How to write a blog post quickly

Q) Does it take you long hours to just complete your single blog post?

Q) Are you finding a way to write a blog post faster?

If this is the case with you, Go through this particular post.

And if you want to know that how to write your new blog posts super fast. Then, don’t miss this post. Seriously !!! 

In this post, you will get the ways through which you can drastically keep on writing your post at least five times faster than you were writing before.

In this post, You are not going to just deal here with how to write or type fast. But you will know here about generating new contents and ideas super fast for your blog posts. 

Let’s get into the ways deeply.

1) Prepare your all Works mentally.

First of all, make a decision to write a new post. After taking the decision, start thinking about it constantly for a minute. Then let the ideas come up from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind.

  • Now, the most familiar ideas will be witnessed by your present thoughts and it will lead to the joining of more new thoughts regarding your new post in your mind.
  • As your task will be done mentally then it will be so easier to write down the thoughts regarding your topic. Whenever you prepare your work mentally you will never feel like stress to jot down your posts.

Preparing mentally will definitely help you a lot to get a bunch of new ideas regarding your new post and ultimately it will also help you in reducing the time taken by your thoughts process of thinking while writing.

2) Start writing the topics or heading of your post and save it as a draft.

If you are completely prepared mentally that you want to write and of how much words, then you must start small as physically.

What does it mean here by physically?

By physically means here that writing your topics into your website editing platform. And including this, you must write down your all the mentally prepared heading and sub-heading of your new post.

But you might be thinking that how this is going to help you to write a post super fast! Well, regarding this question I would request you all bloggers and writers to experience it first of all.

By doing this, you will amaze yourself. If you have any doubt then you can check it now by doing the same as mentioned.

You will have to just do this…

  • Take a decision to write a good post for a period of time.
  • Start thinking about your topics and its expansion.
  • You will absolutely get good ideas to jot down your headings and sub-heading in your writing section.
  • Once you will write your heading and sub-heading then your mind will get stick to it and will not have to search from anywhere the sub-headings.
  • And this way, it will help you regarding the process of completing your new post as soon as possible by you.

Do this now, and then analyze the difference between your previous time taken by you to write and the time taken to complete this headings and sub-headings now.

You might be thinking that it really won’t take time to write down the structure or all sub-headings at a time. But my friend, by doing this and then writing, will definitely show a very negligible difference.

3) Limit your time and set the timer for finishing your article.

Limiting time relates here with fixing the time to complete your writing task. In every field not only in writing or blogging but wherever you fix up your time to finish your any task then there is always an advantage of it. 

  • For example, you want to write a new article and want to post it within 2-4 hours.
  • The post may include 1500 to 2500 words only. Now to do it in maximum four hours, you will have to first decide and then fix the time for its completion.
  • As you will fix the time for its completion than your mind will focus on it only. You might have experienced such things in the last minutes of exam time.
  • Stay stick to your writings. And see the outcome. 

You can also set the timer for it. Just open your timer either in your smartphone or in your pc and set it for a number of hours in which you wish to complete your writing. 

Now, the timer will give the signal to your mind to focus on your writing. 

If you are using Google Chrome web browser then you must use an extension called Timer. You can download the extension from Chrome Web Store.

It’s free to use. It works good and easy. This simple Timer informs you that when your Time is Up for writing or anything you set it for. 

The timer won’t let your mind to get distracted from your task. Try it and experience it that whether it works for you or not. 

4)Do your research well, before writing.

There is a myth that doing research while writing works perfectly. In reality, there are no such rules which can be applied to everyone but it has been found that the writer or the blogger who do their research before writing works little better than doing research while writing. 

  • When you are writing, you don’t want to get distracted from other things like searching the theory or the ideas from here and there.
  • There are many benefits of doing research before writing. Some benefits like –  you will feel the writing which means that you will enjoy the writing process.

So, you can choose to write after doing research. But it’s up to you if you are good at doing research while writing then there is no problem. Whatever works well just do that. 

5) Practice Weekly if not possible daily.

Not everyone has a full day to only write or do blogging. And, the practice is required to write quickly. This is very common but literally saying it’s really hard to implement. 

But small steps can take you to the high level. If you are not able to write daily. Ok, there is no problem but try to write at least weekly, if you are so busy with your other works. 

For example, if you are able to write maximum 500 words in 1 or 2 hours in the beginning then it’s really good. So, Practice it weekly if not possible daily. 

The day will come when you will be able to write 2000 words in 2 to 4 hours after doing your all research. 

Speed is very compulsory to improve over time. So you must focus on it the most, for writing super fast. 

6) Learn something new.

Umm! Learning. 

Does it make sense here? 

Ya, sure. But how? 

Writing Speed is not limited and this is just because of grabbing new ideas constantly.

You want to improve your speed of writing or blogging but in another way, if you hesitate in learning new things then the chance of writing super fast will automatically decrease. 

Wait a minute, I haven’t completed yet. 

First of all, you must know what are the advantages of learning more and more to increase the speed. 

  • It increases your brainpower to think fastly and accurately.
  • It enhances your interest in writing a lot.
  • Learning helps to adopt the changes which would be absolutely beneficial to you.
  •  After all, learning improves your skill. 

These were the few examples of its advantages but in reality, learning has the infinite number of advantages to a human being. 

A leader is always a good Reader. So, to master the piece of your writing activities, you must expand your knowledge. 

Learning acts as a fuel in the writing a post. If you are having the knowledge of your field that you want to write then there is a great chance to complete it fastly. 

7) Try out some different topics.

Whenever you feel like boredom to write, then you can change the topic. For example, if you are covering more than one category in a single blog, then you can shift to write another post. 

This way you can keep on writing and your task will be completed by you. The process of doing this is known as shifting. 

  • If you are covering two different categories like Tech and Health & Fitness. Then you can change the topics from Tech to Health & Fitness.
  • This way you can practice more writing and more learning. You will be able to complete two posts at a single fixed time. 

Your speed will definitely increase. But it will also take time to deal with this while writing. 

8) Create your own Pattern and stick to it. 

Many bloggers and writers have a different pattern of their own. Cause everyone has their own style of writing. 

And if you still don’t have a pattern then create one for yourself. But the question arises that What is a pattern in writing? 

  • The pattern can be simply defined as the way to describe your words in an order. For an instance, For any Post, first you would like to write the introduction part, then its body and at last the conclusion.
  • Your own pattern will help you to get in-depth with the writing. Your pattern will create an interest in writing your post. 

By following a simple and easy pattern you will create a habit to write. And once the habit will be created, it’s really hard to quit. So, do one thing for your writing. Just follow your own pattern of writing. 

And improve it on the weekly basis or monthly basis. And also keep in mind that “Speed comes along with the right repetition.” 

9) Complete First thing first then move to the next one.

If you are not completing the first sub-heading contents and moving to the next, then your mind will get confused. 

Don’t let the confusion get heavy over your writing. Never procrastinate to complete the one sub-headings contents. 

  • For example, if you are writing about the introduction part of Smartphones than you must complete it first of all and then you can shift from its introduction to body parts and after completing body its part move to its conclusion part. 

By doing this you will not only follow your pattern but your writing new things will expand. 

10) Don’t be in hurry.

To write a blog post super fast doesn’t mean to be in hurry. So, don’t connect this super fast with hurries. 

If you are writing with a general speed then it’s not bad but you must maintain its consistency. You can do this before writing…

  • Set the number of Words. 
  • Set the number of hours. 

You are done. You do not need to be so busy just for your writing. You can write the blog post for your own experience. And try to improve it. 

But don’t miss a day/Week to write. As you know hurry will bury the things. Get the speed – Normal. 

Sometimes Slow and Steady Wins the Race. Don’t write and publish in hurry to make a disaster of your blog posts.  

Writing fast do not permit anyone to get busted. 

11) Write in a Flow.

Not talking about the flow of liquid. We are dealing here with the flow of thoughts in conscious Mind. 

Speed up your thinking process. Connect a new dots with another. 

When you are writing your blog post, be in the flow. And enjoy the moment of writing.

It must be clear to you that Your Experience of Writing is much more expensive than the money you earn. 

Flowness creates a thought-fullness State of Mind. When you are in the flow, you don’t pay attention to the number of words or hours. 

You simply enjoy the writing and this way your mind becomes the place of mining the new ideas and thoughts for infinite.

12) First complete your whole writing then refine or edit it.

Oh ! this is really a time taker. 

Many bloggers face a problem with this, Editing and Re-checking. Actually, it consumes almost 20% – 30% of the Time for Writing and completing a blog post. 

So, there is a solution to it…

  • Write all the stuff at the beginning.
  • Take a break of approx. 15 Minutes.
  • Refine it in the last hours or minutes of Publishing the blog post. 

This way the things work easy. You may be questioning that – How this is going to speed up your writing process. 

It does something else but won’t speed up your writing process.

With this, You can cut the time that is taken for completing the writing a post. 

For example, if you are writing a new blog post and it takes you almost 4-5 hours for 2000 – 3000 Words. From writing to editing and publishing. 

But now you want to do the same work in 3-4 hours. This is what exactly it means to do something faster.  How will you do it? 


One way is to speed up your writing skill with new ideas and the second way is to reduce the time-consuming. 

So, you can cut the time from editing to publishing. A cutting means here-  minimizing to its extent. And this way you can write and publish in a much faster way then you were doing earlier. 

13) Set a Rule and be committed. 

Rules are not set to break. So, once you decide something to change then you must stick to it until it becomes your good habit. 

  • Set a short and simple rule to get stick for your writing.
  • Repeat this for at least few months or years until it shapes into a good habit. 

But, How will this strategy speed up writing a blog post? 

This is a common question that might be disturbing your mind right now. Well. the answer is here…

  • First Decide your number of posts in a day/week that you are going to write.
  • Open your PC, or mac or the device you use to blog with the platforms like WordPress or something else.
  • Take it as an example, you had decided to write at least one post a day. So, you must stick to this new rule.
  • Now, write the heading of the blog post. Including this write the whole sub-heading as well.
  • Take a short break. For about 5 minutes. Drink water, if you are thirsty.
  • Start with the first sub-heading and be committed to stop not until you complete your task.
  • Take 2 minutes break for completing every subheading contents.
  • Start again. And repeat the process.
  • Let say one day of your blogging work completed. Now, the second day or the next day, do the same. And stick to your new rules for a few months.
  • After doing the same thing for a month, check your speed of writing. And implement the other ideas to speed up your task as some of them are mentioned above in this post. Like using Timer and so on.

This is the process through which all new bloggers pass. Today only good bloggers can sustain in the blogging field because of competition. And this is a Good News. 

14) Make your intention to help through your all writings.

The most important thing in blogging is writing to help others. Blogging is a platform through which you can share your thoughts and can also make a living. 

What can be the most motivated thing for any blogger? Is it the money they earn or the help they do with their writings. 

  • Write with the intention to Serve in writing format.

If you want to write something and spread the ideas to the world then you must do it with your full potential. 

Good bloggers are good at their writings and managing their platform. If you will write with your intention of writing then slow and fast will not be a banner in front of you. 

There will be no question of slow or fast writing. You will simply write the way you like. But with some common patterns, you can enhance the way of your expression of writing.

Speed will be the second thing for you and quality will become the first thing for you if you choose to write intentionally. 

15) Write with your full interest.

Without interest, What can a human being do? 

They can only torture themselves. This is one option and second is that they can improve themselves. Because without pain there is no gain. 

When we talk about speed then we also determine the interest in writing. If there is no interest to write then speed is not a problem or a solution. 

So, first of all, find your interest and then get into the process. All things will work wonderfully. 

  • When you are interested, do it. And when not, leave it for a moment and do it later on.
  • Because your interest plays a great role in the speed of your writing. You might have experienced this, whenever you are writing anything about the topics in which you are more interested, then at that time your speed would naturally boost up.

And on another hand whenever you start writing about the things to which you are not fully interested, then you might be missing the gap of your speed while writing. 

There is also a solution to it, 

  • Follow your interest. 
  • Create Your interest. 

These two methods sound good. And you must give it a chance at least once in your life. 

Your speed will improve and this will happen without letting you know about it. 

16) Use Speech Recognition SoundWriter

There are some apps which help in converting the spoken words into written form. Some are paid ones and some are free.

For paid one, you can go with the software named Dragon Naturally Speaking. Search for it on Google. It is considered as the best software for those who want to add their speech to text. 

If you want to use a speech Recognition SoundWriter App then you must try it from Google Chrome extension. 

Speech Recognition SounndWriter is free of cost. Just download it from google chrome app store and give a try. 

It is good but not every time. Whenever you are tired of writing and still you have the ideas about your post then you can use this software. 

  • You can use it to write your Google Docs Document. It will boost your writing skill but indirectly. You can be free from the keywords and even you can go faster.
  • Simply speak and the words will be written. But the ideas must be yours. 

These software and apps will help you to get your written work done faster. But you should not always depend on these things. Try it if you wish. 


These methods will work when you will put it into its implementation. Speed is not always necessary to write a blog post but the intention. 

Once you decide something to do, then there is a chance of improving to it. So, first of all, start writing then use the methods mentioned above.

  • An extra point I want to mention is that –  You can also choose to divide your whole contents and then write. By doing this your writing speed will increase automatically. 

Now, You are left with just one simple step to achieve the success in your writing super fast blog post and the step is the Beginning of your writing

  • Start Right Away and Maintain the consistency of your writing and then analyze the speed of it after a few weeks.  Definitely, You will see an improvement. 


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