How to stay motivated always in life


What is the purpose of motivation? First, it could be to achieve something in your life or could be to live your life as you wish and in reality, it’s infinite.

As everyone has the different purpose of their motivation. But…

  • There is always a motive behind the goals and desire in everybody’s life. And the life is said to be incomplete without a motive or you can say without a purpose. 
  • Each and everyone has a purpose, it could be of anything. No matter how big or small but there is a reason and you can say it – a valid reason, for everything in one’s life.

As you know that there is always a reason for motivation. But one must know that what are the factors which help indirectly to stay motivated always in one’s life.

Read in this article to know better, that how you can stay motivated always in your life…

A motivated individual may sometime fall back but will never ever fail. If they do not achieve now at the present moment, this is not a big deal for them but ultimately he/she will win.

So, to stay motivated there is some kind of secrets. Once you come to know it, be sure that you will never ever fail to achieve what you wish for in your life even after falling back again and again.

At first, you must know that motivation needs the significant things and thoughts in one’s life. There are generally two types of motivation in anybody’s life.

  1. External Motivation
  2. Internal Motivation

Here in this particular post, we will focus on the Internal Motivation. And before that, you must know the simple idea of external motivation. 

  • External motivation means that you are motivated from the surrounding. In this, you have to focus on the external things to stay motivated

Now let’s focus on internal motivation which will indirectly lead to stay motivated always. No matter what is the situation or the time. 

The simplest way to be motivated always is to stay motivated internally. Here are the reasons and the ways to stay motivated most of the time. 

Have a Burning desire

What is a burning desire? A desire which can lead to the achievement of targets or the goals. This is simple. But you must keep in mind that you can only help yourself to achieve your goals with the burning desire.

Now understand it in a more simple way, that the burning desire is a kind of desire which does not let you sleep until and unless you won’t achieve your desires.

  • The ultimate desire to get what you wish for.
  • The desire which always motivates you to remain in the focus of your work.

Burning desire helps hundred percent to achieve your goals and targets. And it only keeps you most of the time motivated.

So, if you are facing any kind of problem to stay motivated most of the time than do these things…

  1. Remind your mind about your goals and targets after every hour.
  2. Control your own mind thinking pattern according to your wish.

Just with the help of this particular idea, you can always stay motivated. Furthermore, motivation is a feeling of positive energy in your mind.

So, Once you have made your intentions to achieve something very honestly then this “Burning Desire” of yours can help you.

Think Constantly Positive about yourself

If you can always think constantly about your goals and targets in your mind then you will easily be able to focus on it.

And once your mind is at focused on your desires and goal it will force you automatically to get that. No matter how! But you will soon able to fulfill your desires. And Finally, you will find yourself that you are with the full of positive energies.

  • Always try to keep your mind busy at some of the good work or thought.
  • Think positive about yourself.
  • Be optimistic.

Thinking positive about yourself will release the positive energy throughout your body and mind. This will always keep you motivated from the inside.

Know your reasons

If you don’t have a reason for your goals and targets then find it. Explore yourself. And know the reason behind your goals and desires.

There should always be a good reason for achieving something in life. And to stay motivated internally this is the best way.

  • Know that, Why you want to do something or achieve something?

Reasons are the real reasons to target at something.

But there is no direct connection between motivation and having reasons. It is connected with the goals and targets. And as you know that your goals are interconnected with your motivation.

Therefore find a great reason to do something or to get something in your life. Reasons will make your mind more strong and will always remind you to get or achieve what you want.

And this all will keep you stay motivated always.

Remember the previous failures

No one generally gets success in the first run and to win the big game, there are always many failures behind an ultimate success. 

To understand that failure is the last way will be a foolish understanding. So, never ever think that failure is the last way but focus on your next chance of winning. 

  • To Prove others wrong, work day and night. 

If your previous failures can motivate you to do once again than learn a lesson from it. As you know that failure is the pillar of success. So, you can remind your past failures to stay motivated always. 

Read Motivational Books or articles 

Reading is the best way to motivate yourself whenever you feel anything like unmotivated. There is a saying that Readers only becomes Leaders. 

Some books can be the best teacher of your whole life. So, whenever you have free time then read books, articles. Including this all watch motivational videos. 

  • Listen to the audio as well. 

Watch Ted Talks, definitely, you will feel better and also read quotes on the internet. 

Take Oath 

Your oath taking is like a commitment to yourself regarding your goals and targets. Once you will be committed to something then you will never escape from it. 

  • This is another best way to stay motivated. 

Never ever be a false or liar to yourself. Once you will be committed to yourself, you will amazingly see a difference between a committed and not committed. 

It shows a quick result. If you have never experienced or witness its power than do it now. I am seriously saying the truth. Yes! Do it now. If you have any doubt about this. It’s my guarantee that you will say thanks to yourself for doing this. 

Do self Talk 

Whenever you face a problem in your life and feel any kind of unmotivated than start talking with yourself in your mind. 

  • Self Talk is considered the best talk and if you don’t want to lose your patience than make it as a new practice in your life. 

Wake up in the morning and start saying all the positive things to your mind. Once you will do this you will always experience a positive energy in yourself. 

  • You must be aware that What will self-talk do? 

First of all, Self-talk will let you to interlinked with your all positive thoughts. And it will explain whole answers to your questions. 

Your own questions will clear your doubts and it will allow you to stay motivated indirectly if not in a straight-forward way. 

Imagine the outcome

Many times we lack motivation just because of less understanding regarding our goals and targets. To understand this take this as a simple example… 

  1. You have made your new goals and there is a time for you to examine your work. But whenever you think of focusing on your work, unfortunately, you may be feeling demotivated. 

For that, there is a good solution. And the solution is to Imagine your outcomes as early as possible.

Imagining your outcomes will give you a feeling of that particular moment of achievement of your targets. And it will also keep you on track. 

You will be more productive during your work time. 

It will also increase your excitement level of working smart and hard towards your goals and ambitions. You just only need to visualize the results. 

Around yourself with the right people

Your surrounding affects almost 80%. And the people around you are the external source of thoughts. They become the part of you. And 20% is your internal at the very beginning. 

  • And later on, you can have the control to 100% if you master your internal mind. 

So, be wise and choose to be always around the right people. But you must have a question that how will you know who is right or wrong? 

  • oh, this is my question as well. 

But I am ready with a simple answer and the answer is here… Right people mean positive people. And you can easily know whether an individual is positive or nor just by their words. 

Pay attention to their talking. Are they speaking something that motivates you or demotivates you? Analyze this thing in a minute and then take a good decision. 

As there is no time for negative people so don’t allow negativity around yourself. By doing this you will never feel stressed. And you can stay focus at your targets. 

Celebrate and give rewards to yourself

After every victory, you must celebrate it and even give rewards to yourself. You can choose to keep a party or can go to watch a movie. Whatever makes you happy do it and express it. 

  • Say Thankyou to yourself and your mind. 
  • Feel and be proud of yourself.

A celebration is a part of the motivation. Do you want to know how? 

Well, here is its answers…

  • Whenever you feel motivated then what generally happens at that moment? You actually tend to be happy. And your happiness contributes to your celebration. 
  • Whenever you celebrate in your life, you must definitely feel motivated at that moment. 

So, Celebrate your life, Celebrate your days. And see it will give you the power of the self-motivation. Which means that you will indirectly get the courage to change your life from worst to best. 

You will get the courage to stand up once again in your life and enjoy the journey of life.

By doing these things will create a good memory for you and you will always feel motivated. Whenever you will feel demotivated, your celebrations will remind your victory and will support you to stay positive and keep a hope in yourself self. 


 The purpose of making this post was to share you the ways through which you can always keep a smile on your face and stay motivated all the time. 

If you think that this post has helped you in any way then, please let me know. Whenever you tell and share with me your own experiences and learnings, I feel motivated by you. 

Well, Thank you for reading this particular post. 

Now, Summarizing the whole ways once again…

  1. Keep a burning desire towards your goals and targets.
  2. Be Positive, as there are no rooms for negativity in this Universe.
  3. Know the reasons behind your targets and desires.
  4. Learn from your previous or past failures. Remind it to fight back again and again until you succeed. 
  5. Read, listen and watch motivational books, audio, and videos respectively.
  6. Be committed to yourself and take oaths regarding your ambition to achieve it.
  7. Listen to yourself just by questioning your mind and enjoy getting an exact answer with the power of self-talk. 
  8. Visualize the results to work more enthusiastically towards your goals and targets.
  9. Always try to around yourself with the right people. 
  10. Celebrate your victories to win again and again. Give yourself rewards as well. 

Now, Implement these ways in your life to stay motivated always in your life. You must know one thing that life seems to be worthless without having any kind of motive and motivation. 

What’s your motive and let me know what keeps you motivated all the time? 

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