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Do you want to know the facts about the worlds largest search engine – About Google. 

Then go through this particular post. Increase your knowledge about Google where you use to invest most of your time in searching, reading, watching, and so on. 

  • Some of the facts that most of the people are sometimes not aware of google search engine. Well, there are some of the interesting facts which are really good to know.
  • As you know that Google search engine is generally a web engine which is developed by the Google Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin

The very first thing that we know is that this is the most used search engine on the world-wide-web.  As it was launched on 15 September 1997 and this is available in 149 languages. 

Original name of Google was Backrub.

In 1995 founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin originally nicknamed their search engine as “BackRub”.They both named it as BackRub for the analysis of web’s “Backlinks”.

Google is derived from the word Googol.

Today we see the Google was replaced by the misspelling word Googol, which is a real-life mathematical word.

The number is equivalent to the ten raised to the power hundred. In which number one is followed by 100 zeroes. Which intended to provide large quantities of information.

The first tweet from the Google was ” I’m feeling Lucky”.

Actually, the very first tweet from the Google was ” I ‘m Feeling Lucky” in a binary form. Even this exact words was later included in the button format on Google Home Page.

Now Google homepage includes a button which is called ” I ‘m feeling lucky”. Whenever a user types something and clicks on a button ” I am feeling lucky” than Google takes the user to the first search result. domain was registered on 15 September 1997.

The domain name was registered but according to ICANN the organization that regulates domain names, Google didn’t launch its webpage until a year later on September 27, 1998.

This is the day which Google refers to it as its Birthday.

There is a kind of Mirror version of Google.

You will be surprised to know that there is a mirror version of Google. It’s actually the rotated version of Google.

It provides reversed Google Site experience and which is known as Google backward. You can also search for it on Google as Google Mirror.

More than 30 trillion web-pages had been indexed by Google in 2008.

Google is now the worlds largest search engine. And it retains about 90% share in the market.

PageRank is the algorithm used by Google Search and is named after “Larry Page”

The Google algorithm PageRank which is used to determine the rank of a website is genuinely kept after the name of its Founder.

Googlebot is the Google’s Web Crawling bot.

According to Google, the GoogleBot is a search bot software which use to collect the documents from the web to build a searchable index for the Google search engine.

Google search is mostly based on Python, C, C++ programming languages

There is another programming language also used in google but for google search result these are the most common.

Google owns domains of its common type of misspelling

There are some other domains related to google and such domains like goggle or gogle. Are owned by Google. It’s the real dominator. 

Google’s “Philosophy” is like “Provide the best and leave it to the Rest”

Google always shows the top ten websites on its first page. And you should not be surprised why are they shown. 

Well, The answer is that Google has more than 200 factors to determine the website’s authority and its value. And after all this Google list the best website on its first page according to its search results. 

Google was first started at Susan Wojcicki’s garage. Now Wojcicki is the CEO of YouTube.

It is said that CEO of YouTube named Wojcicki to rent a garage $ 1,700 a month where Google was born in September 1998. 

Google knows everything that you search in it.

It is true that Google knows about you more than your mother. Whatever you search it on Google, it keeps a record of your searches even if you delete it.

From your e-mails, it has a lot of information about you. Whatever activity you do is watched through google. 

There are some hidden google games like Atari Breakout 

This is the game which is not publicly easily seen. Atari Breakout is a google’s game or you can say it is an Easter Egg which turns google images into a playable classic arcade game. 

You can play it by just searching about it in a google search. But this is an online game.

You can also play an offline game which you may be had some experience when your internet is offline and Google chrome allows you to play a game a kind of dinosaur jump.

Google Founders were willing to sell Google to Excite.

This fact is very interesting that in the year 1999 the founder of Khosla Venture got to agree to sell Google to Excite for $ 1 Million. 

But Excite turned down buying google for some reasons.

Google hires goats to cut grass.

This is such an astonishing things google does. But according to the Google, Goat also fertilize the land at the same time.

Every week Google acquires on an average one new company since 2010.

Due to its large capacity google needs to acquire the new startups every week. Well, there is no exact information about acquisition but there is always new features and functions added to google. 

For instance, Google has acquired YouTube so earlier. 

Google was having its unofficial slogan” Don’t Be Evil”

This slogan was a kind of motto within the google. But it is no more seen. As it has been removed from Google code of conduct preface.

Google’s homepage is plain and bare because its founders were not fully interested in HTML.

It is not like that Google lacks search results to show on its homepage like other search engine’s but it was a talk of interest of Google’s founder.

As they were not interested too much in HTML and so the homepage of Google is still plain and bare. 

Google made its first Google doodle in the year 1998.

The first Google doodle of August 1998, was consisted of celebrating Burning Man stick. The first Google Doodle was an out of office message. 

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