  • Microsoft

When you see an apple product then you simply judge it by its quality. And when you see a Microsoft product you may judge it by its quality and its marketing strategies.

Both are the best in their way. And we can learn many lessons from this two great earlier startups.

As Apple startup,  teaches any new startup guy that he/she must focus more on quality rather than creating a number of so many different kinds of products.

And on the other hand, any new startup guy can learn to build a good standing product with doing the marketing at its best.

So, create an outstanding product first of all. Then focus on its marketing.

4) Interacting with a user


Try to solve the user’s problems. If you have started doing something then you must always try out to find the best solutions to the problems that are depicted by the users.

  • Have a good conversation with your users.
  • Fix the problem instantly.
  • Ask them that how your product or service can help them in the best way.

If you have the potential to connect with your users anyhow then don’t delay. Follow the simple formula “Give and Receive”. and see a great change in your new startup.

The More,  your new startup can help others the more you will have the authority for it. And sometimes if someones even complain about your product or services, then simply do one thing. Just Catch the Complain as a Gift and improve your quality of product and your service.

5) Watching the competition


At the initial level, you will have to focus on your product or the service which you will provide to the rest of the world. But when your new startup will touch the growth then you can’t simply rely on the products or the services.

But you must have to know in detail about your competitors that what are they doing and how are they improving their quality.

Don’t misunderstand it that you have to fight with them, No! it’s completely rude behavior. You must look at their products or services just to analyze your product or services status.

Work smart and hard to move far away and grow rapidly to your new startup. As competition is always the best way to understand the real meaning of the growth of your startups.

But Focus completely on your products and services, not on others.

6) The Incredible Growth 


How will your new startup grow? Ask yourself daily. And your conscious and subconscious mind will answer you in the best way.

Some ways to have incredible growth of your new business are here…

  • Think about your customers before your profit.
  • Improve the way of serving.
  • Remember that Product or service Quality is the king and Marketing is the Queen.
  • Work Faster & Smarter than anybody else your mind targets at.

Your business can only grow if you will increase the numbers of your help and support of services and products.

7) Making the products as on demand

Out of demand means unavailability. Don’t let this stuff ever happen with your new business startup. No matter how will you manage but your products and services should be always available.

Take the example of Amazon, the largest online retailer shop. Its products and services are never out of stock. In only some rare cases it would happen, but 99% the availability of products and services are always displayed on its website or App.

The best lesson to learn for a new startup from this simple Amazon company example that: “Never ever let scarcity of a product or the services, becomes the main reason for the failure of a new startup.

So, Work for On-demand.

8) Business Expansion


Your business will expand when you will let it to. But the question comes is that how a business will expand? What are the factors which are responsible for the expansion of a business?

Let’s explore it…

  • Product Quality
  • Marketing
  • Scalability
  • Gross Margin

We will deal with this basic four types of ideas which will definitely expand any business’s.

Product Quality –    This is kept at the top in the business expansion just because of its priority. As from top to the bottom this is actually mentioned but in this part, I would like to say something about it.

The quality of a product is defined by the actual users of it! No matter what kind of product you make but if it won’t be able to satisfy your customer’s then it won’t work.

So, focus first of all on your products quality, if you want your business to take at the global market level.

Marketing of the product –   How do you market your product? Is it through advertisement or something else? Well, I simply want to say that marketing plays an incredible role in the expansion of the product.

Either you choose to advertise through Electronic media or through manually. No matter, but you must know some of the best ways to advertise your product.

Well, you should focus on marketing as well, but after making something great.  Yes! Marketing will only help to expand if the quality of your product is best.

So, first quality than second comes Marketing.

Scalability – This part is highly recommended to understand,  when we talk about business growth then we should never miss this part.

Absolutely if you will understand this, then your business will definitely grow rapidly. Many of us think that business can only grow or expand if it goes on adding new customers and generating revenues.

Almost true, but ask yourself How to expand your business with this simple funda? Ask now.

Don’t get confused, I don’t want you to get confused.

Here I simply mean about scalability that the ” Multiple times the growth of your business”.

Don’t focus on adding and adding the more numbers of customers or profit to your business. But focus on getting the multiplied numbers of customers and profit.

For an example, If you will get a number of two new customers daily is simply a constant growth but if you will get daily the multiple numbers of new customer and profit then it’s called a turning point growth.

In multiple times growth, your business will seriously expand amazingly and you can take your business to the Global market.

  • Just like if you have today two new customer then in multiple growths tomorrow it will be four and day after tomorrow it will be sixteen and so on.
  • So, focus more on multiple model marketing not on adding.

9) Raising the Money 


If your business will grow, it will generate money but at the initial time, it’s rarely easy. You know it that every great business had started with almost nothing.

Just having the minimum amount of investment. Lot’s of business and startups are at the global level. So, be sure that if at the initial level you are facing a financial problem then there is no problem at all.

Just focus on your product Quality and on its well-done marketing. And after a period of time, you will be amazed by your new startup.

Once your new startup or business will expand then so many investors will offer you to invest money in your business.

If you want a post on: How to do start a new business in almost with no money then let me know it in the comment box by you.

I will definitely make a post on it, if you want to know about it in more detail.

Don’t take tensed about raising money, just start and the way will teach you everything.

Just take the move.

10)Working as the best 

You are an entrepreneur and you have one great asset within you and that is the power of thinking big and the courage to start something new out of nothing.

Work day and night, No matter at last what would be the outcome but be sure that if you will work as the best then you will definitely succeed.

Work hard and work Smart

If you are working hard it means you have the capabilities to win the game. And if you are working smart then it simply means that you are well expert at working hard and thinking smart.

Don’t get confused in Hard and Smart work. Actually, Hard Work is a part of Smart Work.

If you are smart then you will also work hard. Smart people also work hard. And by the way, you know that ” There is no substitute for Hard Work” So, Work as the best as you can.

11)Creating the friendly culture


Best culture means a friendly culture, either in the sense of eco-friendly or normal friendly.  If you are going to create a new office for your new startup then be sure that its surrounding is good enough for work.

There should be a friendly culture in your office, which means that none of the workers should feel uncomfortable through anyway. 

  • Create a surrounding of starting ups.
  • Be friendly with each of the members of your company.
  • Have fun and let everybody in your company should also feel the presence of them.

Never ever hide anything, just maintain the transparency of your new ideas and share it with each and everyone in your company.

Create a Trust among your customers and your helpers. 

12)Hiring the truly worthy people

If you can’t trust, just wait and analyze then take action. You can’t simply hire anyone from the road to anyone without having any idea about him/her. 

Isn’t it? So, first of all, you must have some rules and regulations for your new helpers that you are going to hire. 

Before hiring, just Ask them that how can they contribute to your new startup? 

And why they would want to work with you in your new startup model. Know them better and get them the best as they are only going to become the pillars of the success of your new startup. 

So, be focused on it as well or you can leave it to your experts. But always hire the truly worthy people.

14)Learn the ways to operate

You are the founder of your new company. Well, that’s a good news but Don’t you think that it’s not the ultimatum job of you? 

Absolutely not, as you have started something new or created something out of nothing you must operate it as well.

It’s your work is to operate your company and there are always some of the best tips and ways to operate something. 

Learn it now, as this is going to help you a lot in the future. Either you must google it or read a book on it. 

If you have the power of something called a new startup company then learn how to operate it well otherwise it would go in vain.

15)Cultivate the Habit to Manage


What is a Habit? Please take out your few minutes to glance at this particular subheading. Habit can be your hobby or a daily routine. 

But the question comes here is that why to cultivate the Habit. Wait you don’t have to cultivate a habit but you have to cultivate a good Habit.

  • A good habit always leads to the good outcome from it.
  • Remember either your own Habit can make you or break you.
  • A good habit is the best way to come closer to your success root.

As we are talking about the startups. So, you must either create a good routine which will always help you to remain focused on your work and targets.

And at the end of this topic, it can be included that ” Our Habit makes us’. 

So, catch it as early as you can, cause it is the best way to manage your work easily and effortlessly. 

16)Ultimatum: Increasing the sales


What’s important to your new business? Is it its growth or its constant positioning? What actually your intention for your new startup? 

Well, this should be the first question that would strike your mind. The most common answer would be – ” the company’s Growth”.

Ya! you are right. So, what do you think about your new startup? Growth? But the next question comes that How? 

We will get to that point as well but now focus your mind on this particular heading. That your new startup or company’s goal is to increase the sales. 

Just start questioning yourself!! And your mind will follow you to answer it one by one. 

I will definitely make a post on this particular topic, but latter on as this post is quite lenthy to cover everything.

17)Applying the best Marketing strategies


And finally again at the end of this post I want to include the final part regarding any new startups. Just apply the best marketing methods. 

Why I had included it at the last? The reason is that because without it a great product is seriously sometimes not get valued that it should be… 

So, learn some of the marketing methods and implement it in your new business as you see that you had done or made some best product. 

Best product plus planned marketing is equaled to the success of a new startup or a company.


That’s it for now… I will be creating and adding new more posts as soon as possible. So, stay connected and stay tuned..

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