WPA 3 is the next generation Wi-Fi Security

Is your Wi-Fi Network is protected? Want to know something about WPA? 

Well, let’s begin…

To secure wireless computer networks, two security protocols were developed by the Wi-fi Alliance.

The first one was Wi-Fi Protected Access and the second was Wi-Fi Protected Access II.

These two security protocols were launched in the year 1990s when the first consumer wireless networking was introduced, which came along with the technology called Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP).

Well, WPA 2 is the second version of the WPA standard. It has been mainly used since 2004.

And now there is the next level of WPA, which is WPA 3.

So, the question arises that what makes the WPA 3 higher level and more advanced than WPA 2. 

  • WAP 2 make use of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to provide better security but not the best.
  • WAP 2 was also under some attacks involved KRACK attack. So, there was a security issue which was creating problems for the consumers.

As WPA 3 is the next generation Wi-Fi Security which is much more advanced than its previous versions. So, let’s explore some of its features …

  1. Open Wi fi Security

  2. Easy Connectivity

  3.  Individualized Encryption

  4.  Prevention from Brute Force Attack

  5.  High and Strong Protection even with weak passwords

  6. Strong Encryption

Features in Detail


# 1. Open WiFi Security

Open wi-fi security or public wifi security is the same which is found in many public places like Railway Stations, Airports, Restaurants, Hotels, etc.

Now, with this WPA 3, there will be no mess connections. Everyone’s connection will be completely secured.

Previously it was not considered as good to use public wi-fi because of the security problems. Some problem like connecting with the open wifi and getting the unauthorized traffic from unsecured access.

Currently, with the WPA 3, this issue is solved and it became very easy and secured to use public wi-fi. Due to the high level of security adopted by the WPA.  

# 2. Easy Connectivity

WPA 3 brings a new feature which helps in connecting devices very easily. The devices with no screens like Amazon Echo, Google Home and so on are enabled wi-fi.

And these devices did not seem to be extremely pleasant to connect with wi-fi due to lack of high security. As there is no screen to type a password. And it is tough to connect such devices to the smartphones and create a password for it because it consumes time. So, it was literally not that good previously but now, with the updates in WPA, It is very easy and secured to connect these devices with wifi.

As WPA 3 updated with the high encryption. 

# 3. Individualized Data Encryption

This is a new feature included in WPA 3 which ensures the strong encryption between every single device or an access point. It should assist in preventing from an attack like Brute Force Attack. 

This should work perfectly while using the public wi-fi or open wifi as every individual data will be completely safe and secured.

# 4. Prevention from Brute Force attack

Brute force attack is a kind of attack which is the simplest way to gain access to a server or a site (which is usually a password protected) by repeating the wrong username and password.

On the wi-fi security, a client tries to hack the passphrase of wifi, with guessing and attempting many times with the wrong passwords and stops not until they get access. 

But now after the update in the WPA, it is the toughest part for such client/individual to guess and get an access to the private wi-fi. 

WPA 3 clarify a new exchange of standardized signals between devices in a computer network regulating the transfer of data that will provide strong and powerful protections even when the consumers choose a short and weak type of password.

# 5. High and strong protection even with the weak passwords

Not everyone creates a strong password which is usually hard to remember and that’s the reason, many times hackers get the benefits of it. But with WPA 3, even with the weak passwords, it will be harder for the hackers to unbreak the password.

# 6. Strong Encryption

To prevent you from unauthorized access, your data is encrypted strongly. Which means that your data passphrase will be converted with the strong code and it will be harder to get hacked or cracked the data from the hackers.

# Last but not the least (Conclusion)

There might be still some question left regarding WPA 3 but a few last questions that are significant is discussed in this point.

Q. When WPA 3 will be available?

Ans-  As WPA 3 was released in June 2018, and will be implemented in every new device very soon in the later months. 

And now, Qualcomm is making chips for phones and tablets which will support WPA 3. 

Q. What about the devices which only supports the previous version of WPA 2?

Ans- Well, there is still no such announcement for (WPA 3 ) is done by Wi-fi Alliance regarding this but there is a probability of software updates.

Q. What are the benefits of it? 

Ans- There are lots of benefits which is actually explained in this as its features…

  • More Secured and easy connectivity in the public Wi-fi.
  • Data will be individually strongly encrypted in every single device.
  • Prevention from attacks.

Secured with the weak passwords as well.

There is also an improvement in Cryptographic Standards which means that the Wi-fi WPA 3 uses an improved 192-bit security which is arranged with the CNSA (Commercial National Security Algorithm).

The new standards are aspected to be safer and highly secured with the networks which are used by the governments and military.   

What’s your point regarding WiFi WPA 3 update?


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